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Best Recipes Ever News for 03-16-2021

Five Giggly Weed Strains to Smoke Before a Night at the Comedy Club

Seeing standup comedy live can be a sincerely transcendental experience when you blast off the right fat doink in the parking lot first. Having smoked and written about hundreds of strains, my opinion on this is heavily justified. Varsity and freshman stoners alike know the right strain of weed can transform any night into the “Best night of my life.” That’s true for the pajama strains, the cheerleader strains, and all the hybrids in between. For a night of standup comedy shenanigans-like, just to throw it out there, Willamette Week’s Funniest Five showcase at Revolution Hall on Dec. 3-I have some very specific strain suggestions that will have you cry-laughing even before you get to the venue. Strawberry Cough is a delicious hybrid strain that produces a festive balance of lowered inhibitions and sparkly playfulness. Best way to consume: Bong hits and pipe draws will best preserve the nuanced berry, pepper, and pine flavors. Where to find it: Lifted Northwest, 11121 SE Division St. A perennial fave of sativa-forward hybrid lovers, Tangie has an unmistakable mood-elevating vibe, a good-time feeling that effortlessly provides both the motivation to undertake a whole night out and the euphoric, easy laughter necessary for an evening of live comedy. Comedy is where you find it, and Tangie is a magnifying glass for hilarity. Why often and not always? Frankly, unlike other strains on this list, Lemon Skunk is a certified panty-dropper. If you’re attending a live comedy showcase as a date-night event and laughing already turns you on, this is the strain that’s going to encourage a super-hot, super-consensual closing of the deal. Best way to consume: In small, shared bowls that preserve the strain’s tangy lemon flavor. Green Crack is a deceptive misnomer for a strain with an elegant high.

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Humor site Cheezburger raises $2.7M, plans new comedy show about weed

Cheezburger has had its share of struggles over the past few years, but now investors are showing their support again for the humor website. The Seattle startup announced today that it has raised $2.7 million from existing investors Madrona Venture Group, Avalon Ventures, and Foundry Group. Total funding for the company is now at $40 million. Cheezburger, which operates about 50 comedy sites including Fail Blog and I Can Haz Cheezburger, had raised $30 million in 2011, and another $5 million in December 2012. “We were turning into a confused, money-losing mess,” CEO and founder Ben Huh recalled in this blog post written this November. That forced Huh to restructure the engineering operations and bring on people like current Cheezburger president Scott Moore, a former Slate publisher and MSN veteran, and Cyrus Krohn, a former Microsoftie who previously co-founded Crowdverb and is now Cheezburger’s executive producer. “We’ve made great strides in moving our product from a network of blogs to a platform and executing against our vision of creating a place where people can laugh and make their friends laugh.” Huh, who just spoke at GeekWire’s Startup Day about the struggles he faced during Cheezburger’s dark times, also noted that his company is releasing major updates to its iOS and Android apps this week. Those apps allow users to scan through funny content and also generate their own by editing any picture or GIF they see from Cheezburger’s content channels like FAIL Blog and Memebase. “We’re elevating creative users to help them find an audience on our network,” Huh said. Cheezburger is also working on a new comedy show in Seattle that is all about marijuana and “Explaining things.” “The goal – first and foremost – is to make our audience laugh,” Huh writes in a blog post.

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‘Loafy’ And ‘Blark And Son’ Get Digital Series Orders From Comedy Central – Deadline

Comedy Central today announced a digital series order for Bobby Moynihan’s Loafy and a new season order for Blark and Son, from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. The network ordered eight new short-form, digital episodes of each series, along with a linear pilot script for both Loafy and Blark and Son. The new digital episodes will roll out across all Comedy Central digital and social platforms in 2020. Loafy is an animated comedy about a weed-dealing manatee who runs a drug empire from his water tank at the Center Park Zoo. Created by Ben Bayouth, and developed with head writer Adam Aseraf, Blark and Son is a short-form comedy about an overly manly, single dad, who incessantly tries to hang out with his overly nerdy, internet-addicted son. Blark and Son continuously juggle the revolving door of oddball friends and neighbors who cycle through their lives. “We are so excited for both of these series, as we continue add original content to our growing digital portfolio,” said Steve Elliott, VP of digital original development for Comedy Central. “We’re so lucky to be working with him and so thankful to our partners at Comedy Central for helping us bring Loafy and his zoo family to life.” “Comedy Central is like our cool new step-dad who lets us stay up late to watch R-rated movies with him and then gives us money to make more Blark and Son,” said Bayouth. “Hey, Comedy Central, you cool if we just call you Dad?”. Comedy Central claims massive social and digital growth for the recently wrapped Viacom fiscal year, with 6.7 billion video views and 14 billion watch minutes. Highlights include both extensions of linear series and digital originals, including The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, South Park, The Brooklyn Ball Barber and The Comedy Central Stand-Up YouTube channel.

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