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Toronto’s Marijuana Infused Comedy Scene

The center of Canada’s comedy universe is home to a series of weekly rooms where audience members can openly smoke marijuana while enjoying some of the best standup the city has to offer. Third Klass Thursdays along with Weedy Wednesdays and Stoner Sundays are three of the biggest weekly standup shows in Toronto, vapor lounge or not and all three happen at Vapor Central on Yonge Street. Despite hosting three of the biggest weekly shows in the city, Chris won’t take credit for creating the weed-infused comedy circuit. Joey aka Puff Mama is a former comedy club employee at the now defunct Comedy Wood in Toronto. She started producing her own shows once the club shut down. Local comedian Rob Mailloux has performed on and produced several shows at Underground. With consistently sold out rooms featuring touring pros and stacked lineups of local acts, the Vapor Lounge series of shows are some of the strongest and most successful in the city. It’s a community of shows that’s thriving in the heavily saturated Toronto comedy scene. There are a few rules that everyone must follow at the shows. Whether visiting Toronto as a comedian, comedy fan, marijuana enthusiast or curious cat, the Vapor Lounge series of shows are worth checking out.

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When Cannabis and Comedy Collide: An Interview with “Medicinal” Mike Boris

Comedy and cannabis have gone hand-in-hand for many years. While cannabis was still very much underground, comedy relating to cannabis began to emerge. Not only does Mike show the lighter side of cannabis, but he is also committed to spreading the truth about the amazing medical properties of the plant to an ever-widening audience. A mix of education, music, comedy and cannabis, Nuglife is the first-ever cannabis education show on syndicated terrestrial radio. I recently got a chance to talk with Medicinal Mike about his career, radio show and the cannabis community in general. Medicinal Mike: When I was a child every kid’s parents smoked cannabis but we all knew not to tell anyone. MM: The cannabis belt started as a way to educate people on cannabis therapy vs opiate pharmaceuticals. Steve’s Garden is a cannabis education muppet style show geared to educate responsibly to all ages and to have your ribs splitting from laughter. Through his humor, Michael Boris has brought the truth about cannabis to an untold number of people around the country and around the world. Through humor we will reach people unreachable in any other way, and they will see the light shine on the cannabis plant and all the amazing things it can do.

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Funny Jokes and Laughs 🙂

If if looks like an oracle from Omaha, moves like an oracle from Omaha, and sounds like an oracle from Omaha, it must be another political tax on the rich. It seems as though President is spending too much time in Margaritaville, and that’s why in his drunken stupor he named his latest tax-the-rich part of his economic plan the Buffett Rule. Warren Buffett is so happy to have a tax named after him, that he’s going to celebrate the achievement by giving away more of his hard earned dollars to the government, rather than giving his secretary a better salary. Don’t feel bad for Warren Buffett’s secretary. She will always be known as the woman who paid a higher tax rate than the Oracle from Omaha to the Obstacle named Obama. Giving the government more money is like giving more cocaine to a cocaine addict with the biggest weapons arsenal, and you git ‘er done with the Buffett Rule. In the next version of the Buffett Rule, rich people will pay for your classes. President Obama wants to pay more of his own money in taxes. Never mind that he can print all the money he wants. President Obama thinks the Buffett Rule will solve America’s debt crisis, because it’s hard for him to see well through his own smoke and mirrors.

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Funny Pothead Jokes

A collection of funny jokes about marijuana to share with your friends or other potheads. JESUS GET HIGH JOKEOK, so it’s Jesus and he sees that planet earth is going down the drain and the reason is because so many people die because of something called drugs. So he has to know about this kind of shit so he calls all the Apostles and tells them that they have to go down to earth to see for themselves what is going on and then go back to Heaven and report to Jesus The Apostles go to different places on earth and after some time they come back to report what they saw. So the devil took the man and showed him to a room full of hundreds upon thousands of gorgeous and beautiful naked women. 100 years later the devil came by to let the three men out. He opened the door to the first man’s room and found the man collapsed on the ground, passed out with empty bottles laying around him and puke all over him. Finally the devil came to the third man’s room and opened the door. Sitting in the middle of all the bud, in the exact same position the devil had left him in was the man. 420 POT JOKEA stoner was relaxing next to a cactus with his horse standing next to him. How many potheads does it take to change a light bulb.

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