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‘Greener Pastures’ Marijuana Comedy | Pillow Talk TV | Scene Reading

Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Kannaway® was the first direct marketing company to offer cannabis products to consumers. A family oriented company, Kannaway® encourages its brand ambassadors to create their own successful distribution businesses that will positively impact the health of the people around them. A complete lifestyle brand, Kannaway® maintains a focus on sustainable and healthy choices with their hemp products. The company distributes a wide range of hemp products, such as CBD oil supplements, aromatherapeutic essential oils, hemp clothing, hemp pet products, CBD-infused skin care, energy chews, nutrition powders, CBD oil vaporizers, and more. Kannaway® was awarded Start-up of the Year in 2014 from the Academy of Multi-level Marketing for their swift growth and supportive company structure. 

Kannaway® has a worldwide following and a team of experienced, passionate brand ambassadors representing their brand of hemp products. Kannaway built this following by offering some of the highest quality hemp and CBD oil products, from nutritional supplements to vapes to beauty products through its network of brand ambassadors. Although Kannaway®’s formulation is driven by science, the products themselves are crafted from all natural botanical ingredients, including their Bi-Bong™ herbal blends. Kannaway® has taken this cherished and exclusive formula and combined it with hemp oil rich in cannabinoids to create synergistic effects. Kannaway® is very proud of the opportunity to be a category creator in the relationship marketing space. 

Kannaway® currently hosts online sales meetings and conferences across the United States, offering unique insight and opportunity to sales professionals who want to become successful leaders in the sale and marketing of hemp products and services. To become a Kannaway® brand ambassador or to shop their products, visit the Kannaway® website today. 

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San Francisco Events, Sunday, July 08, 2018

Select the games you want and buy the tickets you want. Soft Power is a new play within a musical now playing at Curran Theatre in SF. Soft Power made its debut to raving reviews in Los…. More Buy Tickets at. Come spend an intimate evening enjoying unadulterated stand-up comedy with some of the best comedians from the Bay Area and beyond…. 

More Buy Tickets at. Make the most of your weekend and embark on the best Sunday funday around with Social Sundays! Eat, Drink and Cruise on this 2-hou…. More Buy Tickets at. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world-and you can see its legendary landmarks from the comfort of a luxur…. 

More Buy Tickets at. Sip on your mimosas on a yacht! Enjoy bottomless bubbly, a full brunch bu…. More Buy Tickets at. Join the newest addition to the San Francisco nightlife, One Culture, For our Professional Socialite Gatherings! 

These are always…. More Buy Tickets at. Enchanting… Sounds from a b…. More Buy Tickets at. 

Throughout July, Azalea will be working with renowned brands, influencers, artists and DJ’s, offering customers a truly unique exp…. More Buy Tickets at. Claim to Fame Social Mixer is a wonderful business networking event! Join us for a fabulous Friday Social Mixer in an upscale…. More Buy Tickets at. 

Sunset Piano, in partnership with San Francisco Botanical Garden, will once again bring over a dozen grand pianos to the spectacul…. More at. Come celebrate at our 2018 Inner Sunset Sunday’s Flea Market, 10-4 on Sunday, June 10th! We close Irving street to vehicles betwee…. More at. 

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Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic, by Jaime Brockett

So here’s ol’ Jack he’s got his ticket now he takes everything he owns he wraps it on up in a diaper n’ he hangs it on a stick over his back n’ goes headin’ on down by the pierside. He gettin’ on down by the pierside his manager’s down there by the pierside n’ here she is folks – the USS Titanic! She’s lined up beside two hundred n’ fifty parkin’ meters n’ the Captain’s gettin’ done ready to split ’cause he run outta dimes. Now around this time there was an Italian senator n’ the state house n’ all Italian senators done got brothers own construction companies n’ this one had a brother he owned a construction company n’ the Titanic she was made outta good Italian wood, good Italian iron they said she’d never go down. So the Titanic she sails on out into the North sea she’s out there floatin’ around in and out between the icebergs n’ ol’ Jack’s standin’ on the pier. 

They’re jumpin’ up n’ down They’re laughin’. They’re tradin’ wives n’ Cadillacs n’ diamonds n’ havin’ all sorts of good clean party fun. That brings us up to what’s happenin’ now – the Titanic she’s floatin’ around in and out between the icebergs, the Jewish people they partyin’ they tradin’ wives n’ Cadillacs n’ diamonds they drinkin’ booze n’ havin’ all sorts of party fun, everybody else is hoistin’ up land lubbers n’ battenin’ down hatches, the First Mate he’s hangin’ over the rail, he’s havin’ himself a little smoke… he’s diggin’ the icebergs. Havin’ himself a little smoke n’ it’s the Captain’s time to do his thing. 

His thing right now is that he’s gotta go out n’ test the wind. The Jewish people they jumpin’ up n’ down they tradin’ wives n’ Cadillacs n’ diamonds n’ drinkin’ booze. Everybody else is hoistin’ up land lubbers, battenin’ down hatches n’ doin’ sail things. The First Mate’s hangin’ over there on the rail havin’ himself a little smoke n’ diggin’ icebergs. 

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