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Medical Marijuana Is Not Compassionate Comedy

Report: 1 in 5 Mass. adults use marijuana

BOSTON – About 21 percent of adults in Massachusetts have used marijuana in the last 30 days, and of those who have consumed the drug, about a third reported having driven under the influence, according to a new Department of Public Health report. The study found that more than half of adults in Massachusetts perceive marijuana to have slight or no risks, and more than half of marijuana users consume it for non-medical purposes. The DPH reported that 26 percent of men and 17 percent of women have used marijuana in the last month, a total of roughly 21 percent of adults in the state. The study, required by the marijuana law legislators put on the books a year ago, began in early 2017 and found that the rate of marijuana use is greatest among people aged 18 to 25. DPH said baseline data suggest that about 7 percent of all adults drove under the influence of marijuana in the past 30 days and that about 12 percent of all adults rode with a driver who was under the influence of marijuana. 

Nearly 35 percent of adults who reported using marijuana in the past 30 days also reported driving under the influence of marijuana, DPH said. There is currently no roadside test, similar to a breathalyzer test for alcohol, for law enforcement to check for marijuana impairment. Legal non-medical marijuana sales were expected to start July 1 in Massachusetts, but that target will not be met. The Cannabis Control Commission meets Monday and is expected to license the state’s first retail marijuana shop. In total, 3,022 individuals responded to the survey, DPH said. 

About 71 percent of the state’s marijuana users are white, 12 percent are Hispanic, 7 percent are black and 3 percent are Asian, the report found. The report said white non-Hispanic men and people between ages 18 and 20 have the highest prevalence of marijuana use. 

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Source: http://www.lowellsun.com/…/ci_31978132/report-1-5-mass-adults-use-marijuana

Marijuana-friendly campuses? I don’t think so

In the run-up to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018, many universities and colleges are still in a wait-and-see position concerning marijuana use on campus. TRU’s 20-person Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, of which I am a member, unanimously voted on March 5, 2018, to ban all smoking of marijuana products on campus – for health and safety reasons. Pro-marijuana smokers on the TRU committee argued that marijuana smoke is no different than cigarette smoke and that smoking areas designated for cigarette smoke should also be used for marijuana. Na├»ve bystanders cannot tell the potency of the marijuana smoked just by smell alone. Most animal studies demonstrate the ease with which such second- hand marijuana smoke can negatively affect behaviour. 

Very few know that marijuana smoke has 300 to 500 per cent more carcinogens than tobacco smoke. Marijuana has been linked to addiction, drops in grades, slips and falls and car accidents. The JOHSC at Thompson Rivers University is considering individual ingestion of medical marijuana – via brownies, gummy bears or pills – on campus because the consumption of such medicinal products doesn’t negatively impact others directly. Marijuana is an intoxicant and therefore is analogous to drinking alcohol on campus. Smoking marijuana should therefore fall under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act Section 40, 1996, chapter 267. 

As TRU did not allow the open consumption of alcohol in public places on campus, neither would it allow marijuana to be smoked on campus. Marijuana has been linked to impaired motor co-ordination, altered judgment and risky sexual behaviour. 

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Source: http://theconversation.com/marijuana-friendly-campuses-i-dont-think-so-100650

High Maintenance Archives

Joel Fernando, a Brooklyn filmmaker with hipster hair and bright red aviators, pitched his marijuana venture at a popular Colorado Springs coffee shop, reports Rebecca Celli of The Colorado Independent. Fernando’s plan is two-fold: to start up a major pot production operation in Colorado and to chronicle his process for a new web series, to be distributed by Slate this January,. The series will explore Fernando’s business endeavor through numerous short documentary installments. Each episode will be less than 10 minutes, and will feature people and policies central to Colorado’s budding marijuana economy. Fernando is not the first aspiring marijuana entrepreneur to drive cross-country on a whim. 

He’s also not the first young urban filmmaker to create a pot-oriented web series. If New York is the fifth character in Sex and the City, then pot is the third in the YouTube web series turned half-hour-long Comedy Central show, Broad City. The series, which follows the female twenty-somethings in New York City trope, is known for its crude humor and memorable scenes of pot-smoking through Skype. The episodes of High Maintenance, the most intricate rendition of the pot web series trend, are the well-crafted vignettes of diverse New Yorkers – middle-aged bird watchers, Passover seder-goers, couch surfers, a cross-dressing father – all subtly bound together by the narrative of a nameless pot delivery man. The best web series sell out, or at least begin to sell. 

