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Spirit of Marijuana (Oluwa comedy)

Acting Classes Los Angeles & Santa Monica

Most experienced actors are placed in a Comedy Intensive after an Intro Work Session. Comedy Intensives meet either three consecutive Mondays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. After completing the Comedy Intensive, our four week Technique Clinic is the next step. Examining drama as well as comedy, we further develop and expand upon the skills introduced in the Comedy Intensive. Clinic classes meet once a week for four consecutive weeks and are taught by LK&Co. 

While the Intensive is largely about what we have to teach you, and the Clinic is half what we have to teach you and half what is specifically going on with you and your acting, the Ongoing classes are pretty much all about you. Utilizing currently casting film and television material, Ongoing classes cover every aspect of the actor’s career. Ongoing classes meet once per week for three, four or five weeks, depending on the month. While our Essentials, Intensives, Clinics, and Ongoing acting classes focus aggressively on your acting-related issues, many of you quietly suffer from vocal issues that keep you from booking work even when your acting is superb. For several years we’ve been promoting Matt Beisner’s voice classes, and now we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with his VOICE CLUB! 

in order to offer classes that focus specifically on vocal production! You will learn a daily, ten to twelve minute vocal warm-up consisting of 21 detailed, physical exercises that will enable you – once and for all – to effortlessly create beautiful sound through the release of your breath. While actors often see changes almost immediately, the exercises do take some time to take hold – most people have years of poor vocal habits. The Acting Essentials class meets twice a week for eight weeks, and is taught by LK&Co. 

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Tommy Chong reflects on pot’s evolution as he turns 80

LOS ANGELES – Yeah man, Tommy Chong says he always knew he’d live to see the day marijuana legalization would be sweeping America. He even knew in 2003 when Chong was imprisoned for nine months for conspiring to distribute handcrafted artisanal bongs the government declared drug paraphernalia. So much so that when the High Priest of Stoner Comedy turns 80 on Thursday – that’s right, 80 – he expects his Chong’s Choice brand of marijuana, available in legal dispensaries in several states, will be consumed in abundance at the parties his family is planning. Not that he was ever a heavy pot user, Chong says, just a consistent connoisseur. When no other hits followed, Motown dropped the group, and the Canadian-born Chong returned to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he ran a pair of strip clubs with his brother. 

Motown had helped Chong obtain a green card, and the two headed to fame and fortune in Los Angeles. On a recent early morning, Chong answers the door for a photo shoot at his longtime home in the hills overlooking L.A.’s wealthy Brentwood section, arriving in gray jeans, sandals and a black T-shirt advertising the name of a Colorado cannabis dispensary he recently visited. As a photographer sets up, Chong polishes off a breakfast of oatmeal topped with sliced banana. In recent years, he’s become a vegetarian, although he backslides. Chong, whose father emigrated from China before World War II, mostly identifies culturally as Chinese, although he’s equally proud of his Scotch, Irish and Native American ancestry from his mother’s side. 

Before the pair’s bitter 1980s breakup, Cheech and Chong dominated comedy for 15 years. Those efforts generally ended in angry, insult-laden exchanges until 10 years ago when Paris Chong intervened. 

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Doug Benson

Douglas Steven Benson is an American comedian, marijuana rights advocate, television host, actor and judge who has appeared on Getting Doug With High, Comedy Central Presents, Best Week Ever, Trailer Park Boys, and was a contestant on Last Comic Standing in the show’s fifth season. He currently serves as a judge for the Comedy Central series The High Court with Doug Benson. Benson also currently hosts the popular Doug Loves Movies podcast along with his weekly marijuana video podcast show Getting Doug with High. His Comedy Central series The Benson Interruption ended its first season in December 2010 and was turned into a monthly podcast in January 2011. Benson was born and raised in San Diego, California, to parents Wendy, a pharmacy clerk, and Robert Matthew Benson, a former English teacher turned salesman. 

Along with comedian friends Arj Barker and Tony Camin, Benson co-created and performed in the comedy stage-show The Marijuana-Logues. Benson appeared on the comedy compilation album Comedy Death-Ray. In 2006, Benson began hosting a weekly comedy podcast, titled Doug Loves Movies, which is recorded in front of a live audience at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Benson started a weekly talk-show on YouTube entitled Getting Doug with High, that generally airs live every Wednesday at 4:15 p.m PST. Benson invites featured guests to recreationally smoke marijuana with him at 4:20. 

Benson currently serves as a judge on The High Court with Doug Benson, a comedic court show on Comedy Central. On December 29, 2009, Benson had a documentary special called The High Road with Doug Benson air on the G4 network. The special followed Benson and comedian Graham Elwood on one of their stand-up comedy tours. 

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