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Berkeley to discuss how to make marijuana regulations equitable

Berkeley City Council will discuss proposed regulations for the operation of recreational and medicinal cannabis businesses at its special meeting Tuesday. The proposed regulations and selection process for cannabis business licenses are designed to enable efficient and timely implementation, as well as create opportunities for historically disadvantaged communities to contribute to and benefit from the industry, according to the report. New local regulations would govern how and where both medicinal and recreational cannabis businesses could operate in Berkeley, in addition to providing requirements for security, record keeping and reporting. Current regulations only allow existing medical cannabis dispensaries and manufacturers to apply for temporary adult-use cannabis permits. The city of Oakland has already implemented cannabis regulations that prioritize applications for dispensary permits based on a number of criteria – for example, the city gives preference to low-income individuals or those previously incarcerated for marijuana-related offenses in Oakland. 

Kalb said the regulations have so far been met with a positive response and that many of the city’s applicants qualify for the equity criteria. Harrison said she plans to inquire about making the criteria for low-income and formerly incarcerated individuals simpler. The council will also decide on the number of dispensaries Berkeley will have and where they will be placed. Both Harrison and Worthington emphasized that the city is only setting a maximum, not a minimum, for the number of dispensaries possible. The question of where to place the dispensaries addresses concerns regarding secondhand smoke, according to Harrison. 

She added that she was also hoping to find a way to preserve Berkeley’s tradition of marijuana collectives – places where people traded and sold marijuana. Worthington’s main concern lies with the timing of the regulations. 

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Doctor 420- fight for medical marijuana with a twist of comedy. The dispensary will be called Roseanne’s Joint and will sell marijuana products bearing its name, said partner Aaron Herzberg, 46. Barr joins a growing number of celebrities trying their hand at medical marijuana ventures, in Santa Ana and beyond. Last week, actor Woody Harrelson applied for a marijuana dispensary license in Hawaii. The building is 5,000 square feet, about three times the average dispensary size, said Francey, who’s already opened his first medicial marijuana shop in the city, OC3 at 3122 S. 

Halladay St. He and Herzberg said they hope the city will consider allowing cultivation or a coffee shop operation at licensed dispensaries. In 1937, the first marijuana seller was arrested and convicted under a federal Law. As cannabis disappeared from pharmacy shelves as a pain-treating medicine, and with the government driving lies about it home the plant became a source of fear, marijuana began starring in horror films that years later would become cult comedy classics. Six years later, in 1942, marijuana was removed from the United States Pharmacopeia, discrediting of its therapeutic legitimacy by the American Medical Association. 

In 1978, New Mexico passed the first state law recognizing the medical value of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act. Eventually, marijuana gained more and more popularity as a sub-culture, complete with Tommy Chong selling his own bongs on the internet. Within a 70-year time period, the subject of marijuana took the notion of a drug dealer from a homicidal maniac to a cuddly BFFF. At the same time, the plant itself has gone from being viewed as a menace to being viewed as medicine. Now, even whole publications like The National are taking a stand against the War on Drugs, calling it a complete failure and demanding full marijuana legalization. 

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