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Best Recipes Ever News for 03-17-2021

Hannibal Buress talks weed, rap and comedy

In addition to regular appearances on Comedy Central’s “Broad City” and Adult Swim’s “Eric Andre Show,” Buress tours the country regularly doing stand-up. You’ve been working on a lot recently – touring, appearing regularly on “Broad City,” writing and doing voices on “Chozen.” What are the different challenges of each, and do you have a preference? I’ve been doing stand-up longer than I’ve been doing anything. It’s just about doing the bits that I think work and that I toured [with] and honed, and just doing funny stuff. The special is basically just a snapshot of what material I was touring [with] at the time, you know, and what I thought was funny and where I am as a person, too, what I’m thinking about, and what I’m doing. Open Mike Eagle used to perform at that, and a bunch of other people, and he used to have it in his bedroom and there would be, whatever, 20 of us just kicking it, smoking and drinking and doing stuff and so, that’s what I started out in. I didn’t start out as a lone wolf doing comedy. The Sunday School Open Mic, was in Carbondale, Ill., so it was the only thing I was doing every week. Basically every show I was doing I was around other musicians. She’s got her series and she does stand-up, and she’s on tour a lot doing a lot of stand-up shows lately. Somebody has one of me battle rapping, and doing all right at it! My main next thing is trying to come up with a low-budget comedy where I’m the lead. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff as a supporting actor, so I’m trying to figure out a good project of my own, to either get produced by a studio, or just even finance myself and just do my own project.

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6 weed brands comedian Rachel Wolfson can’t live without

I first learned about Rachel Wolfson’s work through a mutual connection that grew up with her. She encouraged me to reach out to Rachel for an article I was writing about how stand-up comedy was normalizing cannabis. After watching one of Rachel’s hilarious stand-up sets, it’s easy to see why she’s considered a trailblazer in the cannabis comedy realm. Not only does she advocate for cannabis consumption in an ethical and humorous way, but the backstory behind her love for the plant is beyond heartwarming. The plant instantly made her feel like a better version of herself, but she’s been advocating ever since to remove the “Shameful” stereotype around what was once considered a dangerous and illegal substance. A big way she does this is through her stand-up sets, sketches, and overall presence in the LA comedy world. As she continues to normalize cannabis use through her comedy and advocacy work, here are several products that leave her feeling like her best and most authentic self. “I love taking baths after a long day of work or working out and I can truly feel the CBD/THC absorbing through my body differently,” says Wolfson. Royal Key Organics totes itself as being “Obsessed with making the richest flavored, pesticide-free, organically fed, small batch, hand-trimmed cannabis on the planet” and they aren’t the only one with an obsession. “I’m obsessed with their M-Con #8 strain,” says Wolfson. Stigma & Style was founded by three “Millennial stoner” friends, who were tired of the “Stigma” and ready to wear cannabis on their sleeves. As an advocate who is also never afraid to rock the cause, Wolfson loves the S&S apparel and branding.

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MTV Sets Casts for ‘Little Darlings,’ Weed Comedy Pilots

Two of MTV’s new comedy pilots are one step closer to the small screen. The Viacom-owned cable channel has completed casting for Little Darlings as well as the untitled weed comedy from Can’t Hardly Wait’s Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont. Little Darlings is described as a dark half-hour comedy about two unlikely friends taking justice into their own hands and kicking literal ass on their college campus. A hard worker and university activist, he’s the moral center of the show and Ophelia’s co-worker at the record store, where the two have an eclectic bond with the potential for more. Behind the scenes, Amanda Lasher has come onboard Little Darlings as showrunner. Creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson will co-exec produce and pen the pilot. The untitled Kaplan/Elfont pilot centers on Paige and Jordan, two dealers who launch a weed delivery app that quickly gains popularity with foodies, celebrities and – most importantly – hipsters. The pilot takes a look at two girls living in L.A. who are desperate to succeed, find romance and keep their clients happy and high – all with the least amount of effort possible. The Mindy Project alum Scout Durwood will play Jordan, a brash, ballsy, free-wheeling force of nature whose goal is to have the biggest all-female weed delivery business in Los Angeles. Michael Blieden has been tapped to direct the pilot. MTV currently has two scripted comedies on the air: Faking It and Awkward, the latter of which is ending after five seasons. The network has two other comedy pilots, one starring Girl Code’s Nicole Byer and the other being the animated project Fancy Bastards.

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