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Growing Op (2008) Full Movie

Vegas Shows on Sale Today at Our Booths

Tix4Tonight is the number one source for discount Vegas show tickets, dining discounts on restaurants and buffets, tours and attraction admissions in Las Vegas. This page of Today’s Deals on Vegas Shows is updated every morning and will keep you informed on which shows are available at our locations on The Strip and in Downtown as well as shows you can buy online, both in advance and last minute. Tix4Tonight has always had a great relationship with the producers of the biggest shows in Las Vegas because they trust us to sell their unsold seats for the day at big discounts. We carry tickets to over 100 Vegas shows and top attractions every day for up to half off face value, but because we’re offering unsold seats, our inventory varies daily. While we can’t guarantee that the shows we carry on most days at he booths will always be available, keep an eye on this page to see what’s currently on sale when we open in the morning. 

The good news for bargain hunters is that we’ve carried virtually every show that’s played in Vegas at one time or another, and many of the most popular shows in town are frequently available at our discount ticket booths. Savvy Tix4Tonight bargain hunting veterans know that the popular shows sell out in the morning, and the best way to find the widest selection of shows is to line up at one of our discount ticket booths a few minutes before we open in the morning. While some of the most popular shows are available at our booths nearly every day, our inventory for the hottest tickets in town sells out quickly. For shows sold at our booths, the list of shows above is posted in the morning and represents our show and attraction inventory when our booths open at 10 AM every day. While sometimes shows listed above sell out later in the day, additional tickets are occasionally released by the shows in the afternoon. 

If you’re not sure which show you want to see, you can browse our directory of Shows in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Attractions and Las Vegas Tours before you visit to get a sense of the wide variety of entertainment options available in the city. Our Today at Our Booths listings are updated every morning, so check this page to see which Vegas shows and attractions are available at a discount today, then visit one of our locations on The Strip and in Downtown or call our hotline at 877-849-4868 to unlock the best deals in the city. 

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Matt Besser wants to smoke your weed

Reaching far back into his memories, to the halcyon days of his first youthful engagements with cannabis, comedian Matt Besser thinks of Nancy Reagan. For the Los Angeles-based Besser that perspective is particularly extreme. That’s because Besser has been weaving cannabis into his comedy for what he says is longer than he can remember – including hosting a weed-infused comedy show every year on 4/20 since 2006 – and with the shifting attitudes and policies surrounding the subject matter, that means a constant reworking of his material. If you’re curious what that might look like, Besser would be happy to show you, as this month marks the first time the comedian is bringing his canna-comedy routine to Colorado, with a stop at the Springs’ Temple of Open Faith on July 7. This show will also mark the first time Besser has performed in a venue that legally allows cannabis consumption on the premises. 

While Besser isn’t one to typically stoke his creative fire by toking up before or during a show, he admits he may be willing to make an exception given the special nature of the venue. He’s still making sure to leave himself enough room for a unique dialogue with the audience. The majority of the material will, of course, be cannabis-centric, though whether Besser will use that license to riff on the age-old ritual of buying a bong, or the new-age ritual of applying for a medical card, is something audiences will have to pay admission to find out. While cannabis may be the catalyzing force behind the show’s humor, he sees the plant as relating to all facets of life, and thus could hit on a variety of subjects ranging from the sexual to those as benign as a dinner with his daughter at Benihana. Ironically, Besser’s pot humor arrives in what is arguably the preeminent cannabis state at a stage in the comedian’s life when he no longer really partakes. 

Who first began his comedy career in and around Boulder and Denver, the tour also represents something more personal, as it will be the first time he’s returned to the area since getting his start out of college. As outlined by his comedy this mixture of business and pleasure is nothing new for Besser, though when he takes the stage in the Springs, both he and the audience will have an opportunity to see the two come together onstage in a way like never before. 

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