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10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana

The days of Reefer Madness are pretty far gone, but the American public is still vastly uninformed about marijuana, particularly concerning its myriad of amazing health benefits. Here are 10 health benefits that marijuana possesses. Cigarette smoke causes cancer because the tobacco is radiated whereas marijuana isn’t. The American Association for Cancer Research has found the marijuana actually works to slow down tumor growth in the lungs, breasts, and brain considerably. There are actually countless cases of people suffering from seizures that have only been able to function better through the use of marijuana. Since medicinal marijuana was legalized in California, doctors have reported that they have been able to treat more than 300,000 cases of migraines that conventional medicine couldn’t through marijuana. Marijuana’s effects on multiple sclerosis patients became better documented when former talk-show host, Montel Williams began to use pot to treat his MS. Marijuana works to stop the neurological effects and muscle spasms that come from the fatal disease. Despite what you may have heard about marijuana’s effects on the brain, the Scripps Institute, in 2006, proved that the THC found in marijuana works to prevent Alzheimer’s by blocking the deposits in the brain that cause the disease. Just like marijuana is used to treat IBS, it can be used to treat the cramps and discomfort that causes your girlfriend to lash out at you. Using marijuana for PMS actually goes all the way back to Queen Victoria.

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Marijuana & Cannabis Blog

I’ve introduced a bill which would allow fines to be waived for the personal cultivation and use of marijuana for people suffering designated medical conditions. This would be on the proviso that a medical practitioner has signed a palliative cannabis certificate, saying that the person is suffering from a specified illness or disease, the symptoms of which might be palliated by the smoking or consumption of cannabis or cannabis resin. Paracetamol kills 400 people per year, and even aspirin causes more deaths than cannabis. ABS figures do not show cannabis as causing any deaths. There is not anywhere in the literature a causal link between cannabis and psychosis. There is evidence that shows that some people who are psychotic have a tendency to self-medicate with cannabis and, of course, that is interesting in itself because there is an ingredient in cannabis called CBD that inhibits psychotic symptoms among schizophrenics. It may be that they have cottoned on to that and are using it to effectively alleviate some of their symptoms. The war against marijuana is ideological; it is a matter of what substance fits with what set of values. It is time for us to consider the use of medical marijuana as part of being a humane and compassionate society. If we know that a substance works by improving the health of people and we continue to deny access to it, particularly when so many people use it illegally without any bad effect, then there is something else driving the argument – and it is certainly not science.

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Underground Marijuana Message Boards

Flow Culture – Stoner blog discussing many different ideas/issues from stoner music to philosophy to the legality of marijuana and psychedelics. Headstuff Books Forum – Discussion and chat site where meditators and/or cannabis users can talk about techniques and ask questions regarding use, particularly in a meditational context. HighTimers – Stoner friendly chat room with 150+ sounds and images to keep any stoner entertained for hours. We are a peaceful loving Community dedicated to the legalization of industrial hemp and medical marijuana. Mellowfx – forum and community of people all over the world who discussmarijuana, drugs and health, sex, politics, issues etc. Psychedelic Trance – Psytrance music community featuring forums, chat rooms, events, profiles and photos. Stoner Forums – an online stoner community featuring marijuana and lifestyle forums, marijuana pics, cannabis news and activism, marijuana growing information, humor and comedy, stoner podcasts, and tons more information. THCtalk.com – Cannabis Community & Discussion The House Of Chronic – An 18+ only marijuana forum, we are the official forum of the stone zone show and john doe radio. Weedguru.com – Marijuana discussion forum with growing guides and other cannabis information for beginner or advanced smokers Weed Nation – a global force for education about and reform of Marijuana legislation. Captain Chronic leads a group of super-stoners who enhance their natural abilities through marijuana, giving them super powers.

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A new way to bet on legal marijuana hits the TSX

A marijuana-themed exchange traded fund – touted as the world’s first – launched on Wednesday morning on the Toronto Stock Exchange, giving investors a new way to bet on legal marijuana stocks. Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF, managed by the Canadian branch of Horizons ETFs Management, bundles 14 stocks related to the marijuana industry and makes them available as a single security. Ten of the 14 stocks currently held in the fund are Canadian-based companies, most of which are licensed producers of legal medical marijuana. The passive exchange traded fund tracks most of the companies listed in the North American Medical Marijuana Index compiled by German indexing firm Solactive. Hawkins did acknowledge some inherent risks in investing in the marijuana industry as a whole. Those growth expectations are largely predicated upon the eventual legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, which could come as early as July 2018. Many of the legal medical marijuana producers in Canada are building up capacity to sell into the recreational market once they can. Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF opened at $10.11 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday, and was trading at $10.24 as of noon ET. ‘Classic speculation’. That said, Balchunas warned that even diversified investments in the marijuana industry are still considered quite risky. Balchunas said he’s received lots of inquiries about marijuana exchange traded funds from investors over the past year.

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Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/horizons-marijuana-etf-launch-1.4056365

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