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Comedian DC Malone gives personal history of marijuana culture

Gov. Phil Murphy Orders Review Of NJ’s Medical Marijuana Program « CBS New York

Murphy faulted the administration of Republican former Gov. Chris Christie for making it difficult for residents to use the state’s program, which has 15,000 enrollees. Other similar-sized states have hundreds of thousands of patients in their programs. New Jersey is one of 29 states with a medical marijuana program. The program was enacted shortly before Christie, who opposed making the drug more widely available, took office in 2010. 

Seven-year-old Jake Honig passed away on Sunday after a five-year battle with cancer. His mom, dad, and sister made the trip from Howell to Trenton Tuesday, to be there when the governor signed the executive order. The family says the marijuana in oil form, which they made in their kitchen since November, made all the difference in Jake’s quality of life. They say within 20 minutes of taking the medicine on his gums or as a suppository, his symptoms would disappear. The order comes after Murphy also promised to legalize marijuana for recreational use in New Jersey. 

Groups opposed to recreational legalization tell CBS2’s Jessica Layton that the state is right to explore the expansion of the medicinal program. Murphy’s order directs the state Department of Health and the board of medical examiners to review the state’s program, with a focus on expanding access. The order calls for the review to be done within 60 days. 

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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Initiative Being Voted On Next Week – Cannabistical: of or concerning cannabis.

Next week, on June 26, an initiative to legalize medical marijuana will be up for a vote in Oklahoma. State Question 788, to legalize medical cannabis, will be voted on June 26 in Oklahoma. Put forth by the nonprofit Oklahomans for Health, the initiative would allow those with a doctor recommendation to legally possess and use medical cannabis and cannabis products. A state-licensed system of dispensaries would be authorized to sell the plant to qualified patients. Under the initiative patients would be allowed to purchase and possess up to three ounces of cannabis, and up to 72 ounces of cannabis-infused products such as edibles and topicals. 

Obtaining a state-issued medical marijuana license would require a board-certified physician’s signature. People with licenses would be permitted to possess up to 3 ounces of marijuana on their person and 8 ounces of marijuana in their residence. A 7 percent tax would be levied on marijuana sales, with revenue being allocated to administrative costs, education, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Licenses would be required to operate dispensaries, commercial growing operations, and processing operations. Municipalities would be prohibited from restricting zoning laws to prevent marijuana dispensaries. 

The full text of State Question 788 can be found by clicking here. >View original articleAuthor: Anthony Martinelli. 

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Surgeon General Skeptical of Medical Marijuana as Opioid Alternative – Cannabistical: of or concerning cannabis.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams said today that he is skeptical that medical marijuana is an acceptable alternative to opioids. Adams was a guest at the Examining Opioids forum hosted by The Washington Examiner in Washington, D.C. During an interview, he said that researchers have found that smoking marijuana can be harmful to young people. Because of the risks involved, Adams said he could not recommend the use of marijuana as medication. The Surgeon General did acknowledge that researchers should continue to study medicinal cannabis. 

Adams prefaced his comments by detailing the somber toll of the nation’s current opioid crisis. In 2016, synthetic opioids caused more than 19,000 overdose deaths. Approximately 37 percent of the heroin-related deaths in 2016 also involved synthetic opioids. Adams also talked about some successes in the opioid crisis including emergency remedies and evidence-based intervention. One person he talked about is a man named Jonathan, who lives in Rhode Island. 

Adams also had an answer for those who believe that treatments like Naloxone are not good policy. Adams also said he did not support some progressive harm reduction efforts such as supervised injection sites. The Surgeon General said the public awareness is the first step in ending the opioid crisis and had a stern warning for Americans. 

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San Francisco DA to erase marijuana convictions going back decades

Great news for potheads, at least those in – you knew it – San Francisco. The district attorney there, a man named George Gascon, has decided he is going to apply California’s marijuana legalization law retroactively. That means thousands of misdemeanor and felony marijuana convictions going back for decades will be erased or reduced. Back in November of 2016, California voters okayed the use of recreational marijuana for those 21 and older and possession up to one ounce. The measure also permits those with previous marijuana convictions that would have been no crime at all under the new law, or a lesser charge, to petition courts to dismiss their old cases. 

Gascon noted that such petitions involve time and attorney fees, so he’s going to wipe them all out en masse. This will erase the criminal records of many, which could help in job-seeking. He was the prosecutor in the murder trial of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the oft-deported, illegal immigrant accused of murdering Kate Steinle. The man was acquitted of both murder and manslaughter. Political observers in San Francisco say Gascon’s reelection next year is now uncertain, not because he botched the trial and the man got off scot-free. 

