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Best Recipes Ever News for 06-13-2021

Netflix Names Weed, California as One of the Funniest Towns in America

Netflix has made a name worldwide by releasing knee-slapping comedy movies and some of the top stand up specials over the past few years. Needless to say, they know comedy, and they think Weed, California is one of the funniest towns in America. It remains unclear if this is part of a show Netflix is producing or simply a fun marketing campaign, but it’s hard to disagree with the choice. The town was named after lumber baron Abner Weed in the 1800’s but it’s name took on a new meaning for some as the common slang term for marijuana. Over the past couple of decades, the town has banked on its funny name with numerous gift shops slanging swag with “I Heart Weed, California” on the front. There’s no doubt that droves of people over the years have giggled at the signs on Interstate 5 near Mount Shasta announcing “Weed” and now Netflix is putting the town on the national map. It’s about time it’s getting the recognition it derserves.

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Funny 4/20 & Weed Memes

Why is the time of the day with the slowest traffic called RUSH HOUR pic. “If you get out the shower clean then how does your towel get dirty?” pic. Let your loved ones know not to take it personally if you leave them on read this 4/20.My life #StonerProblems pic. Thats a lot of empty spray bottles #stonerproblems pic. All pythons must be 3.142 meters long pic. Who closes the bus door after the bus driver gets off? pic. Being high at the grocery store like #LiftedAtTheMoment #stonerproblems pic. Hits blunt**hits blunt**hits blunt* Who knew what time it was when the first clock was made? pic. Usually the container that it’s in*hits blunt once*. “Bro why are babies in the womb for 9 months but aint 9 months old when they’re born?” pic. Pretty sure every stoner had this problem at one point in there stoner life #stonerproblems pic. “Bruh, why is there a D when it’s fridge but not when it’s refrigerator?” pic.

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Gina Rodriguez’s The Aliens Are Stealing Our Weed Comedy Spec Lands At Paramount

Variety is reporting that Paramount Pictures has acquired the comedy spec script The Aliens Are Stealing Our Weed, set to star Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez. The story follows Candice and Izzy, two hapless pot growers who, after their entire crop of weed inexplicably goes missing, uncover an alien conspiracy to steal the planet’s marijuana supply. Rodriguez is also attached to produce under her I Can and I Will banner. Kaz and Ryan Firpo’s Badlands will also produce. Molly Breeskin will serve as executive producer through I Can and I Will. Rodriguez’s recent credits also include Diary of a Future President, the TV shows Big Mouth and Carmen Sandiego, Deepwater Horizon, Annihilation, Miss Bala, and the crime drama Kajillionaire from writer-director Miranda July. Her upcoming projects include the animated feature Scoob!, the drama film Awake, the comedy Bobbie Sue, and the live-action feature Carmen Sandiego.

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Netflix stubs out weed comedy Disjointed – TBI Vision

Netflix has axed marijuana store comedy Disjointed after one season on the platform. The multi-camera comedy series hosts Kathy Bates as a lifelong advocate for legalisation who’s finally living her dream as the owner of an LA cannabis dispensary. Disjointed received a 20-episode first season order at the streamer in 2016, with the first half of the season debuting this past August and the second half premiering in January. Despite its seemingly edgy themes, the sitcom format is closer to creator Chuck Lorre’s other shows such as Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory than most SVOD comedies. Lorre and Daily Show alum David Javerbaum served as writers and executive producers on the series, with Chuck Lorre Productions and Warner Bros. Lorre is also prepping comedy series The Kominsky Method for Netflix, starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin.

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Guidelines for preclinical animal research in ALS/MND: A consensus meeting

The development of therapeutics for ALS/MND is largely based on work in experimental animals carrying human SOD mutations. Translation of apparent therapeutic successes from in vivo to the human disease has proven difficult and a considerable amount of financial resources has been apparently wasted. Standard operating procedures for preclinical animal research in ALS/MND are urgently required. Such SOPs will help to establish SOPs for translational research for other neurological diseases within the next few years. To identify the challenges and to improve the research methodology, the European ALS/MND group held a meeting in 2006 and published guidelines in 2007. A second international conference to improve the guidelines was held in 2009. These second and improved guidelines are dedicated to the memory of Sean F. Scott.

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St. Valentine’s Day with Comedian Jessimae Peluso

About this Event -Syracuse native, Jessimae Peluso, from MTV’s “Girl Code”, can be heard weekly podcasts on her Sharp Tongue & Highlarious podcasts. Both available on iTunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud, and Google Play. She has a weekly Facebook live show called “Weedsday” every Wednesday that raises awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease. She has contributed to Cosmopolitan Magazine, High Times Magazine, DOPE Magazine, Self Magazine, GQ.Com,,, and was highlighted in the Huffington Post as ‘one of the funniest comics to follow on twitter’.

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