Slate, the distributor of Fernando’s series, publishes stories commenting on all of these shows. As for Joel Fernando, his upcoming series will be free and relatively unpublicized. 

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Source: https://marijuana.heraldtribune.com/tag/high-maintenance

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I GOT FIVE ON IT 1 Full Movie The Original Comedy

The Institute of Politics at Harvard University

The opinion of 18- to 29- year olds related to the legalization of marijuana has remained unchanged since the last time that we asked this question in the Spring of 2013. When 18- to 29- year olds were asked whether they support, oppose or unsure about legalizing marijuana – we found that 44 percent support legalization, 34 percent oppose and 22 percent are unsure – the exact same percentages across the board as one year ago. Despite a solid level of support in favor of legalization, support is not widespread and there are a number of notable differences in opinion on this issue that are worth noting. Democrats support legalization 49 percent to 28 percent, Republicans oppose, 32 percent to 50 percent;. Younger Millennials ages 18- to- 24- years old are less sure about legalization, 38 percent support, 39 percent oppose, 22 percent unsure – while 25- to 29- year olds support by a margin of 50 percent to 28 percent;. 

Whites support legalization 49 percent to 32 percent, while Blacks and Hispanics are close to even. When the question is changed to legalization for medical purposes, a majority of most every subgroup of 18- to 29- year olds support, including by party, gender, and age. Overall, two-thirds would support this measure, 14 percent would oppose and the percentage of young people saying they are unsure is 19 percent. Asked how their perception of a friend might change if they learned that friend used marijuana recreationally, 65 percent of 18- to 29- year olds said that it would not change their perception of them. Three in ten percent of respondents however said that their perception of a friend would change negatively, compared to 5 percent who said it would change positively. 

Unclear if Marijuana is a Major Driver of Participation. Approximately one-in-four young Americans agree with the statement that they would be more likely to vote in an election where legalizing marijuana were on the ballot, and 32 percent disagreed. 

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Source: http://iop.harvard.edu/survey/details/political-issue-marijuana

420 day: Where cannabis is legal in the US and in countries around the world

Urban myths swirled for years that 420 was California state penal code for marijuana use, or numbers from a Bob Dylan song multiplied, or even related to Hitler’s birthday. This year, Lyft is offering riders in states where marijuana is legal a $4.20 discount. Is allowed in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington state, and Washington DC. It’s been a landmark year for marijuana legalization in the US, despite the best efforts of attorney general Jeff Sessions. On Jan. 1, California opened the world’s largest legal market for recreational marijuana, which is estimated to reach $5.1 billion. 

Vermont became the first state legislature to legalize recreational marijuana. The US is now home to a growing multibillion-dollar pot industry that isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and e.lected officials have seen the benefits marijuana tax revenue brings to fund schools and infrastru. New Jersey governor Phil Murphy proved it was possible to run a successful political campaign with marijuana legalization as a central issue, and New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon appears to be following his lead. Update April 20: Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer announced today he plans to introduce legislation to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, the latest sign that reform is gaining political traction. Uruguay became the first country to fully legalize marijuana in 2013 and last year began allowing sales in local pharmacies. 

The Peruvian congress passed a bill in October that legalized medical marijuana, allowing the production, sale, and importation of cannabis oil. Marijuana is technically illegal in the Netherlands, but authorities will generally turn a blind eye. Only citizens are allowed to buy marijuana, though Amsterdam’s infamous coffeeshops are exempt from that rule. Where marijuana is legal or has been decriminalized. 

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Source: https://qz.com/1255586

Medicinal Fried Chicken

Cartman’s favorite restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken, has been shut down and replaced by a store that sells medical marijuana to cancer patients. Cartman will do anything to get his beloved fried chicken back. Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartman are at soccer practice, during which Cartman yet again manages to avoid playing by claiming he has a stomach ache, much to the annoyance of the soccer coach. After soccer the boys are picked up by Randy who takes them to KFC during which, Kyle points out that Cartman only goes to soccer on Friday because of the fact they go to KFC afterwards. Cartman meanwhile is infuriated by the fact that the only KFC in South Park is now gone. 

