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420 Day 2018 in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is about a six-hour drive south of San Rafael and honors the high school’s innovative potheads with 420 Day Los Angeles parties like Snoop Lion 420 Festival. Guests of Snoop Lion 420 Festival have a chance to puff the magic dragon with the dogfather of pot in America, Snoop Dogg, as they enjoy the surroundings of a lavish Hollywood mansion. Environmentally conscious reefer regulars head to 420 Day Los Angeles festivals like Pasdena Earth and Arts Festival, where they can find a sustainable beer garden to catch a brew buzz that compliments their feel-good highs. The 14th Annual Topanga Earth Day affords pot enthusiasts a chance to listen to live music, and mingle with members of Habitat for Humanity and PETA. Whether you smoke up, down, or out, 420 Day Los Angeles boasts events for a wide range of stoners. 

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Canada Just Legalized Recreational Cannabis Use

Recreational marijuana use will soon be legal in Canada after senators voted 52-29 on a federal government bill that paves the way for the sale, purchase, and use of pot, CBC reports. The bill regulates the growing, distribution, and sale of the drug, with legal weed expected to hit the market in the next two to three months. Ontario Senator Tony Dean, who sponsored the bill, enthused over the result, suggesting the move has the power to transform Canadian society. As for when the actual legalization date is implemented, that’s up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. According to CBC, the bill – Bill C-45 – comes with a provisional buffer period of eight to 12 weeks to give Canada’s provinces enough time to lay the groundwork before the sale of marijuana begins. 

Now watch ‘High End,’ Highsnobiety’s documentary on luxury weed. 

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Source: https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/recreational-marijuana-canada-legal


Is a dramatic comedy series about DC’s marijuana industry. The series follows a group of industry professionals as they attempt to navigate DC’s landscape of medical cultivation and broader legalization with well-intentioned enthusiasm, which often results in more trouble than they expect. It is also a town with a unique local culture and history completely separate from politics and business interests. Explores these two worlds through the scope of the city’s new marijuana industry, catalyzed by the medical field and broader legalization. The industry is rooted in its own political fights and entrepreneurial ambitions, the hurdles of which continue to impact how residents and patients benefit from it. 

As the first East Coast city to legalize marijuana, the example it sets will likely impact those to follow. 

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Source: http://www.eastcoastgrow.tv

Big Bud Marijuana Review with Pictures

Looks: Very big, light green, fairly frosty buds, with very fine light orange frosted hairs. Smell: This bud is really dank smelling, almost musty; it also has some sweet undertones, and occasionally a bit of sour wafts by. Effects: Fairly mellow onset, not a very strong buzz with regards to ‘feeling it hit you. The up-side of this bud, is that it alleviates my symptoms considerably. The down-side is that the high is a bit forgetful and distracted. 

While this is only a bit couch-lock-ish, I don’t know if I would use this as a daytime smoke, due to the mental state of the high. Notes: This was a fairly well rounded buzz medically. It helps considerably with my stomach pains and nausea; and if smoked it makes for a pretty good sedative at night as well. 

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Source: http://www.medicalmarijuanastrains.com/big-bud

Nixon, Marijuana, and the Shafer Commission

The Nixon White House tapes from 1971-1972 demonstrate that the foundation of the modern war on marijuana was Nixonian prejudice, culture war and misinformation. CSDP’s Doug McVay spent several days at the National Archives listening to the Nixon White House tapes to find conversations about drug policy, especially regarding the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse, appointed by President Nixon. Nixon made clear several times that he wanted a report which supported his views and ‘tough on crime’ policies, no matter what the facts might be. To his credit, Governor Shafer delivered instead an honest report, with conclusions based on all the evidence – even though at the time he was being considered for a federal judgeship. 

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Source: http://www.csdp.org/news/news/nixon.htm

Morgan Freeman Will Eat, Smoke, Snort Marijuana: “Legalize It!”

Going green! Morgan Freeman voiced his affinity for marijuana in a bold new interview with The Daily Beast. The Oscar winner, 77, revealed that he is a big supporter of the drug, and regularly uses it in a variety of ways. He championed the medicinal qualities of marijuana, and emphasized the benefits of legalizing it. The Million Dollar Baby star married his first wife Jeanette Adair Bradshaw in the 1960s. 

He split from Bradshaw in the late 1970s, going on to marry second wife Myrna Colley-Lee in 1984, before the two divorced in the late 2000s. The Lucy actor told The Daily Beast that he has found his own benefits in weed, after suffering a horrific car crash in 2008. The accident left him with pain and trouble in his left hand and arm. 

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Your Ultimate Cannabis and Beer Guide

Your body absorbs the alcohol through the stomach, and unlike the food, it doesn’t have to be digested. This means that it reaches bloodstream in very short time, a fifth of the alcohol starts working immediately, and your tissue absorbs the majority of the rest. Alcohol has several different effects on both the body and mind. It dulls a part of the brain that regulates the motor functions, and thus it becomes hard to control your body. It may also cause various physical effects that include vomiting. 

