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At This Comedy Club, Getting High is in the Job Description – Medical Marijuana News

Cannabis encourages relaxation and creativity, not to mention that people who are high love to laugh. Seattle’s Gateway Show pairs up cannabis and comedy to create an unstoppable duo. Tonight, the show is being being held at Jai Thai, a Thai restaurant that hosts comedy four nights a week in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. The comedian has been featured on Comedy Central and had just flown up from L.A. to perform on the show. The Seattle faction of The Gateway Show receives sponsorship from Fweedom Cannabis and Tiller Natural, and their money goes a long way. Although many cannabis businesses undoubtedly wish to give back to the community, federal regulations make it very difficult for them to donate to charitable causes. Sponsoring local events like the comedy show allows businesses to support the artists and venues while also giving consumers a reason to buy their products. Even in legal states, cannabis consumers may feel threatened by widespread stigma and fear of arrest. Events like The Gateway Show are providing cannabis users with a place to seek entertainment and be honest about their interests without feeling subjected to judgment. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these areas, make sure to support the cannabis movement by getting out of the house and encouraging local businesses and art.

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Herbal and Marijuana Vaporizers For Smoking Marijuana

There are a lot of ways Marijuana and Cannabis are smoked. One of these methods is smoking marijuana with the use of vaporizer. Cannabis vaporizer works in transforming your weed from solid to gas and makes it good for smoking. Vaporizers are very common and the best for medical marijuana users as they remove the smell and taste of smoke when you inhale. The weed vapor which is produced by the vaporizer is much stronger than what you can get from using bong, pipe, rolling papers, or any other marijuana smoking methods. While there is not much great deal, if any, the smoke created by any other smoking supplies has nothing to do with the smoking technique that you use. There are many health benefits that you can get if you use vaporizer in smoking marijuana and cannabis instead of using the other methods. There are many name brands of herbal vaporizers that you can use for cooking pot instead of inhaling the smoke. Online headshops have many items for sale including marijuana seeds, bongs, pipes, hookahs and other instrument devices used for smoking weed. Yes, it is legal and not illegal to purchase vaporisers and other types of glass pipes used for smoking weed, smoking pot, smoking cannabis or any other tobacco product as long as when you buy it that it is for smoking tobacco for recreational use only.

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Looking Through The Lens

This 37-year-old creates amazing mosaics using the humble medium of used roach papers from smoked joints. Amazingly, this is just something Cliff does in his spare time. It’s his roach paper Chronic Art that has captured the imagination of folks nationwide. As a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Cliff had the opportunity to take inspiration from the great mosaics of the past. His roach paper portraits include iconic rock star stoners like Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, and John Lennon, and hemped hop rap stars like Snoop Dogg and Method Man. All these followed his very first roach paper portrait, which was of Jesus. Cliff’s currently offering hand-signed and numbered, limited edition, museum quality prints of all his mosaics. The fantastic level of detail present in Cliff’s work is truly mind-boggling. When you start to grok how much time must have been spent fitting together all those sticky little bits of paper, cutting and arranging them in a way as to form a work of art, you have to admire this guy’s dedication. Maynard’s unique and phenomenal talent has turned the heads of numerous cannabis luminaries such as Cheech & Chong, Marc Emery, Todd McCormick, Rev. Eddy Lepp, and Vivian McPeak, all of whom totally freaked on the level of passion, skill and detail in Cliff’s work.

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U.S. Marijuana Party

The United States Marijuana Party – is a motivated group of Americans who are tired of living in fear of their government because of marijuana prohibition. More Americans are in jail today for marijuana offenses than at any previous time in American history. The war against marijuana is a genocidal war waged against us by a government determined to eradicate our plant, our culture, our freedom and our political rights. We demand the release of all people imprisoned on marijuana charges and that their criminal records be expunged. We demand the right to grow marijuana for personal consumption, just as alcohol can be brewed at home legally and so long that it is not sold it should therefore remain untaxed. WE organize Marijuana Parties in states across the U.S. WE are striving hard to have all 50 states represented by Nov. 2020! WE plan to run candidates on the Marijuana Party ticket in local, state, and national elections, and to debate this issue whenever and wherever the opportunity arises! If you do not have a chapter of the US Marijuana Party in your area START ONE NOW! The U.S Marijuana Party operates solely from donations made by concerned citizens. You can start a Chapter or support the U.S. Marijuana Party in your State.

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The 20 Best Stoner Movies Of All Time

Dude in honor of the awesomeness that is Pineapple Express, starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, we offer up our 20 best stoner movies of all time. Somewhere among the stoner humor comes an intelligent film about weed. OK, so you’re not going to find your lighthearted buddy stoner comedy in Homegrown, but that doesn’t mean you should pass it by. While it’s not strictly a pothead movie, PCU has elements of stoner activity among the n’er-do-wells of The Pit and the campus potheads, who spend their days playing Frisbee. Seth Rogen delivers the stoner persona of Ben Stone well – conflicted by having to put his pothead ways behind him and become more responsible as he prepares for a baby. Breaking away from his stoner pals is hard to do because they’re just too much frickin fun. Seth Rogan naturally draws on his stoner experience and James Franco shows a funnier side over some of his serious roles. Friday became an instant stoner hit with the hilarious roles played by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. A big shout out has to be given to both Harold and Kumar films – the original is the ultimate stoner munchy run gone awry. With so many Cheech and Chong stoner flicks to choose from, we went with the original and probably the best of the series, Up in Smoke, if only for the prestigious honor of having the biggest joint in film history.

