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Elizabeth Croydon- Medical Marijuana (Comedy)

Disjointed’s Kathy Bates on new Netflix comedy, the medicinal benefits of cannabis and American Horror Story

Back in 2012, Kathy Bates lit up a cigar, spat out some salty zingers and won an Emmy for her guest role as the ghost of Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men, the CBS sitcom co-created by Chuck Lorre. Now she’s lighting up again – only this time it’s a reefer – as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, the owner of a Southern California medical marijuana dispensary in Disjointed, Lorre’s new Netflix comedy. Ruth wants to rail against The Man; Travis wants to grow their shop into the Walmart of cannabis. When Bates went through breast cancer, she says marijuana really helped her with pain relief. Originally, when I was going through breast cancer, my oncologist prescribed some, because my recovery was painful and the marijuana was a tremendous help. Kathy Bates as the ghost of Charlie Harper in ‘Two and a Half Men’. You see how it’s helping people like the partner of our cannabis consultant, who has cerebral palsy, or the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, a group of football players I met who were suffering from different head injuries and it helped them tremendously. Q: You aren’t doing ‘American Horror Story’ this season, but you’ve credited Ryan Murphy with reviving your career. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I felt that, well, maybe I’m done here. This little kid inside me that loves to dress up and pretend, that I thought was done for, just came to life again.

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While men are overflowing in the stoner comedy genre, the female stoner remains ever elusive. Pull the name of any stoner film out of a hat, and you’ll find this to be true: Up in Smoke, Pineapple Express, Harold and Kumar, Half Baked, Dude Where’s My Car, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back-the list goes on. Via GIPHY.If a woman is seen in a stoner movie at all, it’s usually as the level-headed, semi-prudish adult responsible for reigning in their goofy male counterpart who just wants to smoke weed and have fun. According to some reports, women actually smoke more weed than men-and can generally out-smoke them too. Female stoners rarely get the chance to see themselves as protagonists on the big screen. On television, women have been making strides in the stoner genre with shows like Weeds, Mary + Jane, and to some extent Broad City. We’ve yet to see a pair of goofy, stoner, female friends getting unnecessarily high then going on an outlandish comedic adventure to get fast food, or whatever. If you’re a female stoner, you’ve likely seen very few portrayals of yourself on the big screen. The lack of female stoner movies is but one small component of a massive representational bias in the film industry. It’s time to finally put those two things together-weed smoking women and comedy-on the big screen for stoned women, and men, everywhere to enjoy.

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420: Comedy Central’s Pot-filled Programing with Broad City Season Finale and Time Traveling Bong Premiere

This 4/20 is a particularly epic one for the Broad City. Squad. Tonight marks the season 3 finale for Broad City., capping a season full of weed induced antics. Immediately following is the premiere of Time Traveling Bong., a history-trotting comedy starring Paul W. Downs. A time traveling bong, making for one kushy hour of television courtesy of Comedy Central. Broad City.’s Abbi and Ilana have been through some tribulations this season, with the finale finding the BFFs escaping NYC and on a trek to Israel. How Abbi and Ilana come out the other end of a season filled with break-ups, breakdowns, and Hillary Clinton has yet to be determined, but if their current arc is any indicator of what’s to come, Glazer and Jacobson. Time Traveling Bong was created and written by Glazer, Downs, and Lucia Aniello. The show centers around Jeff and Sharee, two bored stoners who find themselves in possession of a bong that allows them to travel to the past, giving new meaning to #hightimes. In honor of Comedy Central’s night of pot-filled programming we revisit three of Broad City.’s finer marijuana moments of the season for your 4/20 pleasure. Opening montage split screen of Abbi and Ilana going about their daily bathroom business, which consists of smoking spliffs in the tub and hitting bongs on the pot.

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Best Stoner Comedy Movies

The stoner comedy genre has always been a voice on political times – perhaps an apathetic, lackadaisical voice, yet nonetheless, a voice. These films have plenty to offer stoned and non-stoned viewers alike. In the counterculture of the late ’70s, they set the tone for the rest of the stoner comedy genre to follow suit. As they bumble and swerve their way down the road, discussing inanities and fleeing cops, they influence entire generations of future stoners, and stoner films, to come. In a word, he became the symbol of the ’80s stoner. One of the few stoner comedies that does not revolve around marijuana, this 1989 film follows perpetual slackers Bill and Ted as they travel through time to learn about history for a high school history presentation. The film refueled the stoner comedy genre of the ’90s by first introducing the world to Matthew McConaughey as party fiend David Wooderson. By showing us the truth in suburban, middle-class banality – heavily influenced by stoner culture – Kevin Smith was able to launch his career with this low-budget classic. In the first film of this series, we follow unemployed stoners Smokey and Craig for the duration of a day as they smoke their entire stash and have to figure out a plot to pay back the money to their dealer. It also became the genre’s archetype for stoner buddy films made over the past 10 years.

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