Overtoke TV News for 10-01-2018

The Cosby Show: Clair finds Marijuana in Theo’s book (Part1)

Chapter 4, Verse 20: Stand-up Comedian ‘Valley Jesus’ Experiences a Marijuana Epiphany

Talmo got started in comedy when he moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Looking at Talmo, you’d think one of two things – this guy definitely looks like Jesus and this dude has got to be a stoner. Even though Talmo was around weed in the L.A. comedy scene, he always stuck to booze. Until recently, you could go to the Valley and there’d be a strong a chance that you’d find Talmo performing, running a show or hosting a mic – and always with a drink in his hand. 

Comedy as Talmo knew it came to a screeching halt when he became ill and was diagnosed with cancer on Friday the 13th – April 13, 2018. Later Talmo chalked it up to his bad diet and thought changing his eating habits would help. Prior to this, Talmo’s attitude toward marijuana had slowly been softening over the years. His doctor also said that he wanted Talmo to get immediate relief from marijuana that wouldn’t be possible with typical antidepressants, which take weeks or sometimes months to kick in. Talmo said the depression that comes from cancer and chemo is the darkest he’s ever experienced in his life, and weed has been the only thing to help him get through the day. 

Talmo said he now sees weed as a healthful alternative to drinking, particularly as he realized that with weed, he wasn’t going to end up with terrible hangovers and alcohol’s negative long-term effects. Talmo plans to make a book out of this experience from the beginning of his journey up until when his doctor tells him that he’s cancer-free. Talmo’s goal is to have it completed by the time he goes into remission to signify the end of a chapter. 

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Comedian Dan Soder On How ‘Budtenders’ Are Like Weed’s Evil Mixologists

We’re featuring Q&As from our recent Food Republic Interview Lounge at the W Austin during the Austin Food & Wine Festival and Moontower Comedy Festival, including video excerpts of the sessions with host Richard Martin. Next up, Dan Soder, a stand-up comedian who’s a regular on MTV’s The Guy Code, Conan and other fine comedy resources. Well you know, like Aziz Ansari and other – That’s that fancy, high-falutin’ tuxedo comedy. Well one of the things I wanted to ask you about is, while you don’t have to be totally into the whole food thing, it’s kind of a funny premise to talk about dating and restaurants. Well I think that’s the most decent place to take a person if you’re trying to mash privates. 

It’s not what you order, it’s how you treat the waiter. These are all things your mother should have taught you. I mean life on the road is – everyone thinks it’s – it’s not glamorous! So I’ve watched it go from me having to buy weed in a Taco Bell parking lot to being able to walk into a store. It’s kind of intense – Well you’re into food. 

Would that be a thing for you, if someone was like – we’ve got a cilantro, weed-infused aioli. The next thing I know You’re crying in your hotel bathroom, wondering why you’re dad didn’t hug you enough. 

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Margaret Zhao is a self-healing comedy survivor-and funny. By Paul Kilduff

Even for the toughest cookie, the challenge Margaret Zhao faced, China’s Cultural Revolution of 1966, seemed overwhelming. Because her family had been business owners during the communist takeover of China after WWII, they lost everything and were forced to work as farmers. After moving to Orange County in 1989 and working as a teacher of tai chi and other healing arts, Zhao discovered she had a knack for stand-up comedy. Now living in Pleasanton, Zhao does comedy gigs and also holds a free weekly class on self-healing at the Life Renewing Center in Pleasanton. Margaret Zhao: I was officially discriminated against by the schools, by the teachers, and by the society as an outcast. 

After the elimination of classification, my family became equal. Only 6 percent of the students could be accepted that year because China was just beginning to be equal. Very few people, even family members, knew that I was marrying a foreigner. I said, ‘Wow, I’m very funny at what I say. ‘ So then people start to realize I was really funny. I said, ‘I’m told I’m really funny; I would like to see if I can do stand-up comedy. 

I’m a teacher of healing art, and it’s really powerful, and also it’s very simple. 

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Marijuana Advice, episode #331 of improv4humans with Matt Besser on Earwolf

Professor Rich Fulcher joins Matt Besser for the pilot episode of the new podcast, Marijuana Advice. They take listener calls about all things marijuana, from what the future of the cannabis industry looks like to the dangers of driving high to the best weed for an amazing sexual experience. Plus, they give tips on the best way to combat paranoia as well as how to get your pot brownies to kick in faster. This episode is sponsored by NBC’s A.P. Bio, SeatGeek, and Warby Parker. 

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Overtoke TV News for 04-10-2018

marijuana bust

Ned Rochlin is an amiable biodynamic farmer selling his organic wares at a local market when he is approached by a uniformed police officer who wants to buy some weed. The good-natured Ned, not understanding what was happening, sells it to him and is promptly arrested and sent to jail. Ned is forced to move back in with his mom who’s a bit of an alcoholic and whose style doesn’t exactly conform to Ned’s. Ned’s three sisters aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to spend time with him. Finally, Liz lives in a sexless marriage with Dylan, a documentary filmmaker who also regards Ned as something of a moron. Ned goes to stay with each sister in turn, finding out some dirt on each of them and letting it slip out at inopportune moments. There is a lot of charm to Our Idiot Brother and it largely comes from Rudd. Banks comes off as an evil love child between Miranda Priestly and J. Pierrepont Finch. You never get the sense that they suffered in order to come out the other side smelling like a rose. It’s worth seeing for Rudd alone – he can be as charming as they come.