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Marijuana Advocate and Internet Marketer –

You’re Marijuana Business customers are looking for your exciting videos, documentaries, and series of videos explaining your Marijuana business, its importance and the several different brands of your product. The main customers of your Marijuana are weed smokers and Marijuana administered patients. Remember, failure to advertise, is planning to fail it is important that you advertise your Marijuana business. Start designing detailed videos about your Marijuana business portfolio, explain your products and add it to your landing page or YouTube channel. Trust is important in building the right partnerships that will boost your Marijuana business. So start making interesting videos today about your Marijuana business portfolio and build trust between you and your customers. A majority of your Marijuana business customers, own smart phones and search online for availability and information on Marijuana products. Finally, your job is to increase the sales of your Marijuana business, we are currently in a world where one excellent video might lead into the massive traffic of customers into your Marijuana business and increase the sales of your Marijuana business. Remember marketing is no longer about your Marijuana products but the interesting Marijuana story. Use video marketing in explaining your Marijuana Business story.

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‘Disjointed’ Review: Kathy Bates’ Weed-Themed Netflix Comedy

You might have seen that Disjointed stars the great Kathy Bates and airs on Netflix, and assumed that it must be innovative in some way. Disjointed is a generic workplace sitcom that might as well take place at a health-food store, or a chiropractor’s office. Disjointed’s hacky sitcom format is a poor fit for Bates, who looks uncomfortable throughout, even appearing to read her lines off of cue cards at times. Disjointed’s supporting cast is mostly forgettable, because their characters are patched together from sitcom clichés. Across the board, Disjointed is marred by very broad, yell-y acting, with the cast straining to sell woeful jokes that range from tired pothead stereotypes to vulgar double-entendres. With shows like this and Fuller House, Netflix seems to be trying to establish a foothold in the traditional three-camera sitcom game. Disjointed’s failings just underline why the old-fashioned sitcom is a dying art these days. Michael Douglas actually just signed on to star in a new Netflix comedy series produced by Lorre. Mike, buddy, save yourself a lot of time and heartache: Watch five minutes of Disjointed to get an idea of what you’re in for and then run for the hills. THE TVLINE BOTTOM LINE: Just say no to Netflix’s Disjointed – a strained, dreadfully unfunny sitcom that squanders the talents of Kathy Bates.

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Is Smoking Weed Around Dogs Dangerous?

At around the same time, I also composed a comprehensive website with 100 articles on dog and cat diseases, syndromes and treatments. None of the other 99 articles made much of a splash, but the article on marijuana really got noticed. I talk about canine marijuana intoxication in a straightforward and nonjudgemental way; this has unfortunately led some folks to the misconception that I endorse getting dogs stoned. NJ. The good news is that, unless an animal is confined in a pillowcase or in a room with extreme amounts of smoke, inhaling secondhand marijuana smoke is not likely to lead to intoxication. The bigger concern here is the smoke itself. Dogs have exquisitely sensitive lungs, and smoke can damage them. On the other hand, if the person doing the smoking does not go overboard, doesn’t smoke every day, and keeps a window open while smoking, it is not likely that much harm will come to the dog – from the smoke at least. Bear in mind that although I’ve never seen a dog die from marijuana intoxication, I have seen dogs die as a direct result of their owners getting stoned. The owner’s boyfriend got stoned and decided to hang out on his apartment building’s roof with the dog. It’s fun to write and joke about marijuana on the Internet, but remember that situations involving dogs and marijuana can end poorly.

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420: Comedy Central’s Pot-filled Programing with Broad City Season Finale and Time Traveling Bong Premiere

This 4/20 is a particularly epic one for the Broad City. Squad. Tonight marks the season 3 finale for Broad City., capping a season full of weed induced antics. Immediately following is the premiere of Time Traveling Bong., a history-trotting comedy starring Paul W. Downs. A time traveling bong, making for one kushy hour of television courtesy of Comedy Central. Broad City.’s Abbi and Ilana have been through some tribulations this season, with the finale finding the BFFs escaping NYC and on a trek to Israel. How Abbi and Ilana come out the other end of a season filled with break-ups, breakdowns, and Hillary Clinton has yet to be determined, but if their current arc is any indicator of what’s to come, Glazer and Jacobson. Time Traveling Bong was created and written by Glazer, Downs, and Lucia Aniello. The show centers around Jeff and Sharee, two bored stoners who find themselves in possession of a bong that allows them to travel to the past, giving new meaning to #hightimes. In honor of Comedy Central’s night of pot-filled programming we revisit three of Broad City.’s finer marijuana moments of the season for your 4/20 pleasure. Opening montage split screen of Abbi and Ilana going about their daily bathroom business, which consists of smoking spliffs in the tub and hitting bongs on the pot.

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Best Stoner Comedy Movies

The stoner comedy genre has always been a voice on political times – perhaps an apathetic, lackadaisical voice, yet nonetheless, a voice. These films have plenty to offer stoned and non-stoned viewers alike. In the counterculture of the late ’70s, they set the tone for the rest of the stoner comedy genre to follow suit. As they bumble and swerve their way down the road, discussing inanities and fleeing cops, they influence entire generations of future stoners, and stoner films, to come. In a word, he became the symbol of the ’80s stoner. One of the few stoner comedies that does not revolve around marijuana, this 1989 film follows perpetual slackers Bill and Ted as they travel through time to learn about history for a high school history presentation. The film refueled the stoner comedy genre of the ’90s by first introducing the world to Matthew McConaughey as party fiend David Wooderson. By showing us the truth in suburban, middle-class banality – heavily influenced by stoner culture – Kevin Smith was able to launch his career with this low-budget classic. In the first film of this series, we follow unemployed stoners Smokey and Craig for the duration of a day as they smoke their entire stash and have to figure out a plot to pay back the money to their dealer. It also became the genre’s archetype for stoner buddy films made over the past 10 years.