Inability to correctly pronounce words and blurred visions are also the way in which alcohol works. 

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Overtoke TV News for 04-15-2018

Stuff Black People Dig

There is a persistent myth that has been circulating for years that all Black People know each other. That, somehow, the Black Community shares a collective consciousness, a hive mind in which they are all connected and are aware of each other. The most damming evidence being that Black People refer to other Black People they have never met by their first names. Black People refer to these famous personalities by their first names because Black People are mentally connected to each other and share each other’s thoughts. When a Black Person does something terrible like commit a serious crime, that the entire Black Community is to blame and must take full responsibility for not contacting that particular Black Person with telepathy and telling him or her not to commit the terrible crime.

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the truth behind the legalization of medical marijuana

Welcome to Marijuana Madness, a blog ran by students dedicated to the truth. In media today, truthiness gets layered in with the truth about the legalization of marijuana and it can often be hard to sift through all the information that can be thrown at you. To see why we named our site what we did watch this minute long commercial called Reefer Madness. See behind the scenes photos of the making of the movie, as well as meet the cast and crew! Then check out our tools that we used to detect truth or truthiness in the content we examined in our Hazy Truth: Video tab. Here we see how Fox News and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report go head-to-head on medical marijuana issues. See how Prop 19 in California flopped and the repercussions for the legalization of marijuana.

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Source: https://marijuanamadnessjcom.wordpress.com

marijuana dvd

DVD: la marihuana y usted DVD,. buena cond. La marihuana películas de propaganda completo de 2 Dvd Collection. Marihuana cultivo de DVD desde el alto cultivador, Lote De 4 Dvd’s. Totalmente nuevo. La marihuana películas de propaganda Volumen 1 Dvd 8 Películas 2 horas. Poco realistas marihuana & drogas Película DVD Olla de hierba. Droga Marihuana Gateway película en DVD de uso abuso & heroína. Half Baked Dave Chappelle hierba marihuana cogollos comedia películas DVD región…. Nuevo. Evergreen ~ DVD sin censura cáñamo común de Hierba marihuana Olla día! cogollos …. De segunda mano. La marihuana no sólo su DVD x ya malezas Nuevo. Mile High el regreso de cannabis Colorado marihuana Documental Pelicula Dvd Raro.

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10 Best Stand Up Comedy Acts Based on Marijuana

There are a lot of great comedians with pieces on Marijuana, Marijuana vs. Alcohol and so on. We got a lot of these from the list sourced at the bottom – but had to put Bill Hicks at #1 since a lot of these guys are borrowing from him anyway. So without further adieu, here are Cannabinoid Media’s picks for the 10 Best Stand Up Comedy Acts Based on Marijuana. We lost him recently but his work will remain with us forever. Do yourself a favor and watch this former alcoholic’s spot on rant against alcohol. This is one of his best bits on smoking weed exclusively with white people. This is a classic Steve Martin bit about how he used to smoke marijuana but only in the early evening. Bill Maher brings his sensible brand of comedy in this bit.

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Source: http://cannabinoid.media/10-best-stand-up-comedy-acts-based-on-marijuana


Yes, it’s another Quiz Show Monday and time to examine the workings of the inner minds that really don’t work so well. Q: Name a cable TV channel the whole family can watch together. A: UPN. Q: Name something men would carry inside bras, if they started wearing them. Q: Name something you see at every college football game. Q: Name a place where you might see another person take off all their clothes. Q: Name a specific place where you’d hate to be during a major power failure. Q: Name a month that’s also a person’s name. Q: The section of the newspaper in which you’d be shocked to find your name. Q: The person who is most likely to be on George W. Bush’s dartboard. Q: Name something little kids don’t like to wear.

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Marijuana Dictionary

The Marijuana Dictionary directory of names of marijuana strains is enormous. The numbers increase with every new crop produced around the world. Most names describe the genetics and effects of the pot. Marijuana businesses may want a link from one of the names of marijuana directly to your product just ask how. Red Berry Hash – Red Berry hash, has a strong buzz and the effects are head and body buzz for hours. Grows easy but make sure you trim bud leaf better than usual so it won’t mold during cure. You’ll always get couple seeds from each plant and they’ll always be female, so nice bonus as far as I’m concerned. Warda Reek’n Kinda Love – Warda Reek’n Kinda Love gives you a more frontal lobe kinda high.

