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Stuff Black People Dig

There is a persistent myth that has been circulating for years that all Black People know each other. That, somehow, the Black Community shares a collective consciousness, a hive mind in which they are all connected and are aware of each other. The most damming evidence being that Black People refer to other Black People they have never met by their first names. Black People refer to these famous personalities by their first names because Black People are mentally connected to each other and share each other’s thoughts. When a Black Person does something terrible like commit a serious crime, that the entire Black Community is to blame and must take full responsibility for not contacting that particular Black Person with telepathy and telling him or her not to commit the terrible crime.

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the truth behind the legalization of medical marijuana

Welcome to Marijuana Madness, a blog ran by students dedicated to the truth. In media today, truthiness gets layered in with the truth about the legalization of marijuana and it can often be hard to sift through all the information that can be thrown at you. To see why we named our site what we did watch this minute long commercial called Reefer Madness. See behind the scenes photos of the making of the movie, as well as meet the cast and crew! Then check out our tools that we used to detect truth or truthiness in the content we examined in our Hazy Truth: Video tab. Here we see how Fox News and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report go head-to-head on medical marijuana issues. See how Prop 19 in California flopped and the repercussions for the legalization of marijuana.

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marijuana dvd

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10 Best Stand Up Comedy Acts Based on Marijuana

There are a lot of great comedians with pieces on Marijuana, Marijuana vs. Alcohol and so on. We got a lot of these from the list sourced at the bottom – but had to put Bill Hicks at #1 since a lot of these guys are borrowing from him anyway. So without further adieu, here are Cannabinoid Media’s picks for the 10 Best Stand Up Comedy Acts Based on Marijuana. We lost him recently but his work will remain with us forever. Do yourself a favor and watch this former alcoholic’s spot on rant against alcohol. This is one of his best bits on smoking weed exclusively with white people. This is a classic Steve Martin bit about how he used to smoke marijuana but only in the early evening. Bill Maher brings his sensible brand of comedy in this bit.

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Yes, it’s another Quiz Show Monday and time to examine the workings of the inner minds that really don’t work so well. Q: Name a cable TV channel the whole family can watch together. A: UPN. Q: Name something men would carry inside bras, if they started wearing them. Q: Name something you see at every college football game. Q: Name a place where you might see another person take off all their clothes. Q: Name a specific place where you’d hate to be during a major power failure. Q: Name a month that’s also a person’s name. Q: The section of the newspaper in which you’d be shocked to find your name. Q: The person who is most likely to be on George W. Bush’s dartboard. Q: Name something little kids don’t like to wear.

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Marijuana Dictionary

The Marijuana Dictionary directory of names of marijuana strains is enormous. The numbers increase with every new crop produced around the world. Most names describe the genetics and effects of the pot. Marijuana businesses may want a link from one of the names of marijuana directly to your product just ask how. Red Berry Hash – Red Berry hash, has a strong buzz and the effects are head and body buzz for hours. Grows easy but make sure you trim bud leaf better than usual so it won’t mold during cure. You’ll always get couple seeds from each plant and they’ll always be female, so nice bonus as far as I’m concerned. Warda Reek’n Kinda Love – Warda Reek’n Kinda Love gives you a more frontal lobe kinda high.

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