That KFC is also closed, and the construction men there inform Cartman that all of the KFC’s have been shut down because of a new law which bans fast food from being sold in low income areas, and since KFC was ‘only’ in low income areas, in the entire state of Colorado, Kentucky Fried Chicken is illegal. On the way back from methadone clinic Cartman finds out on the playground that a boy named Billy Miller has KFC. Cartman goes to see him where he is treated to KFC popcorn chicken, but then Billy charges him $85, which is money that Cartman doesn’t have. In order to pay off his debt, Billy suggests that Cartman work as a mule to smuggle KFC into Colorado. Cartman delivers the money and KFC to Billy who tells him that he’s rather good at getting KFC in Colorado and will team up with Tommy and go to Kentucky to meet Colonel Sanders, who is alive and well on South Park. 

Upon returning to South Park, Cartman overthrows Billy in running the KFC smuggling operation, by telling Billy’s parents that Billy got an ‘F’ on his Social Studies test. To exaggerate Cartman’s addiction to KFC, he starts cutting chicken skins into strips and snorts them. Thus KFC is once again made legal in Colorado, with the new store title of Medicinal Fried Chicken. 

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Source: http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Medicinal_Fried_Chicken

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Cannabis culture marijuana comedy show Ep47Part3

3 face marijuana distribution charges

FROM STAFF REPORTS. Three men face intent to distribute charges after more than 100 grams of marijuana, thousands of dollars in cash and other items were found inside a Bama Lane residence. Officers with Sumter Police Department’s Organized Crime and Vice Control Unit responded to the residence at 845 Bama Lane Apartment 3 on Feb. 23 after receiving a complaint about suspected drug activity at the location. Detectives confirmed accounts of a strong odor of marijuana coming from the residence before obtaining a warrant and searching the home where more than 300 grams of marijuana, more than $3,000 in cash and a handgun were seized. Officers also found equipment used in the sale of drugs. 

Arkeem Armond Singleton, 24, of the home, was apprehended by officers while trying to flee from the back of the house. He is charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, fourth offense, and felon in possession of a handgun. Two other men who were inside the house, 24-year-old Willie Nathaniel Ray Jr., of 801 Coachman Drive, and 31-year-old Rashad Deon Rajah, of 14 Gate St., are both charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana. 

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Source: http://www.theitem.com/stories/3-face-marijuana-distribution-charges,264160

Medicinal & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Resource

They say humans are like snowflakes because no two are the same-and on a cellular level, that’s true. It was the wee hours of Wednesday morning, April 18, and the sun had yet to rise. I was adrift in my subconscious, scrolling through the feelings and disjointed thoughts that never make it to the surface. What separates the cannabis industry from the rest is the number of women executives. According to a 2017 Marijuana Business Daily reader survey, women hold 27 percent of executive-level roles in the cannabis industry. 

That’s a healthy edge over U.S. businesses as a whole, where women comprise 23 percent of executive positions. What’s fascinating about California’s legal cannabis industry is that nearly 80 percent of municipalities still prohibit cannabis. Although cannabis is de-criminalized and therefore quasi-legal, much work remains to be done in terms of acceptance. Somehow Orange County is represented in the other 20 percent. 

Thanks to Santa Ana, a healthy cannabis industry exists. In most cases, you can’t rely on a debit or credit card to facilitate a transaction at a dispensary. As a result, the cannabis industry is solely cash-based,. 

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Source: https://www.potplus.com

Prop 64: Adult Use of Marijuana

Prop 64 would legalize marijuana and hemp in California. You could not consume marijuana in public or drive high. The estimated revenue from the sale and cultivation of marijuana is $1 billion or more annually. Marijuana sales and use would be tracked controlled and regulated like alcohol. Taxing marijuana would bring in millions of much needed revenue to California. 

Big tobacco will move in and take over the marijuana business. With marketing and advertising of marijuana more young people will be exposed to pot. Greater marijuana smoking will lead to increases in cancer, heart attacks, strokes and long-lasting decline in brain function. Back in 1972 a proposition was on the ballot that would have decriminalized the use and possession of marijuana by those 18 and older. Federal law still classifies marijuana as a dangerous and illegal drug, but enforcement has tapered off. 

