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Chelsea Handler’s First Experience Trying Marijuana Edibles – Late Night with Seth Meyers


The new research, published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, finds that deaths associated with the use of opiate drugs fell in 13 states after they legalized medical marijuana. Compared to states with no formal access to marijuana, those that allowed certain patients legal access to cannabis saw a steady drop in opiate-related overdoses that reached 33%, on average, six years after the states’ medical marijuana laws took effect. That apple cart has already been shaken by a growing body of research that suggests marijuana’s psychoactive ingredients may enhance the pain-killing effects of opiate drugs, allowing patients using marijuana for pain to take lower – and less dangerous – doses of opiate medications. In a small study published in 2011, Abrams found that cancer patients taking morphine and oxycodone experienced greater pain relief at lower opiate blood concentrations when a vaporized form of marijuana was added to their drug regimen. He has just begun recruiting for a study that will explore whether the same formulation can reduce pain, inflammation and opiate doses in patients with sickle-cell disease. 

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Marijuana Math

Naomi and Adam Scott are poised to explore the world of marijuana for NBC. The couple has set up scripted comedy Buds at NBC. The comedy, which received a script commitment, revolves around the day-to-day operations of a marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colo. It marks the first sale for the Parks and Recreation star and his producer-wife under their Gettin’ Rad Productions’ two-year first-look deal with Universal Television. Parks and Recreation’s Joe Mande – also a successful stand-up comedian and Twitter sensation – will pen the script and executive produce alongside Naomi and Adam Scott. 

It keeps Scott and Mande in business with the network and studio following next week’s series finale of the veteran comedy starring Amy Poehler. Gettin’ Rad recently teamed with the red-hot Duplass brothers on the Sundance standout The Overnight, which sold to Orchard Films. On the TV side, the company also has four incarnations of Adult Swim’s viral specials Greatest Event in Television History. On the acting side, Scott will wrap up NBC’s Parks and Rec and next appear in Hot Tub Time Machine 2. 

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‘Big Bang Theory’ Boss Chuck Lorre Shopping Pot Shop Comedy Series

The most anticipated comedy spec script this winter has just hit the marketplace – a multi-camera comedy from The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly and Mom co-creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre. It’s definitely making an impression with its provocative subject matter – weed. Co-written by Lorre and former Daily Show head writer/executive producer David Javerbaum, I’ve learned that the spec, which has been sent out to the broadcast networks and possibly Netflix, is set at a legal marijuana dispensary in Colorado and revolves around an ensemble of potheads. As someone put it, it’s The Big Bang Theory, if the guys were not geniuses but selling weed. This is the third consecutive time Lorre has come out with projects that don’t quite fit the sitcom mold, dealing with topics like obesity and sobriety. 

This marks Lorre’s follow-up to Mom, which also was taken out late in the development season as a pitch. Lorre’s last four multi-camera comedy series through Warner Bros. TV, where the mega producer is under an overall deal, all went to CBS: Two And A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly and Mom. 

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Vintage Rock Posters, Psychedelic Art, Comedy Posters and more

Accepted payment is Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or postal money order. When contacting me please indicate the item number(s) you want as well as where your order is going and Ill respond promptly. Lead Pipe Posters has vintage art and music posters mainly from the 1960’s (sixties posters are HOT!) and 1970’s. Our collection of vintage posters is colorful and vast, ranging from original San Francisco Fillmore and Avalon Ballroom rock concert posters to blacklight and psychedelic art posters; from Harley Davidson collectible posters to political anti-war posters; from Brigitte Bardot pinup posters to Alice Cooper promo posters; from Nixon campaign posters to anti-Vietnam war posters; from Beatles concert posters to marijuana legalizaton posters; and featuring renowned artists such as Peter Max, Rick Griffin, Richard Avedon, Tomi Ungerer and many others. Whew! 

We didn’t mean for vintage art posters to be work man. Take a toke, and travel back, back to those wild, wonderful and inspiring 60’s as you tour our memorable gallery of vintage art and music posters! 

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6 Best Marijuana Movies on Netflix

This article will explore the 6 best marijuana movies on Netflix. In this documentary, the world of marijuana is explored. It looks at legalized marijuana in a number of different ways. In Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening, you are exposed to the different parts of marijuana in the context of its use in Thailand. The Culture High looks at the roots of the Marijuana campaign. 

It shows the path to legality that marijuana has taken throughout history up until today. It details the different paths that the marijuana industry has taken through the years in attempts to get it legalized. Colorado was the first in the United States to legalize marijuana for more than just medicinal purposes. Marijuana is the most used drug in the entire world, and it is said to be the most harmless. Doug Benson is an advocate of marijuana legalization. 

In this article, we have presented the eight best marijuana movies on Netflix. Take a look at these eight documentaries on marijuana and then come back to leave us a note in the comments section below. 

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