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San Diego Medical Marijuana Cannabis Events

We know that from research and customer satisfaction that there are many beneficial properties of the Hemp plant. Our full spectrum hemp oils and distilled Cannabinoid products with terpenes such as CBD that most of our customers have been raving about have been very helpful with pain, nausea and anxiety symptoms for humans and pets alike. A small amount per dose is all that is needed to achieve desired effects immediately. HEMP OIL CBD SUBSCRIPTIONS. We offer our customers a discounted monthly CBD subscription for you and your pets: 6-months, 12-month and 18-month. Choose your favorite product(s) and we will ship them to you once per month automatically! ORDER YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW! HEMP OIL CBD AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Earn money by joining our affiliate program. You can post these links and pictures on your existing web-store, social media, blog or in emails to your network. POTLUCK will be able to track the conversion sales you generate from the clicks on these links so you can get paid! Payments are made securely and hassle-free via PayPal.

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No uniform test for marijuana DUIs as legalization nears

In California, the consequences for driving drunk and driving high are the same. On average, marijuana does impair driving skills for most people, especially 20 to 40 minutes after smoking. Here, there’s no numerical limit on THC. Instead, the law says you can’t drive under the influence of any drug, period. In California, a marijuana DUI conviction depends on things an officer observes, such as the smell of marijuana in the car, or a physical sobriety test like those given to drivers who may be drunk. Roth says an objective test could help prevent innocent drivers from getting DUIs. As marijuana becomes legal, there’s growing demand for an objective test that really works. Most research shows marijuana having only a small effect on driving. Gieringer says for marijuana – or any drug – we need a way to measure if you’re really safe to drive, not just if there’s a chemical in your system. In Schwarzman’s case, there was no question the driver was high. He failed a sobriety test, his car smelled like weed, and he owned up to smoking before driving.

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The Goldberg Times

COLLEGE PARK – Zoe Drakos knew that once she handed the cashier her dues, her life would never be the same. Drakos, like many of her Greek counterparts, has paid her way to making friends. Last week when Drakos, a sophomore at the University of Maryland bought a lighter at CVS she knew her life was about to change for the better. After spending some time with her lighter, she had confirmed that her bic was the best through various social media outlets, emphasizing that a spark was present right way. Upon receiving her bic, she felt she needed to hash out some details about her Greek life to her lighter. Barely getting by the second semester of her freshman year with her unmotivated attitude, she still struggles with the chemistry behind lighters. She understands that using the spark-wheel brings about a spark, but doesn’t comprehend how the tinder used is the flint in igniting the spark. More than tinder, many have reported history with the usage of her grinder. With the safety off, her relationship with her bic has gotten even a little shaky at times.

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The 21 Best Stoner Movies To Watch On Netflix Instant

It’s been a long day, you’re bored, and you just want to chill out and watch something. Believe it or not, there’s actually a solid selection of stoner movies on Netflix. Look, I’m not saying all these movies are good. Some of them are; many are flat out BAD, yet somewhat enjoyable in corny, geek-out cheesiness. All I’m saying is that these 21 movies on Netflix are great to throw on when you’re blazed and looking for something to watch during or after a trees sesh. His sperm count goes up, as well as his overall score on the SAT. His score on the math part goes down. 94-minutes of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s iconic and very, very strange Adult Swim show. There is a loose, weird plot about Tim and Eric getting a billion dollar budget to make a movie, then blowing it all. You’ll geek out when Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell make appearances. If you’re the type of pothead who can space out on the couch to Discovery Channel epics like Planet Earth, Human Planet, and Frozen Planet for hours at a time, watch this two-hour PBS documentary.

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Overtoke TV News for 03-20-2018

Pennsylvania residents will rally in Harrisburg for marijuana legalization. Allentown – Residents of the Keystone State will gather in Harrisburg on January 23, 2018 to speak with legislators about legalizing marijuana in an event co-sponsored by local NORML chapters, the ACLU-PA and the Keystone Cannabis Coalition. A press conference is planned at 10:00 a.m. that will feature elected officials, advocates, medical marijuana patients and cannabis consumers. The Vermont legislature recently passed a bill to legalize marijuana possession and home cultivation. According to current data, Pennsylvania police are arresting 49 people, every single day, for less than 30 grams of cannabis. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a change in posture at the Department of Justice towards regulated cannabis on January 4, 2018, the same week that Pa. medical cannabis providers were approved to begin growing. The following week Rep. Dwight Evans became the first member of Congress in the area to cosponsor HR 1227, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act. Rep. Mike Doyle and Rep. Brendan Boyle also signed on to a letter with 70 members of Congress rebuking Sessions for his new cannabis posture. Pennsylvania now joins just a handful of states with active marijuana reform at all levels with decriminalization ordinances underway in Erie and Easton, a thriving hemp program, a nascent medical cannabis program, and now members of our Congressional delegation involved with national efforts. While the January 23 Pennsylvania Marijuana Lobby Day was planned months ago, the new move by the Trump administration has added a new energy.