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Chicago USA

Because of the thousands of people like Rubén, McDonald’s had to change their coffee stirrer from a little spoon on a long stem because people like Rubén used it to snort coke, to a flat paddle and later a small straw. Anyway, thanks to Rubén, I attended my first rock concert. Led Zeppelin came to Chicago in January of 1975 and word was out that all the tickets would sell out immediately. We went to old Chicago Stadium box office about two hours before it opened at 10:00 a.m. We didn’t want to oversleep the time of the first ticket sales, so we stayed up all night drinking wine. When we arrived at the ticket office at 8:00 a.m., we were tired, but determined to obtain tickets. Rubén collected our ticket money and ran toward the Stadium like a deranged lunatic. Several policemen tried to stop him, but he dodged them, jumped onto the hood of their unmarked police car, then to the car roof, before leaping to the front of the ticket line. We waited patiently for him in my Firebird that was parked a block away, but within view of the ticket office. About four hours later, Rubén emerged from the ticket office with six concert tickets! We were going to see Led Zeppelin in concert! The last time I saw Rubén was at that Led Zeppelin concert, partying, getting high, and bouncing his head to the music.

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False representations: Media portrayal of marijuana

The media consistently represents marijuana as a dangerous substance that leads to issues with psychological addiction, drug lords, mental problems and inevitable abuse of other drugs. The media paints marijuana as a drug that will inevitably lead to the destruction of lives, instead of as a viable recreational substance with potentially positive health benefits. As a recreational drug, marijuana is less dangerous than tobacco and alcohol. Last year, about 25 million Americans smoked marijuana. More than 14 million Americans smoke marijuana on a regular basis, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Medical use of marijuana relies on the effects of two cannabinoids, THC and CBD. THC bolsters appetite and decreases nausea, pain and inflammation. Despite similar rates of marijuana use between blacks and whites, blacks are far more likely to be arrested for marijuana-related offenses. According to a March Pew Research Center survey, about 48 percent of adults have tried marijuana, which is a record high for the drug. In order to overcome these stigmas and stand a chance at legalization or decriminalization, we need more diverse and more accurate representations of marijuana. After his month-long cleanse, he smokes marijuana every day for a month straight to test its long-term effects.

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Cannabis Comedy Club: 5 Strains to Make You Grin! – Medical Marijuana News

There is a Cold Room for cold climate cannabis strains; their Autobarn is full of fast, powerful autos; they have a Power Station filled with very high THC strains; and many more. Best enjoyed with a few friends and your favorite comedy boxset, these strains will have you grinning from ear to ear in no time at all! I have put together a list of my favorite selections, great strains that are almost guaranteed to produce an evening of fun and laughter I hope you enjoy them as much as I am going to! First, you’ll savor the musky, earthy, peaty aromas so loved by Kush-heads the world over. If there’s any Barney’s Farm cannabis strain whose name speaks for itself, this is the one. Toke this badass and you’re at risk of losing your mind with laughter! What’s more, with a quick growth cycle and seriously good yields to boot, this is an all-round excellent plant and one of the giggliest giggly marijuana strains on the planet. Reserva Privada’s titillating Tangie strain is our favorite! There’s so much to love about Tangie-its awe-inspiring citrus scent, its mouthwatering orange-juice flavor, its gorgeous, frosted appearance. This is a plant that’ll take you straight to cannabis heaven. These brilliant choices are just the tip of a vast, brilliantly-curated iceberg of amazing cannabis strains. Visit the GYO Seedbank Comedy Club and turn that frown upside down.

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Alan Moore interview in Mustard comedy mag

14,800 words ~. Originally published in Mustard #04. Part I: Comedy in comic books Alan Moore sinks into a chair behind the coffee table in his home, an unassuming terraced house in Northampton. Then Jim got bought out by DC. There’s a brilliant book that I’d advise you to get called Men Of Tomorrow by Gerard Jones. Working on The Book Of Magic has been mine and Steve’s only magical practice for some years. If you think of our lives as a book, a narrative, when you finish the last page of the book, ‘The End’, and close it, the book doesn’t self-destruct. Immediately after we last spoke, I decided it was insane to work on the cover of what was going to be a 35-chapter book, so I’d better stop. I’m really glad that I did, because a cover for what the book was going to be about then wouldn’t have been appropriate to what the book has developed into. Part VII: Moore on Moore Alan’s thoughts on some of his classic works. I’m proud of the work me and the artists did on all the books, but the fact that I don’t have the moral right to declare myself owner of the work rankles to such a point that it’s quite painful to think about. As far as I know it’s the first time anyone’s attempted a book like that. Part VIII: Steve Moore &The Moon and Serpent Book of Magic I just wanted to say I was very sad to hear about Steve Moore passing.

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At Denver’s Smokin 94.1FM, marijuana is on the air

In May, Paskin moved to Denver, bought a radio station for $875,000 and christened it Smokin 94.1, declaring it the state’s only pot-themed FM station. Marc Paskin bought a radio station in Colorado and converted it to a marijuana-themed format. In May, he moved to Denver, bought a radio station for $875,000 and christened it Smokin 94.1, declaring it the state’s only pot-themed FM station. In addition to classic rock and music to get stoned by, the station plays marijuana-laced comedy bits. In starting a cannabis-themed FM radio station, Mr. Paskin is trying to succeed with a largely unexplored model. Attracting advertisers would be a challenge, he said, since anyone from a dental office to a Walmart might decide to stick with a safer option – like a top-40 station that plays Taylor Swift songs. At least two other stations in Colorado experimented briefly with marijuana-centric formats, but quickly left the air. The station’s website displays similar imagery. Scott Greene, a former president of a cannabis legalization and advocacy group called Mile High Norml, said the station’s lazy-stoner vibe promotes an outdated notion of the state’s marijuana users, who include mothers, high-level executives and even children on medical treatment. Mr. Greene said he took particular offense to the station’s cartoon stoner.

