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A: Licensed medical marijuana dispensaries that have state and local approval can start selling their products as recreational starting Saturday. In February, the city enacted a six-month moratorium on recreational marijuana licenses, meaning the five medical dispensaries within Henderson’s city limits will have to wait a while longer before joining the market. A: Only adults 21 and older and medical marijuana cardholders can purchase marijuana. A: There is no difference between medical and recreational marijuana in Nevada. Recreational marijuana is subject to a 10 percent special sales tax, with those revenues rebuilding the state’s rainy day fund. 

A: You can carry up to an ounce of marijuana and ounce of concentrate, and that’s the same amount you’ll legally be able to buy. Edibles tend to produce a longer and stronger high than smoked marijuana, and new packaging laws in Nevada reflect that potency. Marijuana use is banned on the Strip and on all gaming properties in the state. Tourists can’t smoke marijuana in hotel rooms or anywhere on resorts’ grounds. Not even passengers can smoke or consume marijuana in a vehicle under Nevada law. 

A: A judge ruled that liquor distributors should have exclusive rights to transport marijuana from cultivation facilities to dispensaries. For reference, an ounce of dried marijuana flower produces about 40 to 60 cigarettes, depending on your rolling preference. 

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Is Smoking Weed Around Dogs Dangerous?

It started when I wrote a few blog posts about what to do if your dog breaks into a stash of marijuana. At around the same time, I also composed a comprehensive website with 100 articles on dog and cat diseases, syndromes and treatments. I talk about canine marijuana intoxication in a straightforward and nonjudgemental way; this has unfortunately led some folks to the misconception that I endorse getting dogs stoned. The good news is that, unless an animal is confined in a room with extreme amounts of smoke, inhaling secondhand marijuana smoke is not likely to lead to intoxication. The bigger concern here is the smoke itself. 

Dogs have exquisitely sensitive lungs, and smoke can damage them. If the dog is around smoking – whether that’s weed or cigarettes – every day, his respiratory function can be compromised. On the other hand, if the person doing the smoking does not go overboard, doesn’t smoke every day and keeps a window open while smoking, it is not likely that much harm will come to the dog – from the smoke at least. Bear in mind that although I’ve never seen a dog die from marijuana intoxication, I have seen dogs die as a direct result of their owners getting stoned. The owner’s boyfriend got stoned and decided to hang out on his apartment building’s roof with the dog. 

Remember that situations involving dogs and marijuana can end poorly. Please don’t smoke anything around your dog. 

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Bill de Blasio announces new NYC marijuana enforcement policy

Starting on September 1, a new marijuana enforcement policy will go into effect in New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner James O’Neill announced on Tuesday that the NYPD will issue summonses rather than arrest most New Yorkers caught smoking weed in public. Exceptions, as CBS reports, would include people on parole or probation, those with existing criminal warrants or a recent documented history of violence, people without identification, and those whose smoking constitutes a public safety risk, like people smoking behind the wheel of a car. De Blasio called for the change in policy in May as part of taking steps towards the likely eventual legalization of marijuana in the city, and in reaction to data around the arrest rates of people of color for marijuana charges in white vs minority neighborhoods. He says he expects to reduce arrests by 10,000 per year as a result. 

Health Commissioner Howard Zucker says a report recommending the legalization of marijuana in the state is nearing completion. If the governor backs the report’s recommendation, it would complete an extraordinary shift for the Democrat. It also would put him on the same page as Cynthia Nixon, the actress and activist who is challenging Cuomo for the Democratic nomination from the political left. It would align New York with a growing number of states that have legalized marijuana. 

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Families Coping With Autism Claim Medical Marijuana Is Lifesaver « CBS Denver

DENVER- A bill has passed a Colorado House committee that would legalize the use of medical marijuana for those with autism. With a quick spray,10-year-old Vincent takes his medical marijuana. A video posted by the group Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism shows a girl named Kara hitting her head repeatedly against a car seat. Once she is given the marijuana she appears much calmer. So too with Vincent, who legally qualifies for medical marijuana now in Colorado because of the seizures he suffers from epilepsy. 

He was at the state Capitol with others on behalf of a bill that would make marijuana legal for all who have autism. The Walkers moved to Colorado from Texas to take advantage of medical marijuana. Scott Walker is a big advocate of the push to legalize medical pot for autism. Vincent’s cannabis includes a small amount of the psychoactive compound THC. They say his seizures are gone. 

