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The Tragedy of Stoner Comedy

Fourteen states have effectively decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, and on June 4 Mayor Bloomberg and the New York Police Department announced plans to follow suit in NYC. As marijuana goes mainstream, its media portrayal has likewise softened. In the film, marijuana transforms seemingly normal, upstanding American youth into maniacs similar to the opium fiends of earlier stereotypes. Drugs were everywhere: on the strip, where people dropped microtabs of acid and then painted themselves blue; in middle schools, where young pushers did the work of the Fagin-esque masterminds of the marijuana trade; and in middle-class homes, where the sharing of one joint led a young Don and Betty Draper-esque couple to neglect its newborn in a bathtub with a running faucet, where the tot ineluctably drowned. Their straggly long hair, stoner talk, and constant fiending for the demon weed established the stereotype that prevails, in various permutations, to this day. Of late, the stoner comedy has become more realistic. The movie blended stoner stereotypes and broad humor with blood, gore, and violence. More than likely, the stoner comedies of the future will continue to play up the humor while conveniently overlooking the tragedy at the heart of American marijuana prohibition. Whatever the case, there will be no stoner comedy that deals with the harm inflicted on a family when an adult male breadwinner is sent to state prison for what is essentially a victimless crime. Marijuana prohibition has been the gateway to an exponential expansion of the prison-industrial complex, but that’s a reality silver-screen fantasies will not touch. As with romantic comedies, which give us a skewed view of love, the stoner genre is riddled with distortions and misrepresentations-a bad trip worthy of the worst directors in Hollywood.

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Source: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-tragedy-of-stoner-comedy

The DEA Is Trying To Block Medical Marijuana In Utah By Claiming Stoned Rabbits Will Ruin America

In a hearing on Medical Marijuana last Thursday by senators and law enforcement officials in Utah one DEA agent claimed that medical marijuana could lead to stoned rabbits fearless of human beings, and destructive deforestation all across Utah. In addition to telling tales about the catastrophic deforestation effects of marijuana, special agent Matt Fairbanks is a member of the DEA’s ‘marijuana eradication’ committee and claims to have seen firsthand rabbits under the effects of marijuana and who have become fearless of human beings, and who have lost the ‘fight or flight’ defense mechanism all mammals possess. It’s true that illegal pot farming can have harmful environmental consequences. Of course, nothing about these consequences is unique to marijuana. If corn were outlawed and cartels started growing it in national forests, the per-plant environmental toll would be about the same. I don’t know that the occasional high rabbit constitutes grounds for keeping marijuana prohibition in place, any more than drunk squirrels are an argument for outlawing alcohol. If you’re not already an avid reader of Chris Ingraham on The Wonk Blog, add it to your bookmarks NOW. He’s putting out some of the best critiques you’ll read on people trying to propagate marijuana prohibition, and drug policy in general. What’s absolutely ridiculous that a senate committee would take the word of a man whose very livelihood depends on him convincing the committee that marijuana is dangerous and will ruin society. With the legalization of marijuana there’s no need for the ‘marijuana eradication’ team, and this DEA special agent’s bottom dollar gets affected. He’s simply out to maintain a state of fear, and distract everyone from the fact that medical marijuana would probably be the best thing to ever happen to our healthcare system.

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Source: http://brobible.com/life/article/stoned-rabbit-dea-utah-medical-marijuana

Ann Coulter Blames Marijuana for Making ‘People Retarded’ and ‘Destroying the Country’

Marijuana is legal in some capacity, whether medicinally or recreationally, in more than half of the United States. It all started when Kasparian brought up the racial disparities surrounding marijuana charges, pointing out that African-Americans are often arrested and sentenced at much higher rates for marijuana use and possession compared with whites committing similar offenses. Coulter refuted her panel mate’s comment and started speaking about a study she allegedly read that claimed black people lie about their marijuana use more than other races. She was unable to cite the study’s origin, where it had been published or any other information regarding the researchers of the study, but Coulter told the moderator, journalist and author TourĂ©, that she would email him the study. A different study, conducted by the National Institutes of Health in 2008, found that more people-regardless of race-self-reported marijuana use than they actually tested positive for in a hair-strand drug test. As for possession arrests and sentences, Coulter advanced her claim that no one actually serves time for possessing marijuana. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, more than 8.2 million people were arrested on marijuana charges between 2001 and 2010. Eighty-eight percent of the arrests were merely on possession alone. A separate study released by the National Registry of Exonerations in March said that African-Americans were five times as likely to face jail time for simple drug possession, including marijuana, compared with white offenders of the same crime. When asked if marijuana should be made legal in the states, Coulter, who obviously disapproved, tried to connect the herbal substance to mental disabilities, which she then seemed to link to immigrants who work as busboys in restaurants.

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Source: http://www.newsweek.com/ann-coulter-marijuana-legal-america-645040

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