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Cannabis Situational Comedy: Netflix’s “Disjointed” Spoiler-Free Review

If you haven’t already seen the promos or missed the trailers in between your favorite Netflix shows, Disjointed is the streaming giant’s new cannabis sitcom. While marijuana has played a key role in successful TV comedies, no one has dared to make it the focus of a live thirty-minute sitcom. Cannabis, even medical, as the driving force is a bold choice that could limit viewership. Co-created by series hit maker Chuck Lorre, the show centers around a veteran cannabis advocate named Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, played by Academy Award winner Kathy Bates, who opens her own L.A. medical marijuana dispensary. 

The first two episodes are saturated with surface level one-liners, most of which involved weed. I imagine writing these two was hard since there’s lots of cannabis education that must be setup for the audience to understand the story. Cannabis patients will recognize the dispensary’s stocked with familiar, carefully placed brand name products-Kiva bars, VCC Cannabis Quencher, Honey Pot honey-though so far only flower has been mentioned. The live laughter seems unnecessary and over-the-top, making the comedy feel forced, though probably not to a cannabis newbie. Plays on lots of marijuana stereotypes, with each character representing a different cannabis user. 

Ruth is the older hippie who also claims to be a shaman; Travis is a millennial eager to make it big in the industry; Jenny is the token Asian; Olivia is the small town girl afraid to get too comfortable with weed for fear it’ll lead to harder drugs; Carter is the war vet dealing with mental issues but resistant to cannabis; and Pete is the young hippie who treats his plants like kids. The two represent marijuana in the new age and their wacky personalities and cluelessness make for some well built jokes. The laugh track feels a bit juvenile, some of the jokes are layups and every marijuana stereotype is played out, but the acting, particularly by Kathy Bates, has its moments. 

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Cannabis Comedy for Marijuana Fans by TheWeedShow.com on Apple Podcasts

Chris debunks some cannabis propaganda from UK. Bud of the Week is Chernobyl Romulan. A bill proposed in congress may legalize Cannabis at the federal level! Chris breaks the dab rig. A Cannabis Church in Denver! 

Holy buds! Chris discuss the new Elevation Ministries location in Denver. Marc Emery arrested! Blame Canada! Chris discuss the recent raid on Cannabis Culture and the Prince of Pot. 

The Oregon Cannabis Market is collapsing! Chris discusses how overregulation is undermining legalization. Chris discovers Discount Tires hates Cannabis and freedom! New legalization propositions are being voted on in November. The U.S. 

Drug Czar Admits Government Didn’t Want Marijuana Considered Medicine, and an 81 yr old was raided in Massachusetts over one cannabis plant. Two dozen people were treated for eating too much cannabis at a concert last week and a new study aims to examine whole-plant Marijuana as a treatment for sports injuries. Tennessee political candidate has 180 marijuana plants ; 420 cannabis rally; Artificial Intelligence; Bud of the week; A political candidate running in Tennessee found with 180 cannabis plants. Denver cracks down public weed smoking, NYC council Marijuana statement, The UN has a cannabis problem with Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, & Washington DC, 420 Flo Review. Happy 4/20! 

Chris and Dru travel to the first leagl cannabis cup ever! Free. Fight the Power… with Cannabis! Weed voting, Maryland Marijuana Bill, 420 Propaganda alert! 

Know your THC rights! Maryland, Indiana, Kansas- Breaking cannabis news-Knowing your rights- Cat drama and vegetable gardens at the Doobie Den. 

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Cheech & Chong Can’t Stand Marijuana-Hater Jeff Sessions: ‘I Can’t Sleep at Night, Man!’

The duo Cheech & Chong-comprised of Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong-were among the first comics to attain rock star status due to their embrace of the ’70s counterculture movement, as well as their feature film debut, Up in Smoke. After releasing a half-dozen movies, several hit comedy albums, splitting acrimoniously in the ’80s, and reuniting in the ’90s, Cheech & Chong are still at it, bringing the laughs to fans across the country. Cheech: It’s making a great comeback around the world. Cheech: Probably not, unless they made it on a phone in order to save money. Chong: One time we had smoked before a scene and were in the car with the fumes waiting for someone to yell action. 

There are conflicting stories about whether you were smoking weed or rolled-up lettuce during the making of the film. Chong: We were smoking a mixture of Indian herbs and lettuce in the big joints. We never smoked weed during a scene but did before filming. Cheech: I’d definitely want Paul McCartney because he’s the only Beatle that I’ve never met. Cheech: The Big Lebowski versus Cheech & Chong in a grudge match! 

Cheech: Tell him the truth, man! The statue of limitations is over. Cheech: Watching him flip out when we did strange accents when we did off-camera readings with other actors. 

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Source: https://www.thedailybeast.com/cheech-and-chong-cant-stand-marijuana-hater-jeff-sessions-i-cant-sleep-at-night-man

Amazon Sets ‘Budding Prospects’ Pot Comedy Pilot Starring Will Sasso

Amazon s joining the hot trend of marijuana-themed shows with Budding Prospect, a 1980s comedy from Bad Santa director Terry Zwigoff, which has tapped Will Sasso as one of the leads. Written by Melissa Axelrod based on the TC Boyle novel of the same name and to be directed by Zwigoff, Budding Prospect is set in 1983 San Francisco. Three hapless city boys move to the country to grow marijuana. Sasso will play one of the three leads, Gesh, a big, unruly guy who is smarter than he seems. Zwigoff and Axelrod executive produce with Vincent Landay. 

MadTV alum Sasso, repped by D2 Management, APA, and attorney Jonathan Moonves, is filming Super Trooper 2. Budding Prospects is looking to join several pot-themed scripted comedy series, HBO’s High Maintenance, Netflix’s upcoming Chuck Lorre sitcom Disjointed, and MTV’s Mary + Jane. Amazon’s current pilot slate includes I Love Dick, which is nearing a series pickup, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, The Tick, and The Legend of Master Legend. 

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Source: https://deadline.com/2016/09/amazon-budding-prospects-comedy-pilot-starring-will-sasso-terry-zwigoff-1201826515/