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As the marijuana business becomes legal, colleges offering courses in the industry are following. In particular, six colleges have added classes in marijuana business management or law to their course offerings – and they promise that it is a better business decision than changing your name to Taylor Spliff like Diplo. The latest addition to this type of marijuana college education is Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland. ABC News was the first to post about the decision the college made to offer a marijuana business class and interviewed the professor teaching the course. CBS News also covered the story about Anne Arundel Community College and said the marijuana business course offers information on the history of marijuana, tax and economic impact of legalization, and the regulatory issues surrounding marijuana. Ewart stated to ABC News that selling other products on the market is easy, but marijuana is much more complicated. The University of Denver also introduced a class for medical marijuana in the recent past. While Anne Arundel Community College focuses on business classes that educate students on marijuana, the University of Denver has their new marijuana class offered through their law school. The Denver Post goes on to state that four other universities have offered a marijuana class in the recent past, including Oaksterdam University in the Bay Area, Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law, Harvard University of Law School, and Vanderbilt University School of Law in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Over 100 pounds of Marijuana Recovered

Four separate drug raids in Perry County net over 100 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $360,000. The Perry County Sheriff’s Office said on September 19, agents with the Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force and deputies with the sheriff’s office executed a search at a home at 6285 Butcher Knife Road in Somerset. Agents found equipment consistent with a large indoor marijuana grow operation inside a semi-trailer parked on the property. Information from that investigation led agents to 9660 Twp Road 57 in Roseville where a search seized over 52 pounds of marijuana plants and processed marijuana. Agents also found evidence of a sophisticated butane hash oil laboratory in the home. Agents seized processed marijuana that was packaged and ready for distribution as well as evidence of drug trafficking. No one was home at the time of the raid however agents are looking for two persons of interest who are suspected to have involvement in the drug operation. In a separate and unrelated investigation Code Task Force Agents and Perry County Sheriff’s Deputies executed search warrants at two addresses on Twp Road 1008 in Corning regarding the cultivation and sale or distribution of large quantities of marijuana. The searches were conducted on Sunday, September 24, as a result agents seized over 58.4 pounds of marijuana from the property together with firearms and over $50,000 in U.S. currency. Four people were arrested and charged with second degree felony counts of cultivation of marijuana.

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Romantic Comedy Movies for Marijuana

Relationships are a big part of stoner comedies and the common theme is the friction between men and women regarding pot use. As marijuana use in America continues to come out into the open, a slew of movies has examined this romantic dynamic, shaping popular discourse and entertaining stoners and non-stoners alike. In Half Baked, Dave Chappelle’s love interest, Mary Jane, doesn’t approve of his ganja smoking, which forces him to choose between his two lady loves. In Road Trip, Smart is the sexy co-ed who gets in between Breckin Meyer and his out-of-state girlfriend. The more mature the movie, the more likely marijuana is there to create tension between the characters. In order to appeal to Katherine Heigl’s Alison in Knocked Up, Seth Rogen’s Ben Stone has to distance himself from his stoner friends. Other films where pot plays a leading role include Van Wilder, where Ryan Reynolds’ campus party animal character woos Tara Reid, and American Beauty, where Kevin Spacey’s Lester rediscovers pot, to the consternation of his adulterous wife Carolyn. More recently, marijuana has a negative effect on Lyle and Nina in the Brooklyn indie Newlyweeds. Sometimes it’s better when weed plays a neutral role in movies. One of the top-grossing stoner films of all time, We’re the Millers, features Jason Sudeikis as a Denver pot dealer who gets ripped off and has to pay his connection by smuggling an RV stuffed with mota from Mexico into the U.S. Jennifer Aniston’s stripper character Rose comes along for the ride.

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The hard street drug Marijuana is a rising and popular gateway drug, known for its ease to obtain, its catastrophic effects, and its uninformed proponents. Marijuana is sometimes used as an alternative to Rohypnol as a date rape drug. An unrelated side effect of marijuana is that after being introduced to marijuana, the user may graduate on to ‘harder’ drugs and high-risk behaviors. Soon the marijuana user needs something more to get high, leading them to engage in cocaine snorting, heroin injection, or street mime. The most common proponents of marijuana use are those who are actively using the drug and have much to gain from its legalization. Among these groups are the members of the hippie and environmentalist groups, religious groups which include the use of marijuana in their practice, and those in favor of free speech. Marijuana users often do this, but it is covered up by the media who, themselves, often use the drug. To counteract claims by protesters in favor of marijuana, alcohol is made entirely from fermented plants, and is therefore both all-natural and vastly safer than marijuana. Tylenol: Although overdoses of Tylenol can be fatal, the pain removal it offers is nearly as effective as marijuana, and it offers no addiction, making this an effective choice for people who claim marijuana has medicinal uses, against all evidence that marijuana will kill you and everyone you know. Lava: While ingestion of lava in any form results in instantaneous death every time, it is still 1000% safer than marijuana.

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