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Rogan and Diaz 500mg edibles story

Police Bust Gift Wrapped Marijuana Delivery

I guess we can expect more of these marijuana Holiday shenanigans. Just a few days ago police in Ohio busted two men with a car full of gift-wrapped weed – I guess they forget to make that shit airtight, the police smelled it as soon as they approached the car. Now police in Colonie, Colorado have a similar story to tell. Colonie police were tipped off by the USPS that a package headed for the Desmond Hotel had a very specific odor coming from it that usually emanates from a green leafy, plant, no not mistletoe – WEED. After getting that tip it was like shooting fish in a barrel for the police. 

They set up a sting at the hotel and when the David Malchow checked in and went to claim his parcel the cops pounced and busted him. In the package police found several smaller packages of gift-wrapped marijuana. Now I have no idea why someone either living in Colorado or visiting Colorado would need to have weed sent through the mail when they could just head to any of the numerous dispensaries in the area. All in all the bust netted about 17 pounds of weed, and one really, really unhappy guy. 

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Book Darren Simpson. Comedian, MC, Motivational Speaker.

Whackhead. Also known as Whackhead, Darren Simpson is a household name in the entertainment industry. Darren started his carreer as a radio DJ and presenter at Capital Radio and then on East Coast Radio. Darren then moved on to work for Primedia on the 94.7 highveld stereo radio station. Darren Simpson now hosts the Breakfast Xpress which has a following of over 1.6 million listeners and growing. 

Having made his mark as one of South Africa’s top comedians, Darren is in high demand. Being booked as a comedian and comedy MC for corporate functions and special events. Darren is also extremely inspirational to listen to and is thus booked repeatedly as a motivational speaker. Darren Simpson has also enjoyed appearances on the SABC3 comedy showcase. Darren Simpson has released several CDs showcasing his best pranks for the year. 

All of these CDs released have reached gold or platinum status. He has sold over 500 000 CDs, which is a South African comedy record. His radio pranks are heard weekly all around the world on radio stations he is syndicated to. 

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Source: http://www.darren-simpson.co.za

SPARC: The Apple Store of Marijuana Shops

This recently opened San Francisco dispensary combines the sleekness of an Apple store with the quality strains of marijuana that Californians have come to expect from the corner pot shop. The nonprofit is an outgrowth of the Cannabis Collective, an organization that provides reasonably priced marijuana to low-income patients with chronic disease. SPARC offers pot at a deep discount compared to other dispensaries-$28 for an eighth of the daily special, and $35 an eighth for many other strains. SFist reports that SPARC emblazons its menu and price guide on LCD screens, offers pot in glass apothecary jars with custom labels, and shows off its wares in wood and glass cases. From the outside, SPARC might even be mistaken for an art gallery. 

Like your local Apple store, SPARC offers classes, including acupressure and self-healing, Ayurvedic cooking, art therapy, and calligraphy. It’s the kind of place that could act as a blueprint for other dispensaries if marijuana ever becomes fully legalized-modern, sterile, and comfortable for the business set. 

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Source: https://www.fastcompany.com/1688154

Seeing green: Celebrities selling marijuana

Hollywood has long been addicted to a good marijuana joke. Now that pot is legal for recreational use in nine states, some celebrities are laughing all the way to the bank. Including a nine-month stint in prison in 2003 for selling glass bongs on the internet. Now he’s legit – selling a line of organically-grown cannabis called Chong’s Choice. As the face of the brand, well, he has to make sure it’s good. 

Chong’s Choice is for sale in six states, and as with any other product, name recognition matters. From fashion to fragrance, to beverages both hard and soft, celebrity sells. With marijuana sales expected to reach $8-10 billion by the end of this year, and projected to double to $20 billion by 2022, more celebs are investing money and lending their names to get a foothold in this growing market. It was all around on the black market for many decades. A lot of people were shocked by how fast it materialized. 

He says celebrities such as Chong, Willie Nelson, Snoop Dog and even Whoopi Goldberg are helping marijuana go mainstream. 

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Source: http://www.ktva.com/story/38287735/seeing-green-celebrities-selling-marijuana

If Jeff Sessions Got Caught With Marijuana Parody

In this short comedy Jeff gets busted with Weed and uses the same responses he uses in the Senate. About The Author TrueBudsTV Weed comedy and other fun Marijuana related videos is what we do! True Buds TV is based in California, USA. Recreational and medical marijuana use, cultivation, and manufacture are legal under the laws of the State of California; however, the Content of the Videos is only for entertainment and/or educational use. True Buds TV features content about marijuana, marijuana cultivation, marijuana products, marijuana consumption, hemp, and other cannabis-related subject matter. 

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