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Overtoke TV News for 03-09-2018

Matt Iseman Effinfunny Stand Up – Medical Marijuana

Press Release: Green Friday – Smoke Down Prohibition & Marijuana Comedy Show

Philadelphia – Comedy activism crew The Panic Hour and local legalization group PhillyNORML are turning Black Friday into Green with marijuana reform. A public rally in the afternoon will be followed by a green shopping bazaar and comedy show fundraiser at Underground Arts, headlined by national funnyman Rob Cantrell. Things kick off at 3:00PM with the monthly Smoke Down Prohibition protest. Cannabis activists will gather at 5th&Market Streets at Independence Mall National Historic Park within sight of the Liberty Bell. More than 2,500 people have protested federal cannabis laws by consuming marijuana during Smoke Down Prohibition events since they began in December 2012. Thousands more have attended the regular rally calling for an end to cannabis prohibition. After the protest PhillyNORML and The Panic Hour present an opportunity to pick up a gift for the cannabis reformers in your family at Underground Arts: A Green Bazaar of t-shirts, apparel, art glass and accessories will begin at 5PM. Green Friday goes into full gear at 8PM with a comedy show headlined by Rob Cantrell and hosted by local cannabis anti-hero NA Poe of The Panic Hour. Featuring local stand-up from Dave Piccolomini, L.U.M.P., Rachael Fogletto and John Nunn there will be laughter and vending until midnight.

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Source: https://www.phillynorml.org/2013/11/29/press-release-green-friday-smoke-prohibition-marijuana-comedy-show/

At This Comedy Club, Getting High Is in the Job Description

Cannabis encourages relaxation and creativity, not to mention that people who are high love to laugh. Seattle’s Gateway Show pairs up cannabis and comedy to create an unstoppable duo. Tonight, the show is being held at Jai Thai, a Thai restaurant that hosts comedy four nights a week in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. The comedian has been featured on Comedy Central and had just flown up from L.A. to perform on the show. The Seattle faction of The Gateway Show receives sponsorship from Fweedom Cannabis and Tiller Natural, and their money goes a long way. Although many cannabis businesses undoubtedly wish to give back to the community, federal regulations make it very difficult for them to donate to charitable causes. Sponsoring local events like the comedy show allows businesses to support the artists and venues while also giving consumers a reason to buy their products. Even in legal states, cannabis consumers may feel threatened by widespread stigma and fear of arrest. Events like The Gateway Show are providing cannabis users with a place to seek entertainment and be honest about their interests without feeling subjected to judgment. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these areas, make sure to support the cannabis movement by getting out of the house and encouraging local businesses and art.

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Source: https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/seattle-gateway-show-pairs-cannabis-and-comedy

Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly

It’s no surprise that Doug Benson is the king of cannabis comedy. With a film and TV resume that has titles like Chronic Con: Episode 420, Super High Me, High Court, The Greatest Movies Ever Rolled, Marijuana: A Chronic History, Totally Baked, 4.20 Hour Standup, and of course, his Youtube show called Getting Doug With High, a talk show where celebrities smoke weed and get interviewed. Louis CK. Louis CK has a few great bits about weed, but one of my favourites comes from his special, Live at the Comedy Store. Doug talks about medical marijuana in his special, Deadbeat Hero, from 2004. Outspoken marijuana enthusiast, Ari Shaffir is an underrated comic who needs more attention. This bit from Joe Rogan’s comedy special, Triggered is well constructed and cohesive bit. One thing about Joe is that he is kind of a jock-bro, while also being a giant pothead, which makes it hard for some people to understand his comedy. If you’re on the fence about his comedy, go watch Triggered on Netflix. One of my all time favourite bits on weed is by Katt Williams from his special, The Pimp Chronicles from 2006. Joey Commisso, Devin Alexander, and Jonny Paul who runs Crafty Comedy at 12 Kings Pub every Sunday night, are also some local names to watch when it comes to chronic-oriented comedy.

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Source: https://www.straight.com/blogra/941931/10-cannabis-comedy-sketches-will-have-you-stitches

Joe Rogan UFC Marijuana DMT Comedy Videos

He’s Joe Rogan, a brutal hunter who ridicules vegans and loves to kill animals. The reason we’re highlighting on BigBudsMag.com is that Joe Rogan so effectively explains why marijuana is a portal to enlightened consciousness, and why there’s a war against it. Rogan points out that cannabis consciousness tends to be creative, sensitive, peaceful, artistic, kind, friendly, chill. Cannabis is associated with hippies, anti-war protestors people whose use of marijuana helps them see through society’s lies, Rogan explains. That makes society’s controllers nervous, so they wage war against marijuana people and the plant itself. Rogan notes that almost all the drugs on Schedule One are psychedelic drugs commonly used for exploring states of consciousness and for personal enlightenment. The Joe Rogan UFC persona makes sense if you put it with the Joe Rogan Fear Factor, martial artist, and animal hunter personas. He’s a highly-respected martial artist, for example. When you listen to his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, you recognize the spiritual effects psychedelics have had on him, and you wonder if Joe Rogan UFC guy might by now have moved past violence after he had all those DMT and marijuana visions. Wait until you see what he asks two very unlucky girls to drink on Fear Factor!

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