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The Top Pot TV Shows For Bud Smokers

In more recent years, the bar has been raised as to what constitutes a good TV show. This list contains not only TV shows that features reefer in its plot lines, but all are also immensely enjoyable, whether that means laughing your ass off or gasping your ass off. Out of the three main characters on this show, all three of them smoke regularly. The show includes dealing, growing, smuggling, eating, and of course smoking, in every way imaginable. A hybrid of both a reality show and game show, Kenny vs. Spenny is about two friends who live together, and compete in one on one competitions. About once per episode he makes a weed joke, or makes an off-handed comment about getting high after the show with his guests, so I always make it a point to light a blunt during his opening monologue. Sketch comedy shows are some of the best to watch baked, and this one at times seems like it was made for stoners. Out of all the TV shows I have previously mentioned, this is the only one where you won’t be laughing. What makes me love this show is that when characters smoke herb, they don’t make a big deal out of it or draw attention to the fact that they are. For the record, I didn’t include Entourage, Family Guy, or South Park just because I figured everyone has already seen those shows and I wanted to include some that maybe you haven’t heard of before.

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Songs and soundclips about marijuana

Tom Petty talks about weed and alcohol When Tom Petty were playing on Storytellers he talked about the background to his song You Don’t Know How It Feels. Thanks man! Brian Robbins – Marijuana Nicholas Baxley wrote me regarding this song and provided the link to the song wich includes the lyrics and some background info to the song. About hippies Hmm, sounds like I must be a hippie 🙂 Crisqo – Bong song A nice catchy bong song. Trixie Smith & Sidney Bechet – Jack, I’m mellow A month ago I found myself wondering if the lyrics to very old songs ever were about drugs. So recently I did some research on the subject and I found many old songs with lyrics about marijuana and also cocaine. Country Joe & the Fish – I like marijuana The cops came and knocked on my friends door when he played this song over and over again at a party. Merle Haggard – We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee The beginning of my favourite anti drug song. Jim Morrison – New York joint The Doors was playing live i NYC when someone in the audience tossed a joint at Morrison … Mindless drughoover – The reefer song This is a great tune! X – Smoke some pot An old song with new lyrics. NEW: Here are some songs that my visitors have requested. If you have any soundclips or songs that you think might be appropriate for this site, please send me a e-mail with a link to it, or tell me the name of the song and artist.

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Marijuana odor from cultivation center continues to seep into north Boulder

The same area of north Boulder that one year ago was the site of some neighborhood frustration over marijuana odor is now host to a near repeat of that drama. This cultivation center is located in the same industrial building, at 4727 Broadway, where the Dandelion Grow was fined last fall. Boulder Botanics does not have the same history with the city, and paid off its fine quickly, according to records. The issue of pot odor persists many neighbors have said. It’s unclear, what Boulder Botanics has done or will do to mitigate the apparent concern. On the phone Friday, a woman who identified herself as the manager of Boulder Botanics’ dispensary, which is located on 30th Street, said she did not know where the dispensary’s grow operation is based. Asked whether the business is in touch with the city about the matter of marijuana odor leaking into the neighborhood, the woman on the phone said she had to go assist customers, and that she was not interested in following up with the Camera on the topic of odor. Boulder’s marijuana regulations state that no odor should be detectable from outside of a pot business. The city law that requires businesses to fully contain odor is, like many of Boulder’s marijuana regulations, tougher than Boulder County’s law on the matter. The recent fine at Boulder Botanics’ grow was the first odor violation in the city since last year’s Dandelion Grow episode.

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Adam Pally: Mindy Project Star Arrested for Marijuana & Cocaine Possession

Adam Pally was arrested for alleged marijuana and cocaine possession on Tuesday night, PEOPLE confirms. A spokesman for the New York Police Department confirmed to PEOPLE that The Mindy Project actor was standing in front of 308 W. 48th in New York on Tuesday evening when officers observed him smoking marijuana in public from an e-cigarette, as was first reported by TMZ. The officers placed him under arrest and conducted a search, during which they found Pally was also in possession of a small amount of cocaine. According to the spokesman, the 35-year-old actor and father of two was arrested at around 10:46 p.m. and was charged with two misdemeanors: criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of marijuana. Pally, who plays Peter Prentice on Mindy, received a desk appearance ticket and was allowed to leave from the precinct after his arrest was processed, but he must return to court in June, according to the spokesman. The actor’s arrest comes just a day before Entertainment Weekly reported on Wednesday that The Mindy Project will return this September on Hulu for its sixth and final season, and the same day his new comedy Most Likely to Murder began filming. Pally is married to Daniella Liben and the couple has two kids. A rep for Pally did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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Source: http://people.com/celebrity/adam-pally-arrested-marijuana-cocaine-possession

Cannabis Comedy Club: 5 Strains to Make You Grin! · High Times

There is a Cold Room for cold climate cannabis strains; their Autobarn is full of fast, powerful autos; they have a Power Station filled with very high THC strains; and many more. Best enjoyed with a few friends and your favorite comedy boxset, these strains will have you grinning from ear to ear in no time at all! I have put together a list of my favorite selections, great strains that are almost guaranteed to produce an evening of fun and laughter I hope you enjoy them as much as I am going to! First, you’ll savor the musky, earthy, peaty aromas so loved by Kush-heads the world over. If there’s any Barney’s Farm cannabis strain whose name speaks for itself, this is the one. Toke this badass and you’re at risk of losing your mind with laughter! What’s more, with a quick growth cycle and seriously good yields to boot, this is an all-round excellent plant and one of the giggliest giggly marijuana strains on the planet. Reserva Privada’s titillating Tangie strain is our favorite! There’s so much to love about Tangie-its awe-inspiring citrus scent, its mouthwatering orange-juice flavor, its gorgeous, frosted appearance. This is a plant that’ll take you straight to cannabis heaven. These brilliant choices are just the tip of a vast, brilliantly-curated iceberg of amazing cannabis strains. Visit the GYO Seedbank Comedy Club and turn that frown upside down.

