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This film isn’t the standard slapstick marijuana humor many have come to expect from weed related flicks, however the writing is great and it also treats marijuana in a realistic way. This film has the feeling that it was written, directed, and acted by a bunch of stoners. Only Quentin Tarantino could possibly write a film where an actor of Robert Deniro’s caliber would agree to take bong hits almost continuously throughout. This film has so many nods to 70s stars it is a must see for any stoners with a penchant for 70s nostalgia. Upon watching this film you know that whoever wrote it had to have been stoned out of their minds because of its randomness. The is about as perfect as a marijuana film can get. Written and directed by the academy award winning Cohen brothers, this film introduces us to one of the best pothead characters of all time, The Dude. So I must admit it is hard to rate films on a list but Dazed and Confused sucessfully integrates everything that is consistent with a great pot movie. Milla Jovovich is ridiculously hot, Matthew McConaughey is super cool, and Wiley Wiggins gives an excellent performance as a young somewhat naive boy coming of age in the late 70s. There are so many memorable moments in this film it’s hard to list them all, but I think there is a little bit of something for all us pot smokers to remember about our own adolescence. Top Ten lists can include TEN films ????. The Wackness.

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marijuana legal

It is perfectly legal in this smoky room for medical marijuana patients to burn, eat, rub, filter and roll marijuana. The pot in the cafe is brought in by patients or donated by growers. The cafe has farmer’s markets of donated weed-laden goodies, a weekly comedy show and even an employees’ night. The rest of the evening will be spent alternatively cringing and clapping at the cluster of medical marijuana users who make it their business to be at the cafe when karaoke kicks off at 7 p.m. From table to table, the stories pour out of them. If there is a point to the Cannabis Cafe, it is to give people who smoke pot a place to do it together. Marijuana at the Cannabis Cafe is a sleep aid, an appetite stimulator and a headache reliever. Toward the back of the cafe on a couch dug into a little nook under a billiard lamp, Joe Winn, 30, leans into a bong, takes a giant drag, holds it and exhales. The impetus for starting the cafe was President Barack Obama’s 2009 pledge to soften the federal stance on medical marijuana. A year ago, owner Madeline Martinez brought in a pair of local police officers to tour the cafe as a sign that the place was more than a marijuana speakeasy. Melody Reid, one of the few in the cafe who chose not to sing, says she would frequent bars in her younger days before thyroid cancer and a gastric pacemaker, and that she grew tired of the constant pick-up attempts by stumbling drunks.

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The perennial debate about the classification of drugs has again turned to the status of cannabis. Certainly in a culture exercised by scrutinising the effects of illegal substances we seemingly need frequent reminders that the three biggest legal drugs are certainly no less harmful. A March 2007 study in the journal Lancet has found that both tobacco and alcohol are more harmful as drugs than is cannabis. The inconsistency lies in the fact that demonstrably far more dangerous drugs than cannabis are legally available. Responsible use entails consideration of the set and setting in which the drug is taken. Cannabis is a universally acknowledged social drug of no lower standing than alcohol, and which frequently is set in a context of social etiquette and communion with fellow users. Certainly it is true that innumerable millions use the drug without moving onto heroin or cocaine or esctasy or LSD. It should arouse the public’s suspicion that a legal drug of alcohol’s destructive potency is legal, but marijuana is not. Prevalence of drug misuse by 16 to 24 year olds in the previous year, 2004/05, England and Wales. According to Home Office statistics for 2000, when cannabis was a Class B drug, police seizures in the UK numbered 91,000 – that’s 95% of the entire category. It’s legalisation could open the door to standardised, tested and regulated quality products, just as is the case for the legal drugs.

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marijuana – IMPROV IS A CULT!

I have learned that it doesn’t matter where the improv is happening, whether it is a new group of beginners, or the old tried and true institutions of improv, the method of controlling people is eerily similar to how Scientology and other cults control their followers. In a sense you are lost when you enter an improv school – just like any other lost person who walks into a cult. Group thought is part of what makes improv work, and not work at the same time. PART 4: RACISM AND IMPROV. There is a uniformity in thought in improv. Most people involved in Improv will say they are against these things and they will hold symposiums where they pretend that they care about the issue, often putting the perpetrators into positions where they are expected to speak as authorities on the subject. So if improv has been historically dominated by white males then you can just imagine what comes out of mouths unfiltered when five white people are on stage with one visible minority. The company claims to prefer improv couples who meet at the theater so they can all work together. IMPROV IS A CULT! CONCLUSION. After some very intense introspection I can only conclude that improv and improvisational comedy is a cult. If you are interested in studying improv or comedy I would certainly suggest that it is worth taking some courses. Other than the main company that supports improv there are other improv theaters.

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