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Marijuana Canada is high…uhh, hiring | 22 Minutes

Marijuana Shows: TV Where Weed Is the Star – Variety

Today, there’s a wealth of weed options available on the small screen – from cooking shows to comedies to how-tos and makeovers, the fall TV season is looking awfully hazy. Bong AppetitViceland; VicelandHosted by noted columnist and cannabis expert Saeed, this gourmet food and ganja show challenges various chefs to come up with novel recipes that will get people very high. Dinner guests including ex-NBA player John Salley and actress Christina Milian get whacked on the delicious cannabis-infused concoctions. In contrast to the fake pot often used in TV shows, it’s all very real on this Viceland favorite. Broad CityComedy Central; 3 Arts Entertainment, Jax Media, Paper Kite ProductionsGlazer and Jacobson play two twentysomething stoners who live on the edge in New York. 

TelevisionBates plays ’60s earth mother Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, who decides to open a marijuana dispensary in her AARP years. It’s a fairly predictable show, with a kooky cast and lots of pot gags. The DEA raid in the final episode of season one shows how shops like Ruth’s Alternative Caring live in a perilous gray area between state and federal laws. VH1; VH1 Productions, 495 ProductionsThe mainstreaming of Snoop Dogg is complete with this cooking/talk show he shares with America’s favorite homemaker Martha Stewart, and executive produced under the Merry Jane banner. Snoop and Stewart are nominated together in the host for a reality or reality-competition program category. 

He brings his expertise to master cultivators and breeders at DNA Genetics by turning ordinary grow rooms into fine-tuned, high-yielding systems. Taking a cue from home improvement and car shows, the talk is of dirt and hydro, basements to greenhouses to backyard gardens, and these ganja geeks have all the answers. 

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Source: https://variety.com/2017/music/news/marijuana-tv-shows-pot-1202557813/

Marijuana Meets Workplace Comedy

East Coast Grow, a web-based comedy series set in a Washington, D.C. dispensary, began filming in November and is expected to hit the small screen by summer, perhaps even in time for 4/20 celebrations, according to DC-based Aboveboard Productions. Aldo, the owner of the fictional dispensary, played by Greg Crowe;. Cody, the wide-eyed innocent and newest employee, played by Joe McCaughtry;. Darrin, who cares deeply about changing policy, played by David Johnson;. 

Tia, who left her job in the corporate world to manage the dispensary and whose passion for social justice is fueled by the plight of her brother who is incarcerated for marijuana trafficking, played by Devin Nikki Thomas. Private recreational growing and use are also legal, but sales are not. Then there is Congress, which has the last say on DC budget matters, despite the fact that many lawmakers express open disregard for the wishes of DC voters. The show does its best to walk the tightrope of human comedy above a sea of ponderous politics. Co-creators, Matt Doherty and Amy Tasillo, are a remarkably tolerable DC power couple. 

We are excited to bring this project to DC, a place known more for politics than plants. Help from D.C’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development has not been forthcoming, and it will not allow its logo to be included in the show’s credits. East Coast Grow is an incredible opportunity to look at the social and political issues driving the new marijuana laws in DC. It’s a chance for us to use fictional story lines to share the very real experiences of members of the DC cannabis community and the challenges and opportunities they face daily. 

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Ryan Reynolds Producing ‘Stoned Alone’ Comedy Based on ‘Home Alone’ Movies

Clap your hands to your cheeks and scream Kevin McCallister-style-there’s a new stoner classic in the works! Inspired by everyone’s favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone, Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool and Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place fame is teaming up with Twentieth Century Fox to produce and potentially star in Stoned Alone, reports Variety. The project, which is still in early development, centers around a 20-something loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip so he gets baked at home-only to discover that thieves have broken into his house. Home Alone is the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time and held the box office record for live action comedy until The Hangover 2. It also spawned a successful film franchise, giving rise to four more Home Alone sequels, including Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. 

No doubt studio execs are eager to cash in on the confluence of comedy, cannabis and hot commodity Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds, who originally hails from Canada, has proven to be a massive box-office draw and hotshot producer with the Deadpool movies, which have grossed a combined $1.5 billion worldwide. Stoned Alone was scripted from an idea by Fox executive Matt Reilly. Reynolds will produce through his Fox-based Maximum Effort production company. No release date has been announced yet, but we’ll be following this project closely to bring you updates and behind-the-scenes news. 

Stoned Alone has the potential to be the best new weed comedy since Pineapple Express-hopefully, the creative team aims really, really high. 