When medical marijuana clinics first opened up in California many were raided and shut down by federal agents. Marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. 

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Source: https://www.kcet.org/ballot-brief/prop-64-adult-use-of-marijuana

Download Movie TORRENT

The movie feels very adult, plenty of swearwords and nudity and such and a typical Scorcese like voice-over and a good story and competent acting. Jonathan Daniel Brown is very good in the lead but my favorite performance comes from Aaron Yoo as a menacing rival of his. The only ‘bad thing’ I can say is that, it could have dug deeper into the characters; the female characters are all pretty empty and most are only there for eye-candy and the movie is low budget and it shows and feels like it was shot in a couple weeks at the most. Comparing it to ‘Blow’ might get your hopes a little too high I know realise, it doesn’t have the feeling of a epic trials and tribulations of a drug kingpin which that had but I mean it’s definitely above average when it comes to these sorts of movies. It most definitely entertains from start to finish with plenty of humor to go with the based on a true story. 

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Source: http://diyelite.com/movie/kid-cannabis-2014

Marijuana Nation Manufactured on Demand, NTSC Format on CCVideo.com.com

National Geographic goes inside the cannabis industry with Lisa Ling, reporting from secret farms and not-so-secret grow houses of marijuana cultivators – into a world where marijuana is not just a drug but a way of life. Learn what’s behind the increased potency of a new designer crop and how growers circumvent law enforcement while creating a more perfect plant – sometimes literally in their living rooms. Then explore the controversial medical uses of marijuana in some states, permitting personal use in violation of federal law and creating a tangled web of enforcement conflicts. Ling conducts revealing interviews with the self-proclaimed Prince of Pot, law enforcement, growers, scientists and everyday users who offer insight into this complex set of issues. 

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Source: https://www.ccvideo.com/marijuana-nation/727994951209

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Funny 420 marijuana comedy show Ep21Pt2of3

San Francisco Bay Area Comedy Events, Friday, May 18, 2018

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Their groundbreaking research on how people make decisions won the…. More Buy Tickets. 

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Source: https://www.sfstation.com/comedy/calendar/bay-area/05-18-2018

Senator Kamala Harris Endorses Marijuana Justice Act

WASHINGTON – Sen. Kamala Harris announced that she will be co-sponsoring the Marijuana Justice Act. Citing the fact that marijuana laws are enforced unfairly and have been detrimental to the African-American community, Senator Harris said that she was proud to be signing onto the Marijuana Justice Act. The ACLU reports that African-Americans consume marijuana at the same rate as Caucasians but are arrested at nearly 4 times the rate. The Marijuana Justice Act was introduced by Sen. 

Cory Booker last year and would amend the Controlled Substances Act by removing marijuana from the federal list of controlled substances. The bill would also force the federal courts to expunge all marijuana use and possession conviction records of every American. Sen. Booker speaks in the video as well and aptly points out that two of the last three Presidents have admitted to using marijuana while others go to jail for doing the same. Harris joins the parade of senators that have either signed onto the bill in recent months or endorsed legalizing marijuana. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders is a longtime marijuana supporter and co-sponsored the bill in April. Longtime opposer to marijuana legalization Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced recently that she would consider legalization after speaking with her constituents who needed medical marijuana. Washington D.C and 9 states have legalized recreational marijuana, and the recent purge for politicians to endorse marijuana could be a reflection the times. 

Democrats support marijuana legalization at a rate of 69 percent, Independents at a rate of 65 percent, and Republicans at a 43 percent rate. Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states plus Washington D.C. Senators Booker, Gillibrand, Harris, and Sanders are all rumored to be running for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination. 