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Source: https://hightimes.com/grow/cannabis-comedy-club-5-strains-to-make…

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News, Tips and Tutorials for Cannabis Consumers

This film isn’t the standard slapstick marijuana humor many have come to expect from weed related flicks, however the writing is great and it also treats marijuana in a realistic way. This film has the feeling that it was written, directed, and acted by a bunch of stoners. Only Quentin Tarantino could possibly write a film where an actor of Robert Deniro’s caliber would agree to take bong hits almost continuously throughout. This film has so many nods to 70s stars it is a must see for any stoners with a penchant for 70s nostalgia. Upon watching this film you know that whoever wrote it had to have been stoned out of their minds because of its randomness. The is about as perfect as a marijuana film can get. Written and directed by the academy award winning Cohen brothers, this film introduces us to one of the best pothead characters of all time, The Dude. So I must admit it is hard to rate films on a list but Dazed and Confused sucessfully integrates everything that is consistent with a great pot movie. Milla Jovovich is ridiculously hot, Matthew McConaughey is super cool, and Wiley Wiggins gives an excellent performance as a young somewhat naive boy coming of age in the late 70s. There are so many memorable moments in this film it’s hard to list them all, but I think there is a little bit of something for all us pot smokers to remember about our own adolescence. Top Ten lists can include TEN films ????. The Wackness.

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Source: http://endo.tv/742/films-2/top-ten-best-marijuana-movies

marijuana legal

It is perfectly legal in this smoky room for medical marijuana patients to burn, eat, rub, filter and roll marijuana. The pot in the cafe is brought in by patients or donated by growers. The cafe has farmer’s markets of donated weed-laden goodies, a weekly comedy show and even an employees’ night. The rest of the evening will be spent alternatively cringing and clapping at the cluster of medical marijuana users who make it their business to be at the cafe when karaoke kicks off at 7 p.m. From table to table, the stories pour out of them. If there is a point to the Cannabis Cafe, it is to give people who smoke pot a place to do it together. Marijuana at the Cannabis Cafe is a sleep aid, an appetite stimulator and a headache reliever. Toward the back of the cafe on a couch dug into a little nook under a billiard lamp, Joe Winn, 30, leans into a bong, takes a giant drag, holds it and exhales. The impetus for starting the cafe was President Barack Obama’s 2009 pledge to soften the federal stance on medical marijuana. A year ago, owner Madeline Martinez brought in a pair of local police officers to tour the cafe as a sign that the place was more than a marijuana speakeasy. Melody Reid, one of the few in the cafe who chose not to sing, says she would frequent bars in her younger days before thyroid cancer and a gastric pacemaker, and that she grew tired of the constant pick-up attempts by stumbling drunks.

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The perennial debate about the classification of drugs has again turned to the status of cannabis. Certainly in a culture exercised by scrutinising the effects of illegal substances we seemingly need frequent reminders that the three biggest legal drugs are certainly no less harmful. A March 2007 study in the journal Lancet has found that both tobacco and alcohol are more harmful as drugs than is cannabis. The inconsistency lies in the fact that demonstrably far more dangerous drugs than cannabis are legally available. Responsible use entails consideration of the set and setting in which the drug is taken. Cannabis is a universally acknowledged social drug of no lower standing than alcohol, and which frequently is set in a context of social etiquette and communion with fellow users. Certainly it is true that innumerable millions use the drug without moving onto heroin or cocaine or esctasy or LSD. It should arouse the public’s suspicion that a legal drug of alcohol’s destructive potency is legal, but marijuana is not. Prevalence of drug misuse by 16 to 24 year olds in the previous year, 2004/05, England and Wales. According to Home Office statistics for 2000, when cannabis was a Class B drug, police seizures in the UK numbered 91,000 – that’s 95% of the entire category. It’s legalisation could open the door to standardised, tested and regulated quality products, just as is the case for the legal drugs.

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marijuana – IMPROV IS A CULT!

I have learned that it doesn’t matter where the improv is happening, whether it is a new group of beginners, or the old tried and true institutions of improv, the method of controlling people is eerily similar to how Scientology and other cults control their followers. In a sense you are lost when you enter an improv school – just like any other lost person who walks into a cult. Group thought is part of what makes improv work, and not work at the same time. PART 4: RACISM AND IMPROV. There is a uniformity in thought in improv. Most people involved in Improv will say they are against these things and they will hold symposiums where they pretend that they care about the issue, often putting the perpetrators into positions where they are expected to speak as authorities on the subject. So if improv has been historically dominated by white males then you can just imagine what comes out of mouths unfiltered when five white people are on stage with one visible minority. The company claims to prefer improv couples who meet at the theater so they can all work together. IMPROV IS A CULT! CONCLUSION. After some very intense introspection I can only conclude that improv and improvisational comedy is a cult. If you are interested in studying improv or comedy I would certainly suggest that it is worth taking some courses. Other than the main company that supports improv there are other improv theaters.

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EDITORIAL: Delay opening day for recreational marijuana

Hold on, recreational marijuana lovers, the state might not be going to pot just yet. While the Cannabis Control Commission begins public hearings concerning its proposed guidelines to regulate this new industry, two influential groups have asked that panel to delay the availability of everyday marijuana or strictly curtail how it can be sold. The commission, which remains committed to allowing legal marijuana sales on July 1, must vote on changes to its draft proposal before filing its final regulations by March 9, ahead of the March 15 statutory deadline. The alliance believes the draft regulations will make marijuana more accessible to underage consumers, contribute to pot’s black market and exacerbate health disparities in economically distressed communities. According to the State House News Service, in a message to its supporters, the alliance urged the state to postpone the opening of retail marijuana outlets pending a thorough review of the commission’s policies. Medical marijuana dispensary owners, many of whom will likely enter the legalized-pot industry, also present valid arguments. They point out that states that allow recreational marijuana limit its sale to brick-and-mortar stores. Legalized pot supporters will say medical marijuana owners want to limit the competition, which is true. Better to delay the opening of pot shops now to avoid future legal roadblocks. Given all these 11th-hour uncertainties, the prudent course should be to postpone recreational pot’s July 1 opening day.

