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70’s Comedy Record about Marijuana

Where Are They Now?

The comedy wonder spent a lot of time as a boy riding his bicycle back and forth in his neighborhood along El Prado Boulevard near Manhattan Avenue. His dad owned a skating rink on North Armenia Avenue just north of Osborne and that’s where he spent lots of his time early on. Comedian Gallagher as he appeared in the 1964Plant High SchoolYearbook…. He graduated from Plant High School in 1964 and pursued a degree in chemical engineering at the University of South Florida. Dozens of companies turned him down for employment, including The Tampa Tribune despite a good word on his behalf from Zappone with the personnel people. 

Stauffer Chemical Company finally put him to work but a series of tasteless jokes coupled with his keener interest in show business earned him a pink slip. In the 80’s, he used his own money to videotape a dozen one-hour comedy programs he sold to HBO, The Comedy Channel, and home video distributors. He now lives in Palm Beach with his wife but returns to Tampa often to share watermelon with family members who still live in the area. I never used my own money for my Showtime specials and I was never on HBO. I worked for Florida Nitrogen later Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals as their chief chemist when Jan C. 

Uterwick left to run his dad’s worldwide shipping company in downtown Tampa. My guidance councellor who later worked as an executive for Tampa Electric helped mediate the situation before graduation night. I worked for the coach who I visit with each time I return to town. I worked as a chemist until I graduated not after, then I went to Los Angeles where I was hired by Allied Chemical to work as a salesmen out of Chicago. Jim Stafford let me get up late at night in clubs where he worked like the Elbow Room on Longboat Key to practice it. 

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State issues first marijuana license, steady flow predicted

BOSTON – State regulators voted unanimously Thursday to grant the state’s first recreational marijuana business license to a marijuana grower in Milford. The license approved by the Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday will allow Sira Naturals to grow between 10,001 and 20,000 square feet of marijuana at their indoor facility at 13 Commercial Way in Milford. Sira Naturals already grows marijuana for medical patients at its Milford cultivation facility and operates medical dispensaries in Cambridge, Somerville and Needham. The company grows more than 60 strains of marijuana and turns it into cookies, caramels and other edibles. The CCC has had the authority to issue business licenses to marijuana companies since June 1 and expects that retail sales will begin on or around July 1, even though the regulators have not yet licensed any retail shops. 

CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman said Thursday that the CCC expects to consider license applications at its meetings for the foreseeable future. CCC Executive Director Shawn Collins said Sira Naturals plans to be fully operational within four months of being licensed, though he noted that the company is already growing marijuana for medical use and has the ability to transfer some of that product to the adult use market. The provisional license is conditional upon a fingerprint-based check of state and federal criminal databases, payment of the $5,000 annual license fee, a certification that the company is in compliance with the Department of Public Health’s regulations for medical marijuana, and other conditions. Sira Naturals submitted its application to the CCC before any other companies, on April 18, and the CCC received word from Milford June 8 that the company is following all local zoning ordinances and town bylaws, Collins said. 

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George Carlin’s Last Words

The Irish Catholic kid from Corpus Christi parish in Harlem-with barely more than a year of high school education-combined his own fierce and fearlessly questioning mind with the lessons he’d learned on the streets of New York to craft comedy that made audiences laugh and challenged them to think. I think it’s great that you had that reaction, because that’s really what we set out to do. So I think that was both an explosive and a very determining factor. I think his legacy is going to be that he’s every bit as popular and long-lasting as Mark Twain, and I think his work is just as voluminous in its medium, and if anything, stronger. It’s not at all the image you take of Fellini; you think he was this left-wing, French nouveau, kind of – but not at all. 

George worked for the side that paid him the most, I think, but that was self-selecting, because the kind of message he grew into was not going to be any more comfortable in Las Vegas than it would be on The National Review’s annual cruise. Partly I think that’s just respect, but it’s partly that he just taught people so many things. George’s fans are hugely loyal I think, over and above other comedians, because he went and met them and performed for them live. I certainly don’t think anyone but Richie Pryor, or possibly Lily Tomlin – though she had a more comedic career rather than a comedy career, I do think that she blazed a trail that was very important, and she was an exact contemporary of Richard and George. I don’t think anyone comes close to Carlin in terms of serious intent, including Richard, actually. 

He called them the plateau, and I think that’s correct. I don’t think he went very far up after the 90s, even in the early 90s. I mean, he thought that Jamming in New York was the best special he’d ever done. 

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