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Source: https://www.leafbuyer.com/blog/senator-kamala-harris-announces…

best marijuana seeds for sale in usa

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The Socialist’s Journal: Jeff Sessions vs. Marijuana

Jeff Sessions announced that he would enforce the existing marijuana laws. While I believe the federal marijuana statutes to be misguided, it is hardly fair to criticize the Attorney General for doing his job. So while many states have taken steps to legalize some form of marijuana usage within their borders, those attempts have been a bit foolhardy because the federal laws ultimately outweigh the state laws. Combining these two reactions paints, what I would label, a negative picture of the future for those in the supply or consumption side of the marijuana industry. My tertiary reaction is that this is the beginning of the end of marijuana criminalization form multiple reasons. The old narrative that marijuana will undermine a person’s drive and productivity has been thoroughly contradicted. Because of this marijuana, I believe, will begin/continue to be treated like many other mind altering substances. Second, the people in the states where marijuana is being used with some degree of legality will demand that their legislators decriminalize it so that they can continue doing what they’re doing. Likewise legalizing marijuana does not undercut laws for other drugs. Therefore marijuana users will be seen as just another subgroup in the mosaic that is American society.

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Source: https://www.eurweb.com/2018/01/the-socialists-journal-sessions-vs…

Schaumburg parents sue to keep medical marijuana at school for daughter

The Schaumburg parents of an 11-year-old girl diagnosed with leukemia are suing their local school district because it won’t keep medical marijuana prescribed by her doctors to treat seizures on school grounds. The couple filed the federal lawsuit anonymously Wednesday against Schaumburg School District 54 and the state of Illinois, which they targeted for failing to include public schools among the places where medical marijuana may be present. A spokeswoman from the Attorney General’s office declined to comment and lawyers representing the school district could not be reached. Both sides are expected in court Friday as the family seeks a temporary order allowing medical marijuana at the school. The student is enrolled at Hanover Highlands Elementary School, according to the lawsuit. It says her leukemia was treated with chemotherapy, which led to seizure disorders and epilepsy. She wears a patch on her foot, which contains small amounts of THC. She also sometimes puts oil drops containing THC on her tongue or wrists to regulate her seizures. The couple said the school district has declined to accommodate them, citing the law prohibiting the drug’s presence on school grounds. Nick Myers wrote in an email attached to the couple’s lawsuit.

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Source: https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/medical-marijuana-schaumburg…

Top 10 Trippy Stoner Movies Featured, Stoner Top 10’s

Full of music, vivid imagery, and sounds that are completely original, it’s a refreshing film to feast your eyes on. The symbolic scenes depicted get the wheels in your brain turning, and since there’s very little dialouge it leaves room for you to come up with your own conclusions. Filled with vivid colors and animation it’s very pleasing to the senses. Alice’s quest to get back to her own world is adventurous no doubt, and full of mind bending twists and turns. It’s a layered plot with very unpredictable twists and turns and would be a nice but darker addition to your smoking festivities. This tripped out film is nothing short of a mind fuck. When a group of teens go on a camping trip to find some shrooms and psych out, a drastic change of events turns their psychedelic drug world upside-down. A serial killer decides to make them his next fancy and when dealing with a series of vivid hallucinations and horrific murders, it makes it very hard to make it out alive, and seperate reality from the terrors of the mind. It’s no surprise that a Stanly Kubrick film makes this list. A true sci-fi thriller that invloves voyages to the moon and Jupiter, it’s a very intriguing concept that deserves a spot on every stoners entertainment center.

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Source: http://www.stonerdays.com/top-10-trippy-stoner-movies

10 Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug, with forty-two percent of American adults reporting that they have used it. Fact #1: Most marijuana users never use any other illicit drug. People who have used less popular drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and LSD, are likely to have also used marijuana. Most marijuana users never use any other illegal drug and the vast majority of those who do try another drug never become addicted or go on to have associated problems. For the large majority of people, marijuana is a terminus rather than a so-called gateway drug. According to a federal Institute of Medicine study in 1999, fewer than 10 percent of those who try marijuana ever meet the clinical criteria for dependence, while 32 percent of tobacco users and 15 percent of alcohol users do. Just 45 percent of marijuana admissions met the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria for marijuana dependence. Fact #10: Roughly three quarters of a million people are arrested for marijuana each year, the vast majority of them for simple possession. Marijuana arrests comprise nearly one-half of all drug arrests reported in the United States. Approximately 42 percent of all drug arrests nationwide are for marijuana possession.

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Source: https://www.420magazine.com/science/cannabis-facts/10-facts-marijuana