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Harvard Health Publishing

There are few subjects that can stir up stronger emotions among doctors, scientists, researchers, policy makers, and the public than medical marijuana. Marijuana is currently legal, on the state level, in 29 states, and in Washington, DC. It is still illegal from the federal government’s perspective. The Obama administration did not make prosecuting medical marijuana even a minor priority. About 85% of Americans support legalizing medical marijuana, and it is estimated that at least several million Americans currently use it. Marijuana itself has more than 100 active components. One particular form of childhood epilepsy called Dravet syndrome is almost impossible to control, but responds dramatically to a CBD-dominant strain of marijuana called Charlotte’s Web. The most common use for medical marijuana in the United States is for pain control. While marijuana isn’t strong enough for severe pain, it is quite effective for the chronic pain that plagues millions of Americans, especially as they age. Part of its allure is that it is clearly safer than opiates and it can take the place of NSAIDs such as Advil or Aleve, if people can’t take them due to problems with their kidneys or ulcers or GERD. In particular, marijuana appears to ease the pain of multiple sclerosis, and nerve pain in general. Medical marijuana is also reported to help patients suffering from pain and wasting syndrome associated with HIV, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

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Comparing marijuana to fentanyl is social conservatism without a clue: Robyn Urback

The majestically dumb comments Conservative MP Peter Kent made about marijuana earlier this week suggest that the Tories’ re-branding efforts are not going particularly smoothly. Inconclusive, but worth read if you share concerns about young children, home-grown marijuana, home-made eatables. The last Conservative MP to make such outlandish rhetorical flourishes about marijuana – Julian Fantino, who compared weed to murder – went on to head a medical marijuana company. The best-case scenario here is that Kent is clumsily trying to appeal to the roughly one-third of Canadians who have reservations about legalized marijuana. The Conservatives have long taken very weird, hyperbolic positions when it comes to marijuana. In 2015, when the Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana users could consume pot in ways other than smoking it – thus allowing for oils, teas, consumables, etc. Previous federal regulations only allowed for medical marijuana to be sold dried, meaning that lung cancer sufferers and children with epilepsy, for example, basically had to smoke weed if they wanted medical marijuana relief. In 2015, the Supreme Court struck down the regulation that medical marijuana be sold dried. Which, on the one hand, is fine: if the Conservatives want to double down on social conservatism – at least as it relates to marijuana – all the power to them. The problem is that, with his comments, Kent has presented them as socially conservative without a clue.

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8 best Comedy Marijuana Movies images on Pinterest

Horror filmsBooksFilm postersHorror moviesMovie postersScary moviesWatch moviesBongsComedyComedy moviesGrassHd moviesHd videoHigh schoolHigh schoolsL’wren scottMoviesMovies freePipes and bongs80 sHorror Movie PostersHorror MoviesSci Fi HorrorFunny HorrorMovie TitlesScary MoviesReal MoviesMovies To WatchBongsForwardWe wrote the book on HorrorSee MoreMovie InfoIndie FilmsBongsHerbPuppetSky HighStonerTrippyBudForwardEvil Bong II: King Bong Movie Info Renowned herb connoisseur Tommy Chong returns in this sky-high horror comedy about a murderous smoking apparatus. The goofy and indelibly outré Evil Bong 2: King Bong is directed by low-budget genre legend Charles Band, the man behind such classics as Demonic Toys, Dollman, and Puppet Masters. Story Line: Dumped by his girlfriend, a high school grad decides to embark on an overseas adventure in Europe with his friends. A high school science nerd gains telekinetic powers after a laboratory accident and uses them for revenge upon bullies. Young employees at Shenaniganz restaurant collectively stave off boredom and adulthood with their antics. See MoreHigh SchoolsHigh School 2010Film High SchoolHigh School YearsMed SchoolSchool LifeSchool StyleMiddle SchoolColin HanksForwardA high school valedictorian who gets baked with the local stoner finds himself the subject of a drug test. The situation causes him to concoct an ambitious plan to get his entire graduating class to face the same fate, and fail.

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10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana

The days of Reefer Madness are pretty far gone, but the American public is still vastly uninformed about marijuana, particularly concerning its myriad of amazing health benefits. Here are 10 health benefits that marijuana possesses. Cigarette smoke causes cancer because the tobacco is radiated whereas marijuana isn’t. The American Association for Cancer Research has found the marijuana actually works to slow down tumor growth in the lungs, breasts, and brain considerably. There are actually countless cases of people suffering from seizures that have only been able to function better through the use of marijuana. Since medicinal marijuana was legalized in California, doctors have reported that they have been able to treat more than 300,000 cases of migraines that conventional medicine couldn’t through marijuana. Marijuana’s effects on multiple sclerosis patients became better documented when former talk-show host, Montel Williams began to use pot to treat his MS. Marijuana works to stop the neurological effects and muscle spasms that come from the fatal disease. Despite what you may have heard about marijuana’s effects on the brain, the Scripps Institute, in 2006, proved that the THC found in marijuana works to prevent Alzheimer’s by blocking the deposits in the brain that cause the disease. Just like marijuana is used to treat IBS, it can be used to treat the cramps and discomfort that causes your girlfriend to lash out at you. Using marijuana for PMS actually goes all the way back to Queen Victoria.