Because Gascon over-charged the man and should have left off the murder charge. 

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Overtoke TV News for 06-20-2018

Virgin, Richard Branson and Marijuana. Comedy or farce?

Between 2017-2018 California and Colorado both have seen a decrease in opioid overdose deaths by 27%. This is a 3x greater annual decrease in overdose deaths than 2016 reports a 9% decrease in opioid overdose deaths in states with recreational cannabis. Never before have we seen a decrease in opiate overdose deaths in this… country. Now, states with legalized cannabis are seeing a dramatic decrease in opioid overdose deaths. 

New Jersey arrested over 35,000 people for marijuana in 2017.⬇????New Jersey citizens are paying over $55,000 a year to keep ONE person in jail for possessing marijuana. The state of New Jersey has run out of funding for substance abuse treatment at the beginning of this month, May 2018 Just five months into the calendar year and #NJ state funding for substance abuse treatment is gone. We still arrest citizens for marijuana on a daily basis costing $55,000 a year to hold just one inmate. California saved over 30 million dollars for college grants, generated by the proceeds of cannabis sales in 2017 alone. The legal cannabis industry of California produced over 27 million dollars for the curriculum of the California state board of education in 2017. 

Integrating responsible cannabis and substance abuse education into our children’s school system curriculum is necessary! With only five dispensaries available to over 20,000 NJ patients and counting, a delivery system would only make sense, more sensibly a home grow provision in our opinion. Over 100 patients are being added a day and we have five facilities to treat them. People are dying every day from our epidemics, we know cannabis saves, yet New Jersey continues to slow pedal its way to expand access to our patients. 

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The Free Online Dictionary and Encyclopedia

The series chronicles the life of Jed Perry, a 15-year-old boy who moves to Northern California along with his father shortly after the death of his mother. After enrolling at the prestigious Evergreen Academy, Jed finds out the school was formerly for girls, and recently became co-ed. Along with Jed, only two other boys attend the school, Philip Steffan and Cary Baston. When Miranda Mills, a free-spirited Sophomore, takes an interest in Jed she helps the boys gain acceptance with a stunt at the annual Evergreen talent show. Jed, the only one of the boys who openly admits to be a virgin, is naturally selected and his friendship with Kate, another suspected virgin, develops. 

Cary, who has been flaunting his sexual experience, becomes the target of Stella’s campaign to remove the boys from school. The boys discover that the school has a history of expelling girls with an unwholesome reputation, so they decide to track them down in the hopes of gleaning some information that might save Cary’s place at Evergreen. Jed instantly forms a strong dislike of him, due to his good looks and the lust he provokes in the entire student body, including Miranda and Kate. Jed is picked by Joely, an out lesbian, who begins to show a strong attraction to him. As a school dance approaches, a rift is formed in the boys’ friendship when Phil starts to pursue Kate, much to Jed’s chagrin. 

With only the supervision of Greg Tillman, the drug counselor who they called to help with Stella, the gang spend the night on the Evergreen campus, where Miranda asks Jed to sleep with her, Phil and Kate bond in the school kitchens, and Cary comes to Stella’s rescue. Having finally decided on Kate, Jed goes to extreme lengths to try to get her back. 

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The Gardener’s Gripe Book: Abby Adams: 0019628036476: Amazon.com: Books

Seventeen chapters and about 240 deckle-edged, heavy paper pages are provided in this well-produced 1995 book. Her writing is light-hearted, but she knows her soils, her weevils, her seeds, weeds, and gardener’s deeds. Some are just part of gardening: heat, cold, rain, drought, winds, a plague of locusts. About these gardeners can do little else than work with bell, book, and candle on curses, exhortations, and incantations. Some gripes come from inexperience: one learns from experience to plant lettuces early in successive seedings to avoid a glut that has the gardener pushing salad on the unwary and learns also to pluck the zucchini while ’tis in its’ tender youth. 

Some of Adams’ gripes derive from over-ambition: sow a quarter acre of garden & one also can have a life. For these gripes and other sources of blood, sweat, and tears, Adams has wry comments, amusing observations, and nuggets of advice. Inexperienced gardeners may find the book useful & charming, particularly with the admirable Jeff Seaver’s delightful illustrations that match the writing like tomatoes and basil. Abby Adams offers a fine further-readings list of 46 books including Jane Austen, van Gogh, and White. Readers might yearn to share a bottle of good vino with gardening writer whose personal readings are so diverse! 

At used book prices this a worthy value that can be an affordable treat; my copy which arrived in fine condition cost only a few cents. Most gardeners will recognize and chuckle at the troubles and triumphs that can be associated with trowels, tribbles, and dibbles. 

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