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Funny marijuana comedy stoner show

WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE We are here to entertain you with stoner comedy and information as well as activism and medical marijuana concerns. We are a TV style variety show that features many topics that are all marijuana related. Now there is finally a TV variety show for stoners that even forget their own birthday and have to use this tool to calculate it. We’re stoners ourselves, but with a lot more to offer than Jackass type stunts. Many stoners are well educated, have stellar careers, and are pillars of their community, so we’ve decided to educate everyone about drugs: the myths, the facts, and the true lifestyle that billions of people endure daily, good or bad. We’ve been smoking marijuana for about 30 years each, and smoke daily. VISIT OUR STONER STOREPrices are reduced to benefit stoners. 10% of profits go to improving our show10% of profits go to the creation of a special non-profit stoner organization. In order to eradicate stoner stigmas, we have to legitimize our concerns. We are hoping to bring stoners out of the closet, to unite for a common goal. Support the show, to let others know that stoners aren’t bad people, or stupid, and most shouldn’t be convicted as criminals.

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Did that Show Really Happen? Comedy at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The following discussion is about a show I’m guessing will be in the top 5 on my list for surreal places to do a show. I was booked to do a show at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I get there early because I wanted to scope out my show. I don’t know what most medical marijuana dispensaries look like, but this place looks like one of the coolest loft apartments you’ve ever seen. The shows are set-up for members and they were all sitting on couches or chairs passing around volcano bags like it was a pitcher of beer. It costs 100 bucks, which allows you to go into any medical marijuana dispensary and purchase your medicine. Now when she found out that what she initially thought was a nirvana gig would not legally allow her to partake, well it gave her a great little story to begin her show. Now I have done a few shows in people’s living rooms and this one had a bunch of people definitely happy to be there, so that made it easier than it would have been without the medicine. To combat this I made the show very conversational and spent a decent portion of the show sitting on a chair like I was Bill Cosby. The show went well and the audience couldn’t have been cooler.

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Cheese Marijuana Seeds: Grow Your Own Comedy Factory

Cheese marijuana is a hybrid, indica-dominant, that became popular worldwide for the unique flavor and consistent potency. In the cheese weed of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds seeds all the characteristics of the beloved Master Kush with our Super Skunk strain are mixed in. Blending the best of both worlds increased blue cheese marijuana trichome production and yields, as well as the smell and taste of the marijuana plant. Cheeseweed marijuana seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are developed by the best Dutch growers. No matter which country you live, AMS makes sure you’ll receive your beloved Cheese marijuana seeds. WATER AND SPACE NEEDED. Cheese marijuana plants grow really bushy, so make sure the plants have enough space. Indoors cheese weed will grow up to 80 centimeters, whilst out in the sun, these marijuana strains can stretch to 2.1 meters. USE OUR GROW GUIDE. A cheese strain is not the easiest to grow, the difficulty is moderate. So experiment with our cheese marijuana and start growing your own comedy factory. ABOUT OUR SEED BANK. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has been the best Dutch marijuana seed supplier for more than 15 years.

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Comedy and Cannabis Come Together to Help the Homeless in DC

As Washington’s most talented pool of comedians gather to provide a rip-roaring comedy special, benefitting the nearly 7,000 homeless people in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, homelessness is a huge problem in the nation’s capital. Back in 2015, a Senate office building cafeteria worker revealed he was homeless. The wait list is so long that the DC Housing Authority has given up on adding new names. Comedienne Elizabeth Croydon has lined up a fabulous holiday splendor of a show. She’s homegrown, DC talent with a wealth of worldly experience as an award-winning director, producer, and critically acclaimed comedienne. Ryan Neser recently returned to the DMV after appearing at Broadway Comedy Club and Dangerfield’s in New York City. The comic known as Lars Loving, has graced the airwaves with his comedy. His comedy appeals to every walk of life from college students to old retired hippies. His national appearances include the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC and Chicago’s Comedy Sportz Theatre. Get ready for truly dope comedy, and chase away the holiday humbug – and hunger for the homeless – with this ‘Blazed and Confused’ stand-up comedy event.

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