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Marijuana « Joe Cohen’s Weblog

Info about marijuana: ENTER. History of marijuana: ENTER. More history of marijuana: ENTER. This is a very large website about manythings, including marijuana: ENTER. This Came From Time.com. Lately Duncan directed more energy toward his role as California director of Americans for Safe Access, a group of merchants, doctors and patients that aims to make it easier to dispense and obtain marijuana for medical purposes. California is the largest of 12 states allowing marijuana for certain medical uses, but the federal government considers all marijuana illegal. The conflicting statutes have led to an uncomfortable existence for California’s growing ranks of marijuana providers. Grant and his wife Psyhra Monique Grant, 33, were charged with 41 counts, including, drug conspiracy and money laundering and aiding and abetting the distribution of marijuana near a school. An employee, Stanley Jerome Cole, 39, pleaded not guilty to charges of selling a pound of marijuana to an undercover agent from the back door of one dispensary. Police said the driver was under the influence of marijuana that he said he had purchased at a dispensary in Compton, where one of Grant’s operations is located. Duncan’s group also backs a California state senate bill that would callon the federal government to respect the state’s marijuana laws. Duncan has been an activist for more than a decade, starting out by helping to gather signatures for the 1996 initiative that legalized marijuana for medical purposes. At first skeptical, the Texas-born son of a physician and a nurse was moved by meeting a Berkeley schoolteacher who used marijuana to cope with the pain of glaucoma.

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Anyone know the comedian who did the parody of Aunt Bea of Mayberry talking about seeds in her marijuana

Anonymous CowardUser ID: 537220 United States01/15/2009 11:38 AMReport Abusive PostReport Copyright ViolationAnyone know the comedian who did the parody of Aunt Bea of Mayberry talking about seeds in her marijuana. Anonymous CowardUser ID: 537220 United States01/15/2009 11:46 AMReport Abusive PostReport Copyright ViolationRe: Anyone know the comedian who did the parody of Aunt Bea of Mayberry talking about seeds in her marijuana. Anonymous CowardUser ID: 537220 United States01/15/2009 12:00 PMReport Abusive PostReport Copyright ViolationRe: Anyone know the comedian who did the parody of Aunt Bea of Mayberry talking about seeds in her marijuana. Anonymous CowardUser ID: 590052 United States01/15/2009 12:23 PMReport Abusive PostReport Copyright ViolationRe: Anyone know the comedian who did the parody of Aunt Bea of Mayberry talking about seeds in her marijuanaI think it was on the original Saturday night live show, and those episodes are hard to find now. In the meantime you can also show H.R. Pufnstuf to your class. This is why our parents are so messed up, growing up in that generation. Watch Wickeepoo smoke on her saxophone shaped bong, and get everyone high. 8:04.Anonymous CowardUser ID: 590052 United States01/15/2009 12:29 PMReport Abusive PostReport Copyright ViolationRe: Anyone know the comedian who did the parody of Aunt Bea of Mayberry talking about seeds in her marijuanaMayberry 1982. Johnny Ringo User ID: 980721 United States05/25/2010 03:03 AMReport Abusive PostReport Copyright ViolationRe: Anyone know the comedian who did the parody of Aunt Bea of Mayberry talking about seeds in her marijuanaAunt Bea is HOT! That lucky Andie and Opie.

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California Voted No on Legalizing Marijuana

Just like the main character in Pineapple Express who says that if marijuana isn’t legalized soon he’ll have lost all faith in humanity, a lot of people around the world lost their temporary faith in humanity as prop 19 wasn’t passed. 1) Alcohol can be a nice thing at a party, so can marijuana and both should be legal for adults to choose. 2) Alcohol can lead to heightening of positive experiences of food, music, comedy, sex et cetera, ease and heighten anxiety, violence, temporary memory loss, falling down due to loss of a sense of balance, crashing cars, throwing up, hangover, dehydration, stupidity, regretful actions due to loss of a sense of social taboos/boundaries, pain killing and permanent liver damage. 3) Marijuana can lead to heightening of positive experiences of food, music, comedy, sex et cetera, ease and heighten anxiety, temporary memory loss, confusion, stupidity, revelations, pain killing and a sense of time slowing down. 4) People under the age of 20 can suffer permanent brain/psychological damage from over-consumption of alcohol and marijuana. 5) Using illegal drugs gets people in contact with other illegal drugs because they get in contact with illegal drug dealers. 7) All abuse is by definition bad, be it sugar, alcohol, marijuana, training or heroin. People who can’t control their food consumption are the most costly group of people in society in terms of medic care. In principle, if people had had a sense of working together towards a common goal on the planet, all usage of anything would have been a personal choice and accepted as long as nobody gets hurt. Here’s a declaration of freedom of use of marijuana, LSD, MDMA from Canada.

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