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Doctor 420- fight for medical marijuana with a twist of comedy

From comedy to cannabis: Roseanne Barr invests in Santa Ana pot shop – Orange County Register

SANTA ANA – First, comedian Roseanne Barr blazed trails with her sitcom; more recently she joined the growing reality TV world as she farmed macadamia nuts in Hawaii. Barr will be an investor and have a licensing agreement with a dispensary that’s one of 20 that won a city lottery last year allowing it to apply to operate in Santa Ana, the actress’ spokesman and the dispensary’s partners said this week. The dispensary will be called Roseanne’s Joint and will sell marijuana products bearing its name, said partner Aaron Herzberg, 46. Barr joins a growing number of celebrities trying their hand at medical marijuana ventures, in Santa Ana and beyond. Cypress Hill rapper B-Real was the first celebrity to jump into the local pot scene when his dispensary was among those to win Santa Ana’s dispensary license lottery. Last week, actor Woody Harrelson applied for a marijuana dispensary license in Hawaii. Herzberg said construction for Roseanne’s Joint could be completed by late April, a necessary element to receive the regulatory safety permit, and the dispensary could open shortly afterward. Dispensary partners see Roseanne’s Joint as only the start. Barr’s licensed products could someday be distributed at other stores and she could be involved in other pot shop ventures, Herzberg said. The building is 5,000 square feet, about three times the average dispensary size, said Francey, who’s already opened his first medicial marijuana shop in the city, OC3 at 3122 S. Halladay St. He and Herzberg said they hope the city will consider allowing cultivation or a coffee shop operation at licensed dispensaries.

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Source: https://www.ocregister.com/2016/02/11/from-comedy-to-cannabis-roseanne-barr-invests-in-santa-ana-pot-shop/

In 1937, the first marijuana seller was arrested and convicted under a federal Law. As cannabis disappeared from pharmacy shelves as a pain-treating medicine, and with the government driving lies about it home the plant became a source of fear, marijuana began starring in horror films that years later would become cult comedy classics. Bill wakes up from being knocked unconscious to believe that he did the deed, leaving the message to be that a night of heavy marijuana use led to all of it. Six years later, in 1942, marijuana was removed from the United States Pharmacopeia, discrediting of its therapeutic legitimacy by the American Medical Association. Pulling up to border patrol in a giant green van, unaware that the van is completely constructed of marijuana, a stoned, lazy-eyed Pedro rolls down the window to greet a border patrol officer. In 1978, New Mexico passed the first state law recognizing the medical value of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act. Eventually, marijuana gained more and more popularity as a sub-culture, complete with Tommy Chong selling his own bongs on the internet. Gallup is saying that 58% of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana. Within a 70-year time period, the subject of marijuana took the notion of a drug dealer from a homicidal maniac to a cuddly BFFF. At the same time, the plant itself has gone from being viewed as a menace to being viewed as medicine. Now, even whole publications like The National are taking a stand against the War on Drugs, calling it a complete failure and demanding full marijuana legalization.

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Source: https://blogs.colum.edu/reviewing-the-arts/2013/11/19/film-pot-madness-marijuana-merriment/

Assessing the state of the stoner comedy with a Denver cannabis king

As far as cannabis cred goes, you can’t do much better than co-owning a dispensary and a chain of pizza parlors and sponsoring comedy shows. The A.V. Club, on the other hand, decided to ask him about the state of the stoner comedy in the brave new world of legal cannabis, where stigmas against smoking pot in polite society are beginning to dissolve. Movies in general exaggerate things, they find certain things to exploit, and you definitely see a pattern with cannabis [on film]. We’re starting to see some of that on TV, especially on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, or cable networks like HBO or Showtime, showing cannabis use in a totally different way. After I got established in the cannabis scene and in pizza, I started Sex Pot Comedy at one of my pizzerias down south. So we moved it to the Oriental Theater, and we’ve been doing cannabis consumption shows there for about two years. If you saw the Sexpot Comedy logo on a poster, it was just kind of an unspoken thing that you’d know these venues were cannabis friendly. We have 45 shows a month in Denver, in L.A., Chicago, and New York City, we’ve got 20 podcasts, and they all tie into this central theme that even if they’re not about cannabis, they’re adjacent to it. KK: There’s been a lot of debate in Denver lately about whether a cannabis crowd is good to have at a comedy show. When talking about Broad City-for the past two decades, the cannabis industry has been notorious for sexualizing women, and whenever you’d see women involved in cannabis it’d be about sex, in ads or even in movies.

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Source: https://tv.avclub.com/assessing-the-state-of-the-stoner-comedy-with-a-denver-1798246595

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