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Best Recipes Ever News for 03-19-2021

9 Celebrities Share Funny Stories about Smoking Weed with Willie Nelson

Or celebrities and musicians willing to partake in recreational marijuana, who better to pass the bowl to than country music’s own Willie Nelson? The American icon has long been an advocate and user of marijuana. Nelson’s love of weed might be as synonymous with his name as his chart-topping hits and his instantly recognizable vocal delivery. Below you’ll find some of the entertaining stories of celebrities smoking weed with Willie Nelson. Per Snoop’s stories, even he struggles to hang with Nelson’s weed smoking regimen. The well-rounded entertainer once joked onstage about his experiences smoking weed with Nelson. For the drugs episode of her Chelsea Does… Netflix series, comedian Chelsea Handler turned to Nelson for an interview. Handler partook of whatever Nelson smoked during the interview, making it hard to keep her eyes open on camera. Like Toby Keith before her, Handler probably swore off smoking weed with Willie again. Nelson likely didn’t harbor resentment about losing a smoking buddy. Still, Harrelson wound up having to do the near-impossible-pass it up after Nelson passed it along. Add the unpredictable Johnny Knoxville to the list of famous people who found Nelson’s best weed to be a little too strong for their liking. During the same interview with The Late, Late Show host James Corden, Owen Wilson talks of playing dominoes with Nelson in a tropical setting.

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Wrestling, Weed, and Comedy with the Lucas Brothers

In a Venn diagram where one circle is weed and one is wrestling, at the intersection you’ll find Keith and Kenny Lucas. They are about as busy as stoner, wrestling nerds can be. I recently had the chance to talk to the Lucas Brothers about their shows, wrestling, and why 90s nostalgia is in full force. You guys still have plenty of wrestling in the storylines of Lucas Bros. We might have talked about this before, but there are so many comedians who love wrestling. They were passionate about comics, or The Simpsons, or wrestling or some combination of the three. I don’t know if there was a connection between watching wrestling and going into comedy, but wrestling is so comedic. I think there’s a natural progression toward, “I want to do something that’s similar to wrestling, but I can’t wrestle ’cause I’m just not big enough or strong enough, so I’m gonna be a comedian.” I can be a different persona, I can kinds shoot promos on stage and I can be a different character. So if you guys had different genetics and perhaps a little more bulk you’d be wrestlers. Kenny: Yeah, we did backyard wrestling when we were in high school so we had a taste of it. You guys are among the more high profile die-hard wrestling fans. It would be hard for me to compromise for wrestling.

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Cross-Culture Weed Comedy ‘Dough’ Suggests Pot Might Soothe Middle Eastern Tensions

There’s an old comedy trick where a writer throws two polar opposites into an enclosed space and watches the sparks fly. It’s called Neil Simoning, and it’s the only trick Chuck Lorre ever learned. Nobody’s tried Neil Simoning the conflict between Israel and the Muslim world, but if director John Goldschmidt’s Dough is any indication, it would transform Palestine into a mirthful, edgeless dramedy. Nat, an elderly Jewish baker, is forced by circumstance to hire Ayyash, a Muslim teenager, to work in his shop. They’re so mismatched! To make these opposites even more polar, the old guy is from London and the kid is an African immigrant. The baker is a devout family man; the kid is trying to break into the London drug-dealing scene. Nat’s a father without a son; Ayyash is the other way. When Nat is rolling out of bed at 4 a.m., Ayyash is running pantsless from a nightclub. To build a clientele for his marijuana enterprise, Ayyash starts baking weed directly into the bagels, unbeknownst to Nat. It’s strange that a film that includes racial tensions, an entire family’s accidental ingestion of weed, and an actual joke about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion could be as broad and innocuous as Dough, though.

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Savage Henry Weed Magazine Opens Comedy Club In California

This comedy club is in the heart of cannabis country. Savage Henry started out as a monthly weed-comedy magazine published and edited by Chris Durant. The Humboldt journalist and comedian realized that a monthly magazine wasn’t enough of a draw to keep Savage Henry in the forefront of people’s minds, so he started attaching its name to local comedy shows. “We didn’t really use the live shows as income stream,” he explained. “It was more of just a branding to keep our name out there because of being a monthly, people would get it on the first or second day and it would almost be a whole month before we were relevant in people’s minds again.” Seeing how popular the comedy shows were, Durant had a wild idea to open Savage Henry’s own comedy club, but he didn’t really have the funding to do so, so he put it on the back burner. “We ended up selling out, the grand opening, we had about 110 people for the first show so we had a second show and had about 50 people for that one,” Durant said. Even though Savage Henry is definitely cannabis friendly, California laws say you won’t be able to consume weed in the club, but the alcohol will flow freely.

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