Scott said Vincent was saying phrases he never said in Texas. Given what we know about the harmful effects of marijuana use on brain development, sanctioning the use of medical marijuana for autism and autism spectrum disorders could be particularly harmful to children. Finally, the constitution explicitly directs rule-making authority to the department and the Board of Health to determine what medical conditions are appropriate for medical marijuana treatment. 

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Meat in Your Mouth Blog

Medical Marijuana and the dispensaries who claim are not for profit but that City Atty. Tutanich and LA County D.A. Cooley will disagree with. As a former indulger of the Marijuana, I would probably agree and side with the dispensaries IF I hadn’t already had an inside look for myself. Smoke running through the place as if something were on fire. It’s hilarious to see these people try, and try really hard to not look high. When I walk out of these places you best believe I’m walking out with the meanest contact high known to man. I could only imagine the thought process behind these products. I’m not against Medical Marijuana and the people who need it formedical purposes, but I’m not all for it. I’m especially not for having close to 1,100 dispensaries in the city. A poll completed by LA Times showed that 74% of voters were for Medical Marijuana, and only 54% wanted it legalized, regulated and taxed like alcohol. Take the Weed Poll and find out what others think about this.

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The Illustrators Journal

While living in New York City, Man Ray was visually influenced by the 1913 Armory Show and galleries of European contemporary works. In 1915, Man Ray had his first solo show of paintings and drawings. Man Ray abandoned conventional painting to involve himself with Dada, a radical anti-art movement. For Man Ray, Dada’s experimentation was no match for the wild and chaotic streets of New York. In 1913, Man Ray met his first wife, the Belgian poet Adon Lacroix, in New York. In July 1921, Man Ray went to live and work in Paris, France. In 1934, surrealist artist Méret Oppenheim, known for her fur-covered teacup, posed nude for Man Ray in a well-known series of photographs depicting her standing next to a printing press. With Lee Miller, his photography assistant and lover, Man Ray reinvented the photographic technique of solarization. In René Clair’s film Entr’acte, Man Ray appeared in a brief scene playing chess with Duchamp. Duchamp, Man Ray, and Francis Picabia were friends and collaborators.

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The article said that medical marijuana will now cover Autism and sleep apnea. I am not 100% sure people with Autism should be smoking pot. The two kinds of pot are THC and CBD. THC is the one that stoners use to get high. THC is used for things like anxiety and is used in clinical trials. There are multiple things that can deter doctors from prescribing the drug. Some of the effects of smoking medical marijuana include: Your heart rate increasing by 20 to 100% for up to three hours. It can actually increase the risk of a heart attack in the first hour after using the drug. According to the article, statistically one in 11 users of medicinal marijuana become addicted, and that number increases to ONE IN SIX people who start smoking pot as teenagers. Again, I don’t know if prescribing medical marijuana to people on the Spectrum is a good idea or a really bad one, but there are a lot of variables. I have never smoked pot, but a few of my friends in High School did.

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The Recovery Through Wholeness Chalkboard

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court will decide if state law requires Workers’ Compensation Insurance to pay for a millworker’s medical marijuana or if the insurer could be charged as an accessory in a drug deal under federal law. Justices are set to hear arguments in the case Wednesday at the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta, which will be the first time the state’s highest court has considered the question of insurance reimbursement for the cost of medical marijuana. The case pits a former Madawaska mill employee, injured on the job, against the company that administers the mill’s insurance for injured workers. Gaetan Bourgoin, now 58, of Madawaska, in 2015 sought reimbursement for medical marijuana prescribed for pain due to a back injury suffered in 1989 when he was 29 and working at what is now Twin Rivers Paper Co. Bourgoin tried a variety of opioid-based painkillers over the years without relief, according to briefs filed in Portland.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. For Evan Wolentz, this day in the history of American criminal law was a long time coming. In his view all that changed this morning when it became legal to possess small amounts of marijuana in Washington. Wolentz is one of a number of young men and women who took to the streets here late last night to celebrate the new law only to be surprised when District of Columbia policeman cited them for illegal drug possession and took them into custody. O’Herlihy reads the young man his rights then patiently tries to explain away the confusion that clouds the minds of the assembled suspects as they are loaded into a police van for arraignment at a night session of the District’s Criminal Court. Sergeant Jim Hampy tries to give the potheads a lesson in American government when O’Herlihy fails to get through to them. His remark is greeted with an outburst of laughter, as if he’s just quoted a line from a late-night comic.

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