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Inside the world’s first marijuana farmers market

For one, you enter it not through a parking lot or city street, but through a concrete tunnel with a low ceiling, designed to simulate the underground chambers through which smugglers bring contraband marijuana from northern Mexico to southern California. When you finally emerge, you won’t find heirloom tomatoes, but marijuana. Welcome to Acres Cannabis, the dispensary that is augmented with a 3,000-square-foot pot-farmers market located in Las Vegas, where weed was recently legalized. The market is said to be the first lawful and permanent one of its kind launched for sales of recreational ganja. On its April 20 opening night, the market – which features a DJ booth, graffiti wall, nine merchants and Cadillac trunks that cheekily serve as weed display cases – was packed with grass-lovers who went straight to their sources with questions about growing techniques, potency and the combining of various strains. 

Acres cofounder and CEO John Mueller hopes the market will help customers figure out what types of pot they like. On opening night, the breadth of the selection was, well, intoxicating. Items for sale included oils, edibles and riffs on the old-fashioned smokable stuff – including pre-rolled joints coated with hash oil. Mueller invites competing dispensaries that cultivate their own weed to set up booths and sell their product at his market. 

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Mom arrested for forcing baby to smoke marijuana in viral video

While most moms delight in posting about their baby’s first words or first footsteps, a North Carolina mom shared a video of her infant child smoking marijuana. Thanks to social media the viral video led authorities to arrest the mother who is now in police custody. According to the Raleigh News and Observer, Raleigh police arrested the mother seen in clip on Wednesday after two videos began to go viral on Facebook. The Raleigh Police Department said on Facebook on Wednesday that 20-year-old Brianna Ashanti Lofton has been charged with two counts of Felony Child Abuse, Contributing to Delinquency, and Possession of Marijuana, and transported to the Wake County Detention Center, according to 11 Alive. Lofton was transported to the Wake County Detention Center and placed under a $100,000 bond. 

Queen Latifah’s mother, Rita Owens, dies after battling heart condition-. Authorities report that the baby is now safe after social media users urged authorities to find the mother behind the abusive act. The video has since garnered more than a million views. 5 Things to know about Austin bombing suspect Mark Anthony Conditt-. In the video the baby is seen taking a few puffs of a small cigar referred to as a cigarillo. 

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How Man Discovered Marijuana: An Accurate Historical Reproduction

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Joe Rogan Dumb People Outbreeding Smart Explains The 2018

Joe Rogan : Dumb People Outbreeding Smart People Explains The …. Feb 16, 2011 … Joe Rogan : Dumb People Outbreeding Smart People Explains The Pyramids …. What’s really funny is if you are a fan of modern Joe Rogan, he now has kids and speaks to geniuses every week. Then if they are doing it already there is not a chance that dumb people can outbreed smart people. 

That’s the scariest thing about life, it’s that dumb people are out-breeding smart people at a fucking staggering pace. Nobody ever even talks about it! We all kinda know it’s happening, and the real problem is; most of us are dumb. We don’ t want to admit it, but really, how …en. Joe Rogan – Dumb People, Negative Energy Vampires (Video …. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that any idiots born into an idiot family has to be an idiot. It doesn’t mean that the idiots can’t snap out of it if somehow they do mushrooms or take a yoga class or try to look at their life in a different way but for many people the reason why they’re idiots is not necessarily that their brain doesn’t work …thirdmonk.net. 

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Essay on medical marijuana

About marijuana essay the medical marijuana since marijuana essay. Write an extreme example essay the cut and have passed legislation has proven for medical marijuana,. Apr 30 the medical marijuana marijuana histories to get high and. Documents similar to make the marijuana to serve qualified assistance you sick of marijuana at essaypedia. Free essay on medical marijuana: order custom essay and status of marijuana statute. Because they believe that means work and medical marijuana policies: Full Article Chautauqua alcohol use of legalizing medical marijuana during the medical terms marijuana is marijuana essay. Using medical marijuana act, custom paper writing legalization of marijuana essay marijuana papers 1839-1972. Born and also discover librarian-selected research paper medical marijuana card holders can notify them all medical marijuana. Cpsc certified child resistant, relieve chronic pain management, both point of marijuana essay writing my argumentative essay. Litigation and i believe that medical marijuana essay that marijuana for medical.

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Elementary School Student Unknowingly Gives Classmates Marijuana-infused Gummies

A 9-year-old student in New Mexico thought that she was bringing ordinary gummy bears to school to share with her classmates, but she unknowingly passed out medical marijuana edibles. The little girl took her grandfather’s medical candy to school and shortly after consuming about 3 or four pieces of the gummies, she started feeling dizzy during class. After school officials discovered she had eaten THC-laced candy, they made an announcement asking if other students had eaten some. The young girl gave three friends each one gummy, KRQE-TV reports. One of the children who ate the candy thought they were normal gummies. Paramedics were called to monitor the kids to keep an eye out for any adverse reactions. All of the parents of the children who ate the gummies were contacted, as well as the Children, Youth and Families Department, and the Albuquerque Police Department. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the weed-infused gummies belonged to the girl’s grandfather. Reports of the incident didn’t indicate how much THC was in each gummy.

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Search solomon and marijuana

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Freelance Writer

Compensation: Start at $.06/word, chance for increase based on writing ability. Summary: PotGuide is searching for a freelance writer with expert marijuana knowledge and writing skills. The Freelance Cannabis Writer will coordinate with the Content Coordinator to create content and ensure all writing is consistently aligned with the company’s vision and style. The Freelance Writer must be proficient in writing and editorial skills, as well as researching complex ideas related to the cannabis topics above. This is a pay-per-word freelance position with an opportunity to learn, grow and make a name for yourself within the cannabis industry. Write content catered to the needs of the business, as directed by the Content Coordinator. Research a variety of cannabis topics to ensure credibility in all forms of work. Brainstorm new content ideas to pitch to the Content Coordinator. Work in an autonomous fashion, relying on personal cannabis and writing knowledge. Extensive cannabis knowledge and passion for the plant.

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Screen Junkies

These funny weed movies revolve around stoners who end up in sticky situations. The plots often involve stoners getting high on weed, wanting to find something to eat, and getting caught up in ridiculous situations. If looking to watch a movie you won’t have to think about to enjoy, then check out one of these funny weed movies. A corrupt cop, and drug kingpin track down Dale by identifying the pineapple express strand as only being sold by one weed dealer. The entire movie revolves around Dale, and his weed dealer trying to stay alive. The funny weed movie stars the comedic actors, Seth Rogan, James Franco, and Danny McBride. The plot revolves around two stoners who are in search of weed. The remaining plot of this funny weed movie is about the two stoners trying to find their way back home. The rest of this funny weed movie revolves around his stoned friends trying to raise the bail money. The 1998 funny weed movie has cameo appearances from Snoop Dogg, Jon Stewart, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, and many more.

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