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NFL Teams Don’t Care Anymore If Athletes Fail Marijuana Drug Testing

Like most of society, the National Football League’s views on marijuana may be changing. Every year around this time, marijuana and football become intertwined in a predictable manner-failed drug tests. At the NFL Combine, future potential players compete in various athletic and mental tests to document up close their value for teams’ front offices. They also submit to a drug test and someone notable fails ever year. According to Bleacher Report, many teams no longer regard marijuana usage as the detrimental character issue they once did. 

Just last year, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones privately advocated to end the league’s prohibition on marijuana. Instead, several team officials said they are putting far more emphasis on domestic violence and other severe criminal acts. A player that fails a combine drug test for pot will still be flagged, and his draft value will diminish. As society has shifted its views toward marijuana, including legalizing it in several states, and become less tolerant of violent abusers, the NFL is slowly reflecting that societal shift. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, whose contract was recently extended, has also spouted some misinformed opinions regarding cannabis and its medicinal values. 

Don’t expect a wave of support from front offices and executives any time soon essentially. It’s progress that players entering the league seemingly won’t be punished for cannabis usage like they once were, but it still isn’t anything resembling honest change. 

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Copper Repiping San Jose

A galvanized pipe corrode with years of use and will probably require a copper repipe to prevent further damage, wear and irreversible pipe material corrosion. Copper repiping involves the removal or bypass of existing plumbing pipes, replaced by new, clean copper pipes. The cost of copper repiping can vary on your home size and plumbing layout. What you might not realize is the cost of a complete copper repipe with Repipe Specialists is half of what a local plumber will cost. When it comes to Copper Repiping San Jose residents rely on Repipe Specialists. 

Our copper repipe installers and technicians pride themselves on keeping your flooring clean and take extra care to fully cover your furnishing and flooring before the job starts. There are many customers who are surprised that Repipe Specialists can finish the job in just days, leaving very little evidence that a full copper repiping had just been done. A copper repipe may eliminate expensive and continual plumbing repairs for many years to come. A copper repipe may also add to the resale value of your home, a huge advantage when selling your house. With a copper repipe your home has a valuable selling point to a potential home buyer. 

Repiping using PEX is an alternative to copper repiping and has many aesthetic values as well, including water noise reduction and ease of installation. Our copper repiping San Jose specials and discounts can be discussed during your initial call with the Repipe Specialists staff. 

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School Nurses Would Be Allowed To Administer Medical Marijuana If This New Colorado Bill Becomes Law

Nurses would only be allowed to administer medical marijuana to students with doctors’ recommendations, and only in non-smokeable forms. Colorado is considering a new bill introduced on March 8 that would allow school nurses to administer medical marijuana. The first draft of Bill HB18-1286 requires the student to have a valid medical marijuana recommendation. Currently, primary caregivers can administer medical marijuana to Colorado students, but this new bill would allow school nurses to do the same. For a Colorado minor to qualify for medical marijuana, he or she must have a qualifying medical condition. 

Other states are tackling the issue of medical marijuana in schools, like Illinois, California, and Florida. This bill would allow parents to administer medical marijuana to their children during the school day, so long as the child has a doctor’s recommendation. A school denied Ashley, an 11-year-old student, access to medical marijuana to treat her seizure disorder during school hours. Bill SB-1127 would allow primary caregivers to administer medical marijuana to qualified patients ages K-12, reports the San Francisco Examiner. Hill addressed the possibility of allowing nurses to administer medical marijuana. 

Elsewhere in Florida, the state required each school district to create their own policies surrounding medical marijuana. If school nurses become capable of dispensing medical marijuana in Colorado, it’s likely that other states will follow suit. 

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Marijuana Treats PTSD & Science Explains Why ยท Marijuana Mommy

Considering there’s no medication designed specifically to treat PTSD, it’s not surprising that some patients break the law to use marijuana as a PTSD treatment. Until I tried marijuana, I never understood how much PTSD actually impacted my life. In 2013, The NYU School of Medicine used brain scans to demonstrate that patients suffering from PTSD have chronically low levels of the natural cannabinoid, anandamide, in their brain. Administration of medical marijuana can help restore the correct balance of cannabinoids in PTSD patients. A 2013 study published in JAMA Psychiatry demonstrated that the dynorphin process is in inhibited in patients with PTSD. 

If someone has PTSD, their kappa opioid receptors hide in the cells and refuse to bind with dynorphin. This can explain depressive symptoms that PTSD patients often experience. When a PTSD patient uses cannabis, the cannabinoids the kappa opiate receptors become available. Here are the states where PTSD qualifies for medical marijuana. Colorado does not include PTSD on their list of qualifying medical conditions, but PTSD patients can still access recreational marijuana in CO. 

Cost. Approximately 27% of PTSD patients also attempt suicide. Marijuana PTSD. Medical Marijuana PTSD. does marijuana help PTSD. 

PTSD cannabis help ptsd. Cannabis for PTSD. cannabis PTSD. pot for ptsd. 

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