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Colorado Legalizes Medical Marijuana for Horses

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Armed thugs attempting to prevent Rubbish In, Robish Out! reporters from getting their story. One of our hard-working​ reporters scooping yet another big news story. Colorado Legalizes Medical Marijuana for Horses: Colorado voters have approved a controversial new amendment which will allow horses to use medical marijuana to lower pulse rate and reduce stress. Man Accused of Stalking Women at Oklahoma Target Store: A 21-year-old man is facing misdemeanor charges he regularly stalked women at an Oklahoma Target store. 

Harriet Tubman to Replace Jackson on New $20 Bill: The Treasury Department just announced that abolitionist Harriet Tubman will replace former President Andrew Jackson on the new $20 bill. 

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The Dr. Demento Show radio streaming and store

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Demented Music Database The Doc’s archivist and historian maintains his own site with a searchable database of playlists throughout the years. This database is officially approved, but not directly affiliated with the Doc’s own site. 

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Editorial: Correct call on marijuana

The decision isn’t without controversy, but city council was wise to ban the use of marijuana in public places. When the federal government legalizes cannabis later this summer, Calgarians won’t be able to smoke, vape or eat products made with the substance in public spaces, unless they’re a medical marijuana user. That’s led critics of the decision to complain that people who live in multi-family dwellings may not be able to use the drug. Evan Woolley said when the restriction was being discussed by council. Council is simply treating marijuana like we treat tobacco and liquor. 

Presumably, the people who won’t be able to smoke pot in their units, are already prevented from lighting up a cigarette indoors – just as they’re prevented from doing so in parks and other public areas. The ban on using marijuana in public is also justified because of its distinct, skunky smell. Public consumption is prohibited in all nine American states where cannabis is legal, including Colorado, California and Nevada. City council has instructed staff to explore the creation of designated cannabis smoking areas, so there’s still the possibility Calgarians who can’t use the drug indoors will have a place to light up in the future. Medical officer of health Dr. 

Brent Friesen made a good point when he said the bylaw should not stigmatize users, but it shouldn’t normalize marijuana use either. The doctor said it is essential not to create an environment where young people see adults smoking and vaping marijuana, thinking that it is the customary thing to do. Council made the right call in banning pot smoking in public. 

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NY Times find that marijuana arrests are heavily tilted toward blacks, Latinos

Even though marijuana is slowly being decriminalized around the country, in New York City, it’s still illegal and people are still getting arrested and booked by the dozen. More often than not, the people getting locked up tend to be Black and brown. The New York Times has found that while there have been changes in policy on weed, the easiest way to be arrested for marijuana possession is to be either Black or Latino. While this may not be shocking to generations of black and brown people, the number found by The Times bear out a stark reality. It is especially glaring when you look at how the arrest rates for marijuana possession differs depending on the section of New York City. 

In Queens, the marijuana arrest rate is more than 10 times as high in the precinct covering Queens Village as it is in precinct that serves Forest Hills. Queens Village just over half black, while Forest Hills has a tiny portion of black residents. In Manhattan, Black people were arrested at 15 times the rate of white people. In Brooklyn, officers in Canarsie, which is 85 percent Black, arrested people at a rate more than four times as high as in the precinct that includes Greenpoint-4 percent Black-despite residents calling to complain about marijuana at the same rate, police data show. Black neighborhoods traditionally have more officers, even as crime in New York City has gone down. 

What makes the marijuana arrests and disparities so troubling is that police are legally able to stop and search a person spotted smoking marijuana and check for open warrants, which is speculated to be the real reason for these arrests. 

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