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Best Recipes Ever News for 03-12-2021

Weed + Grub

Mike makes MJ nuts with his refusal to use the word “The,” and MJ relives her glory hour on Clubhouse with Gary Vee.​. LEAVE A REVIEW ON iTUNES / SUBSCRIBE / SLEEP IN SOCKS. Mike and Mary Jane bicker about V-Day, but they agree on weed, chocolate, and a really great sex move. Mike wants to put a toilet in his shower, but makes up for his terrible idea with the best idea ever: cross a weed plant with a maple tree! They chug Grade-A maple syrup to celebrate. IF U LEAVE A REVIEW IT HELPS US / SUBSCRIBE / PRE-COMMUNICATION IS HOT. Noel Casler joins Mike and Mary Jane to dish about his bananas stories from working with Donald Trump, and why he’s been putting DJT and his kids on blast for the past 4 years. Mike and Mary Jane have a great time talking “Pop-aganda,” flame shaming, hot babies, why female orgasms are like unfreezing a waterbed, microdosing psilocybin, accountability, and how weed enriched their lives in 2020. TELL A BUD / LEAVE A REVIEW / POP A BOTTLE OF ANDRE. Roger joins Mike and Mary Jane to expound on what it means to be an innovator in the weed world, and some of the crazy shit he’s learned in 2020. Mike stews over MJ’s bad joke about weed-infused marinara that everybody but him likes, and they make a plan for a Weed + Grub Fest with buds! LEAVE US A REVIEW / SUBSCRIBE / CBD BY THE VAT. Lindsay joins Mike and Mary Jane for a virtual holiday hang to fill their heads with dreams of delicacies she’s encountered in her culinary career, which includes working at Per Se, The French Laundry and NOMA. But first, Mike and MJ catch up with Chuck Warner to hear about the next Emerge Conference, and get nerdy about what the OG in OG Kush means! LEAVE US A REVIEW / SUBSCRIBE / DON’T POP DOWN, POP UP. Mike and Mary Jane puff on Lemon Sour Diesel and muse about energy holes and being a circle of two during the pandemic. Featuring Laganja Estranja’s DADDY. LEAVE US A REVIEW / SUBSCRIBE / THANKS FOR COMING TO OUR TED TALK. Jon Daly Mike and Mary Jane cackle about how she’s the slowest faller in the world and how her cat eats his ass while she meditates. SUBSCRIBE / REVIEW US / STUFF YOUR STOCKING WITH A 7 INCH. Mike and Mary Jane call in the experts! After they were on a Doughboys Double, MJ read comments from dismayed ‘Boys fans who thought she misrepresented the Thanksgiving holiday… so she gets petty and calls a Canadian to prove she’s right. LIKE / SUBSCRIBE / WHITE SHARK THAT SHIT. Mike and Mary Jane talk sex in water, infinity pool bubble baths, and Oregon decriminalizing all drugs. GIVE US 5 STARS / SUBSCRIBE / PEN15 IS PERFECT. Mike and Mary Jane chew the political fat about the 5 states with weed on the ballot, sample a sweet Scottish snack, and thank magic mushrooms for cleaning out their soul pipes.

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Yara Shahidi Is Producing a Weed-Themed Comedy

We’re a long ways away from Yara Shahidi’s early years as the sassy eldest daughter on ABC’s long-running sitcom Black-ish. Now, the BET and NAACP Image Award winning actress is off to more, well, grown-up things as she puts on her producer shoes to help develop a new single-camera comedy set in the fledgling world of legal cannabis culture. Titled Smoakland, the upcoming comedy was written by The Chi and Star writer Jewel Coronel and will follow Solo, an Oakland native and “The visionary of a budding cannabis company.” Tackling everything from career complications to interpersonal relationships, the in-development project will see Solo navigating “Family expectations, changing friendships, and love.” And most importantly, it will focus on Solo’s “Drive to break through the ‘grass’ ceiling of the oft-closed terrain of the cannabis industry for herself and her community.” In addition to writing, Coronel will executive produce the series alongside Scandal and Stumptown producer Zahir McGhee. Yara Shahidi and her mother, Keri Shahidi, will co-executive produce the upcoming comedy through their 7th Sun Production company. The mother-daughter pair became certified business partners when they launched the company together last summer, which coincided with an overall deal they signed with ABC Studios that would find them developing and producing scripted and alternative television projects for cable, streaming and broadcast. At the time, Shahidi said of the venture, “I’m thrilled to be partnering with my home family, ABC Studios, in this exciting next chapter, alongside my family. It’s exciting to add our production company to the roster of my peers and mentors who are also actively committed to sharing meaningful stories.” Of course, this isn’t Shahidi’s first time at the rodeo – the 20-year-old Hollywood starlet already has some experience as a producer. In 2019, the Harvard University student served as a co-executive producer on the Oscar-winning short film Hair Love, and for the past two years, she has served as a producer on her Freeform star vehicle Grown-ish. Set at the fictional California University, the single-camera comedy finds Shahidi reprising her Black-ish role as Zoey Johnson as she navigates love, friendships, sex, and other young adult stress factors while preparing for her future at her dream college. The second part of the third season premieres next Thursday. Check out Yara’s Instagram post about the upcoming Smoakland below.

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