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At This Comedy Club, Getting High is in the Job Description – Medical Marijuana News

Cannabis encourages relaxation and creativity, not to mention that people who are high love to laugh. Seattle’s Gateway Show pairs up cannabis and comedy to create an unstoppable duo. Tonight, the show is being being held at Jai Thai, a Thai restaurant that hosts comedy four nights a week in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. The comedian has been featured on Comedy Central and had just flown up from L.A. to perform on the show. The Seattle faction of The Gateway Show receives sponsorship from Fweedom Cannabis and Tiller Natural, and their money goes a long way. Although many cannabis businesses undoubtedly wish to give back to the community, federal regulations make it very difficult for them to donate to charitable causes. Sponsoring local events like the comedy show allows businesses to support the artists and venues while also giving consumers a reason to buy their products. Even in legal states, cannabis consumers may feel threatened by widespread stigma and fear of arrest. Events like The Gateway Show are providing cannabis users with a place to seek entertainment and be honest about their interests without feeling subjected to judgment. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these areas, make sure to support the cannabis movement by getting out of the house and encouraging local businesses and art.

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Herbal and Marijuana Vaporizers For Smoking Marijuana

There are a lot of ways Marijuana and Cannabis are smoked. One of these methods is smoking marijuana with the use of vaporizer. Cannabis vaporizer works in transforming your weed from solid to gas and makes it good for smoking. Vaporizers are very common and the best for medical marijuana users as they remove the smell and taste of smoke when you inhale. The weed vapor which is produced by the vaporizer is much stronger than what you can get from using bong, pipe, rolling papers, or any other marijuana smoking methods. While there is not much great deal, if any, the smoke created by any other smoking supplies has nothing to do with the smoking technique that you use. There are many health benefits that you can get if you use vaporizer in smoking marijuana and cannabis instead of using the other methods. There are many name brands of herbal vaporizers that you can use for cooking pot instead of inhaling the smoke. Online headshops have many items for sale including marijuana seeds, bongs, pipes, hookahs and other instrument devices used for smoking weed. Yes, it is legal and not illegal to purchase vaporisers and other types of glass pipes used for smoking weed, smoking pot, smoking cannabis or any other tobacco product as long as when you buy it that it is for smoking tobacco for recreational use only.

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Looking Through The Lens

This 37-year-old creates amazing mosaics using the humble medium of used roach papers from smoked joints. Amazingly, this is just something Cliff does in his spare time. It’s his roach paper Chronic Art that has captured the imagination of folks nationwide. As a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Cliff had the opportunity to take inspiration from the great mosaics of the past. His roach paper portraits include iconic rock star stoners like Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, and John Lennon, and hemped hop rap stars like Snoop Dogg and Method Man. All these followed his very first roach paper portrait, which was of Jesus. Cliff’s currently offering hand-signed and numbered, limited edition, museum quality prints of all his mosaics. The fantastic level of detail present in Cliff’s work is truly mind-boggling. When you start to grok how much time must have been spent fitting together all those sticky little bits of paper, cutting and arranging them in a way as to form a work of art, you have to admire this guy’s dedication. Maynard’s unique and phenomenal talent has turned the heads of numerous cannabis luminaries such as Cheech & Chong, Marc Emery, Todd McCormick, Rev. Eddy Lepp, and Vivian McPeak, all of whom totally freaked on the level of passion, skill and detail in Cliff’s work.

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U.S. Marijuana Party

The United States Marijuana Party – is a motivated group of Americans who are tired of living in fear of their government because of marijuana prohibition. More Americans are in jail today for marijuana offenses than at any previous time in American history. The war against marijuana is a genocidal war waged against us by a government determined to eradicate our plant, our culture, our freedom and our political rights. We demand the release of all people imprisoned on marijuana charges and that their criminal records be expunged. We demand the right to grow marijuana for personal consumption, just as alcohol can be brewed at home legally and so long that it is not sold it should therefore remain untaxed. WE organize Marijuana Parties in states across the U.S. WE are striving hard to have all 50 states represented by Nov. 2020! WE plan to run candidates on the Marijuana Party ticket in local, state, and national elections, and to debate this issue whenever and wherever the opportunity arises! If you do not have a chapter of the US Marijuana Party in your area START ONE NOW! The U.S Marijuana Party operates solely from donations made by concerned citizens. You can start a Chapter or support the U.S. Marijuana Party in your State.

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