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Ngaio Bealum, a cannabis comedian from Sacramento, reflects on the passage of Proposition 64 in California

During a recent lunch hour at midtown’s Hook & Ladder, exactly one week after Proposition 64 was passed by California voters, Sacramento’s leading cannabis celebrity reached into the pocket of his sports coat, pulled out a small baggie filled with Red Diesel marijuana buds, and slapped it defiantly on the table. Bealum, 48, long had hoped for days like this, when a person could show off his or her weed in public like a prized bottle of wine and not fear punishment. Bealum’s likeness, with his signature Sherlock Holmes pipe and graying dreadlocks, even has been licensed for strains sold by the Natural Cannabis Company. Ngaio riffs on pot in ways that focus on the topical and the personal, such as parenthood while being a cannabis activist. 64, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana in California, despite some push back within the cannabis community. In particular, some pot farmers feared the measure’s passage would put them out of business due to increased taxes and regulations and pave the way for corporations with deep pockets to corner the market. 

Bealum, a cannabis activist since 1990, was sold on the decriminalization aspects of Prop. Bealum says he’s appeared in court twice over pot-related matters, including an arrest in Washington before the state approved recreational use in 2012. Despite the momentum for marijuana in the 2016 elections, with eight states passing recreational or medical marijuana use initiatives, Bealum remains nervous over the future of legalization. Though marijuana is now decriminalized in 29 states and Washington, D.C., cannabis remains illegal under federal law. On election night, as Donald Trump was elected as 45th president of the United States, Bealum responded to a tweet that questioned if pro-marijuana measures would remain under a Trump administration. 

For now, Bealum’s on a roll playing the cannabis circuit and says opportunities appear to be increasing in the wake of Prop. 

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From the moment Dave Chapelle abandoned his hit TV series, having walked away from a deal worth $50 million, fans have been waiting for his return to television. Yes, Dave Chappelle is back, making his return to the screen with what is a pair of blistering, never-before-aired specials from his personal vault. In a special two-show event, the comedy legend returns to burn up the stage with sly digs, edgy commentary, and unfiltered hilarity. While he has been missed from screens, don’t think that Chappelle hasn’t been working, ’cause he hasn’t stopped. The only difference is, he hasn’t been featured in television or movies, having chosen to go back to his roots performing at some of the most iconic comedy venues in the country. 

If you’ve already mainlined each, don’t despair, as there’s one more special to be screened. The third, which is currently unnamed, will screen at a later date. While it’s not known how much exactly he got paid, the deal – inked in the fall of 2016 – was said to be worth more than the one he walked away from, back in 2004. Another interesting fact is that even though The Age of Spin is the first in the lineup, it was actually recorded a year after Deep in the Heart of Texas, despite the former being the first to be ordered by Netflix. As you’d expect from Chappelle, it’s never just an ordinary routine, with some one-man sketches proving that Dave has still got it. 

With the topics ranging from the times he met O.J. Simpson – four times, no less – to Paula Deen and even how the success of Kevin Hart affected him, it seems to be the Dave Chappelle of old. 

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5 Best Cannabis Inspired Comedy Skits

Weed and laughter often walk hand in hand with one another. Some comedians have capitalized on this phenomena by introducing marijuana related material into their comedic skits. Everyone who smokes weed likely has a story about a time they got too high or had a thought provoking moment. The following skits showcase these scenarios by way of the comedic geniuses of today and the past. Todd Glass begins by touching on the legal comparisons between weed and alcohol. 

He’s essentially saying that he views weed and alcohol as equals, except one’s legal and the other isn’t. Williams’ skit makes a couple of bold claims: almost everyone should smoke weed and that weed isn’t a drug. His argument for weed not being a drug is that it’s natural and you can’t overdose on it even though you might think your friend is dead after smoking too much. The irony of this statement is that he’s smoking a cigarette as he makes these claims. 1 Louis C.K. Louis C.K. 

is arguably the funniest comedian alive today. Louis recalls a time when he smoked weed with young fans in a parking lot after one of his shows. Unbeknownst to him, the weed of today is much stronger than it was during his childhood. 

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