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Source: https://hightimes.com/news/ryan-reynolds-producing-stoned-alone-comedy-based-home-alone-movies/

Overtoke TV News for 03-19-2018

Marijuana grow operations are leaving Colorado homes with mold

David and Christine Lynn paid $398,000 for a home in rural Douglas County before discovering that the previous occupants had diverted an electrical line to avoid paying the high cost of power needed to turn the residence into a marijuana grow house. No one really knows how many homes throughout Colorado are being used to grow weed, and not all of them suffer the extensive damage that the Lynns found. Law enforcement authorities say they’re seeing more and more houses that have been left with thousands of dollars in damage from marijuana grow operations. Colorado law bars growing marijuana outdoors in most circumstances, so even those growing a small number of plants legally must do so inside. Gangs that grow weed illegally in Colorado, then sell it outside the state, grow the product in commercial warehouses, but they also use private and, frequently, expensive properties in upper-middle-class, high-income neighborhoods, according to the federal Drug Enforcement Agency. The biggest environmental danger in homes where weed is grown is mold caused by the amount of humidity growers inject into the home. In 2012, a research team from National Jewish Health working with law enforcement entered 30 illegal grow operations and evaluated them for potential hazards including mold, pesticides and fertilizers. Each illegal grow contained between 11 and 670 plants. Judy Sawitsky, of Weecycle Environmental Consulting, doesn’t believe there are that many homes dramatically affected by marijuana grows. Colorado’s Brokers Relationship Act requires real estate brokers to disclose known adverse material facts about a home, including mold and other problems that can result from growing pot, said Marcia Waters, director of the Division of Real Estate.

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Source: https://www.denverpost.com/2017/07/31/marijuana-leaving-colorado…

Medical Marijuana in a Hospital Setting Providence, Rhode Island Motif Magazine

A hospital stay for a Rhode Island resident meant she was not able to use her physician-directed medical marijuana, which she said resulted in negative physical effects, only cured when she began using it again without hospital staff’s knowledge. RI legalized medical marijuana in 2006, and since then, roughly 19,000 people statewide have received certifications from their physicians to allow them to use the substance for a limited number of conditions, including chronic pain, severe nausea and seizures. The Medical Marijuana Act protects cultivation of a limited amount of marijuana, as well as its use and possession, for those card-carrying users. There also exist provisions protecting primary caregiver cardholders, who are subject to a different set of regulations, but are legally allowed to possess and help a patient to use medical marijuana. She is a medical marijuana user, which her doctor recommended based on her chronic pain. Under the Medical Marijuana Act, medical marijuana cards grant access to the drug in the same way that other medicines might be accessed. According to RIDOH, individual medical organizations have the right to administer medicine at their own discretion. Eventually, the hospitalized woman felt compelled to use medical marijuana while in the hospital. Hyde said she did not recommend using medical marijuana while in the hospital without a doctor’s knowledge, and that use on hospital grounds was prohibited in most places. Bagnall Degos said she is not aware of any hospitals that are administering medical marijuana in RI. She also stated that several regulations related to licensing analytical labs for sampling and testing medical marijuana are currently in public review until January 18.

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Marijuana / Stoner

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug which also has some medicinal properties. Marijuana being used for recreational and medicinal purposes is still a major issue today and its use in both ways is still illegal in most places. On November 8th, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, meaning the United States now has seven states where marijuana is legal. Marijuana is the third most popular drug used in the United States, and one the most popular drugs used worlwide. 420 is a number used in relation to the marijuana subculture indicating that someone is a user of the drug or a fan of it. Outside of his music career, the rapper has also become an international icon within the stoner subculture due to his consistent inclusion of lyrical references to recreational use of cannabis in his songs, and later on, public advocacy of marijuana legalization in the United States. Stoner Comics are a series of MS Paint web comics that use marijuana as a comedic plot device. The comics are usually aimed at being relatable to marijuana users and common experiences when under the drug’s influence. Hits Blunt is a catchphrase associated with a series of two-panel image macros that convey inane or absurd thoughts which may run through a person’s head while under the influence of marijuana, especially when it is consumed in the form of a cannabis cigar, typically accompanied by a photograph of a subject sporting a hooded sweatshirt and looking utterly confused in the typical fashion of a stoner. Stoner Sloth is the mascot for an Australian anti-drug public awareness campaign created by the global creative firm Saatchi & Saatchi, which urges teenagers to abstain from using the drug marijuana.

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