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Comedian Don Richardson – “Legalize Marijuana”

You’re Ganja Love It: Five of Our Favorite Marijuana-Themed Indies

As marijuana laws have shifted over the years-from outright prohibition, to limited medicinal usage, to tightly regulated recreational use within certain states-marijuana themed movies have likewise evolved. Once upon a time, the only movies that even touched the subject of pot were hysterical propaganda pieces like Reefer Madness. In recent years stoner movies have gotten more thoughtful, nuanced and even, yes, serious-especially as it’s started to become big business, with even bigger stakes. So regardless of whether you’re completely toasted or a total teetotaler, here are five indies we love-including a few comedies-about marijuana and marijuana lovers. Why We Love It: The directorial debut of Rodarte fashion label founders Kate and Laura Mulleavy, Woodshock is the dreamlike tale of Kirsten Dunst’s grief-stricken Theresa, an employee at a northern California cannabis dispensary who, as the film begins, uses a joint laced with rare poison to help her terminally-ill mother commit suicide. 

More than any other film on this list, Woodshock conjures the sensation of actually being high-not that we would know, Mom. Why We Love It: Premiering at the 2016 LA Film Festival where it won the Audience Award, writer/director Ryon Baxter’s debut feature is a semi-autobiographical family drama set amid northern California’s booming cannabis cultivation industry. Baxter himself plays Cameron, a temperamental young worker at a massive growing operation who’s suddenly put in charge of caring for his 13-year-old sibling, Mason-played by Baxter’s real-life sibling, Jimmy Baxter. Why We Love It: At first glance, this 2004 cult hit might seem like just another dumb stoner comedy. Why We Love It: Despite its title, venerable LA comedian Doug Benson’s feature-length Super Size Me riff isn’t really a parody of the hit 2004 Morgan Spurlock fast food exposé. 

Along the way Benson interviews fellow potheads, doctors, dispensary operators, politicians, law enforcement and medical marijuana patients, putting together a fascinating portrait of the quasi-legal no-man’s land of mid-‘aughts cannabis consumption. Why We Love It: Winner of the Robert Altman Award at the 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Paul Thomas Anderson’s shaggy-dog LA neo-noir detective fable stars Joaquin Phoenix as Doc Sportello-an underemployed South Bay private dick and champion pothead-who stumbles into a labyrinthine murder conspiracy involving well, it’s sort of hard to explain. 

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SHIRLEY – The Planning Board rolled out a revised version of the new marijuana bylaw passed at Special Town Meeting last month and voted unanimously last week to present it at the May 14 Annual Town Meeting. Amendments to the new bylaw – hammered out at a previous workshop and approved at the recent session – are aimed at resolving a sticking point some STM voters objected to in the original. Specifically, a required 500-foot buffer between the driveway of a marijuana facility and that of a school, day care center, church, or residence, among others. In effect, the restriction would make the town’s few commercial and industrial-zoned areas off limits for recreational marijuana businesses, even non-retail establishments such as farms, factories, or labs. The board, which had worked on the first bylaw for months, said that was not its intent and agreed to work on a re-do after it passed, with input from residents, including John Rounds, who provided an outline for the board to work from. 

Amend Section 4.18.7.a.7 by renumbering as 4.18.7.a.6. Amend Section 11 by adding a definition for Non-Retail Marijuana Business. Authorize the Town Clerk to make several corrections to typos. 

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We support the legalization, taxation and regulation of marijuana in our state and around the country! These laws must change. This is a huge time for the country to show everyone that we have had enough of these unjust laws. Too many people are being arrested at gun point for something that grows freely from the ground. We here at Legalize Ohio are determined to bring sensible reform to this state. 

Colorado and Washington voters have just shocked the world by legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults 21 years of age and older. Marijuana is not the drug that it has been made out to be. In the coming months it will be amazing to see the results of this legalization and we are interested to see what is going to happen. We must take this momentum and run with it here in Ohio. Getting this movement to the main stream is all dependant on your support, as well as the support of our sponsors like Thickassglass.com, and we are glad we have it! 

Lets Legalize Ohio. 

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