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Marijuana & Cannabis Blog

I’ve introduced a bill which would allow fines to be waived for the personal cultivation and use of marijuana for people suffering designated medical conditions. This would be on the proviso that a medical practitioner has signed a palliative cannabis certificate, saying that the person is suffering from a specified illness or disease, the symptoms of which might be palliated by the smoking or consumption of cannabis or cannabis resin. Paracetamol kills 400 people per year, and even aspirin causes more deaths than cannabis. ABS figures do not show cannabis as causing any deaths. There is not anywhere in the literature a causal link between cannabis and psychosis. There is evidence that shows that some people who are psychotic have a tendency to self-medicate with cannabis and, of course, that is interesting in itself because there is an ingredient in cannabis called CBD that inhibits psychotic symptoms among schizophrenics. It may be that they have cottoned on to that and are using it to effectively alleviate some of their symptoms. The war against marijuana is ideological; it is a matter of what substance fits with what set of values. It is time for us to consider the use of medical marijuana as part of being a humane and compassionate society. If we know that a substance works by improving the health of people and we continue to deny access to it, particularly when so many people use it illegally without any bad effect, then there is something else driving the argument – and it is certainly not science.

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Underground Marijuana Message Boards

Flow Culture – Stoner blog discussing many different ideas/issues from stoner music to philosophy to the legality of marijuana and psychedelics. Headstuff Books Forum – Discussion and chat site where meditators and/or cannabis users can talk about techniques and ask questions regarding use, particularly in a meditational context. HighTimers – Stoner friendly chat room with 150+ sounds and images to keep any stoner entertained for hours. We are a peaceful loving Community dedicated to the legalization of industrial hemp and medical marijuana. Mellowfx – forum and community of people all over the world who discussmarijuana, drugs and health, sex, politics, issues etc. Psychedelic Trance – Psytrance music community featuring forums, chat rooms, events, profiles and photos. Stoner Forums – an online stoner community featuring marijuana and lifestyle forums, marijuana pics, cannabis news and activism, marijuana growing information, humor and comedy, stoner podcasts, and tons more information. THCtalk.com – Cannabis Community & Discussion The House Of Chronic – An 18+ only marijuana forum, we are the official forum of the stone zone show and john doe radio. Weedguru.com – Marijuana discussion forum with growing guides and other cannabis information for beginner or advanced smokers Weed Nation – a global force for education about and reform of Marijuana legislation. Captain Chronic leads a group of super-stoners who enhance their natural abilities through marijuana, giving them super powers.

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A new way to bet on legal marijuana hits the TSX

A marijuana-themed exchange traded fund – touted as the world’s first – launched on Wednesday morning on the Toronto Stock Exchange, giving investors a new way to bet on legal marijuana stocks. Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF, managed by the Canadian branch of Horizons ETFs Management, bundles 14 stocks related to the marijuana industry and makes them available as a single security. Ten of the 14 stocks currently held in the fund are Canadian-based companies, most of which are licensed producers of legal medical marijuana. The passive exchange traded fund tracks most of the companies listed in the North American Medical Marijuana Index compiled by German indexing firm Solactive. Hawkins did acknowledge some inherent risks in investing in the marijuana industry as a whole. Those growth expectations are largely predicated upon the eventual legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, which could come as early as July 2018. Many of the legal medical marijuana producers in Canada are building up capacity to sell into the recreational market once they can. Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF opened at $10.11 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday, and was trading at $10.24 as of noon ET. ‘Classic speculation’. That said, Balchunas warned that even diversified investments in the marijuana industry are still considered quite risky. Balchunas said he’s received lots of inquiries about marijuana exchange traded funds from investors over the past year.

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As the marijuana business becomes legal, colleges offering courses in the industry are following. In particular, six colleges have added classes in marijuana business management or law to their course offerings – and they promise that it is a better business decision than changing your name to Taylor Spliff like Diplo. The latest addition to this type of marijuana college education is Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland. ABC News was the first to post about the decision the college made to offer a marijuana business class and interviewed the professor teaching the course. CBS News also covered the story about Anne Arundel Community College and said the marijuana business course offers information on the history of marijuana, tax and economic impact of legalization, and the regulatory issues surrounding marijuana. Ewart stated to ABC News that selling other products on the market is easy, but marijuana is much more complicated. The University of Denver also introduced a class for medical marijuana in the recent past. While Anne Arundel Community College focuses on business classes that educate students on marijuana, the University of Denver has their new marijuana class offered through their law school. The Denver Post goes on to state that four other universities have offered a marijuana class in the recent past, including Oaksterdam University in the Bay Area, Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law, Harvard University of Law School, and Vanderbilt University School of Law in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Over 100 pounds of Marijuana Recovered

Four separate drug raids in Perry County net over 100 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $360,000. The Perry County Sheriff’s Office said on September 19, agents with the Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force and deputies with the sheriff’s office executed a search at a home at 6285 Butcher Knife Road in Somerset. Agents found equipment consistent with a large indoor marijuana grow operation inside a semi-trailer parked on the property. Information from that investigation led agents to 9660 Twp Road 57 in Roseville where a search seized over 52 pounds of marijuana plants and processed marijuana. Agents also found evidence of a sophisticated butane hash oil laboratory in the home. Agents seized processed marijuana that was packaged and ready for distribution as well as evidence of drug trafficking. No one was home at the time of the raid however agents are looking for two persons of interest who are suspected to have involvement in the drug operation. In a separate and unrelated investigation Code Task Force Agents and Perry County Sheriff’s Deputies executed search warrants at two addresses on Twp Road 1008 in Corning regarding the cultivation and sale or distribution of large quantities of marijuana. The searches were conducted on Sunday, September 24, as a result agents seized over 58.4 pounds of marijuana from the property together with firearms and over $50,000 in U.S. currency. Four people were arrested and charged with second degree felony counts of cultivation of marijuana.

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Romantic Comedy Movies for Marijuana

Relationships are a big part of stoner comedies and the common theme is the friction between men and women regarding pot use. As marijuana use in America continues to come out into the open, a slew of movies has examined this romantic dynamic, shaping popular discourse and entertaining stoners and non-stoners alike. In Half Baked, Dave Chappelle’s love interest, Mary Jane, doesn’t approve of his ganja smoking, which forces him to choose between his two lady loves. In Road Trip, Smart is the sexy co-ed who gets in between Breckin Meyer and his out-of-state girlfriend. The more mature the movie, the more likely marijuana is there to create tension between the characters. In order to appeal to Katherine Heigl’s Alison in Knocked Up, Seth Rogen’s Ben Stone has to distance himself from his stoner friends. Other films where pot plays a leading role include Van Wilder, where Ryan Reynolds’ campus party animal character woos Tara Reid, and American Beauty, where Kevin Spacey’s Lester rediscovers pot, to the consternation of his adulterous wife Carolyn. More recently, marijuana has a negative effect on Lyle and Nina in the Brooklyn indie Newlyweeds. Sometimes it’s better when weed plays a neutral role in movies. One of the top-grossing stoner films of all time, We’re the Millers, features Jason Sudeikis as a Denver pot dealer who gets ripped off and has to pay his connection by smuggling an RV stuffed with mota from Mexico into the U.S. Jennifer Aniston’s stripper character Rose comes along for the ride.

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FANDOM powered by Wikia

The hard street drug Marijuana is a rising and popular gateway drug, known for its ease to obtain, its catastrophic effects, and its uninformed proponents. Marijuana is sometimes used as an alternative to Rohypnol as a date rape drug. An unrelated side effect of marijuana is that after being introduced to marijuana, the user may graduate on to ‘harder’ drugs and high-risk behaviors. Soon the marijuana user needs something more to get high, leading them to engage in cocaine snorting, heroin injection, or street mime. The most common proponents of marijuana use are those who are actively using the drug and have much to gain from its legalization. Among these groups are the members of the hippie and environmentalist groups, religious groups which include the use of marijuana in their practice, and those in favor of free speech. Marijuana users often do this, but it is covered up by the media who, themselves, often use the drug. To counteract claims by protesters in favor of marijuana, alcohol is made entirely from fermented plants, and is therefore both all-natural and vastly safer than marijuana. Tylenol: Although overdoses of Tylenol can be fatal, the pain removal it offers is nearly as effective as marijuana, and it offers no addiction, making this an effective choice for people who claim marijuana has medicinal uses, against all evidence that marijuana will kill you and everyone you know. Lava: While ingestion of lava in any form results in instantaneous death every time, it is still 1000% safer than marijuana.

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Word Cookies Answers

Today, games have taken many forms to help and educate the people and 7 little words answers is mainly contributes to making your brain sharp mostly people of all ages likes to play some challenging and puzzle games which are entertaining and very well fun as well. The purpose of this game is simple to educate the users by using various words and letters and try to come up with their words to complete a sentence. If you enjoy a crossword anagram and word games, then this one is you should go. You need to use some clues and hints to combine them and make the right word. So for this particular reason below we have listed some of the real facts about the best reviews about 7 little words answers to help make you talented in fun way to help you understand what exactly 7 little words, word trek , daily jumble answers are, how you can play it, can this game really helps the kids to educate, who is the developer of the game, does using cheats and hints can help you solve each puzzle, and on which devices you can play it. For some of you who don’t know, seven words is a very simple, challenging and fun solving puzzle game. Many people think that words games cannot become so much famous. You will find ”7 little words daily Puzzle answers” on each day. The seven words game is designed to teach the children from elementary schools, because as their minds need the right pushes to understand each sentence and come up with their creativity to make a word of 7 letters. For the beginning, you will get 50 to 60 problems for free to play, and you check ”7 little words solutions” to solve every puzzle quickly.

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Busted with a felony or federal drug charge in Texas?

As a felony and federal criminal defense attorney, the Dude defends you against these charges using his experience and expertise to carefully evaluate every part of the State’s case against you. Whether your charge is a first time marijuana possession case, or a felony distribution case with an illegal firearm, you need a Texas criminal defense attorney who knows the tactics of the police and prosecutors, and who has the training and experience to find and develop your factual and legal defenses. If you’ve been arrested in Texas for a possession of marijuana charge there are several things you need to know immediately. The police do not need a warrant to seize any trash you set out on the curb for trash pickup. Do not discuss a deal with the police where you will act as their informant without first talking to a lawyer. Before you get stopped by the police you need to memorize our Three Document Rule! Doing so will help you avoid unnecessary criminal charges. A San Antonio Possession of Marijuana charge has serious lifetime consequences that many people are unaware of when they are charged with a POM or other drug related charge. More often than not police officers could not have searched the person, their vehicle, or their house without the consent of the suspect because they lacked probable cause or a warrant. You don’t have to prove you’re in the right to the police. Whether you were arrested in San Antonio, Austin, or anywhere in Central or South Texas, you need a skilled marijuana possession attorney who understands police tactics, and knows how to defend you.

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Medical Marijuana

To some, it is a pipe-dream if you think we’re going to let the hippies have their way smoking their Marijuana. We’re so close; it’s Continue reading . All of the problems of America could be summed up politically after watching last night’s debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. Trim is short for trimmings or clippings and those are the leaves and bud fragments that fell off the Continue reading . The general consensus amongst cannabis consumers elects the Storz & Bickel Volcano as the best and most efficient device for the mission for some folks like myself, the $669.00 required to purchase the Continue reading . In twenty years, the kids today are going to recount their first hits happily just like our first time getting drunk or what we did to score some happy juice. Stossel Hosts Legitimate One-Hour-Long Drug War Debate on Fox Business TV. A few days ago, John Stossel hosted an honest and legitimate one-hour-long debate regarding the Drug War on the Fox Business channel. I point out that it was an honest and legitimate debate because, often, drug-war debates on TV aren’t. The hosts of the show usually allow guests to cite false facts and misinformation for Continue reading . Whenever the scientific community gets a chance to study marijuana honesty and openly, the conclusion is often that marijuana is a relatively harmless plant that can be used as medicine to treat a variety of mental and physical ailments, which is why it is extremely important that the UK has approved for prescription use Sativex, Continue reading .

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